Lakota Turns to Children to Solve their Budget Problems: Moody’s makes a threat to force levy passage

When people who don’t pay too much attention to things wonder why education issues make me so angry it’s probably because they don’t see it from the underbelly like I have. Those same personalities might be inclined to consider that looking too closely at how things connect would be regulated to conspiracy. However the reality of such people is that they are simply too lazy to look at the evidence, or the evidence is “inconvenient” for them to learn, because once they accept it they might feel inclined to act, and that would require a responsibility they are not comfortable with. The information that follows is that kind of information. The links to the supporting evidence or at least the tip of the iceberg is there for all to see. All one has to do is look at it. But there is a danger, because once an individual knows the information, they are responsible. They will either do something about it, or they will choose to ignore it which contributes to more of the bad behavior. But the knowledge erases the ignorance, and the manipulation that allows such injustices to be committed upon our communities. Pretending the injustices aren’t in front of us all won’t make them go away into convenience. And the implication of negligence will define much about us as individuals, families, communities, or even the human race. The decisions we make right now will define us well into the foreseeable future, and so far I see that it is the short-sighted of us that is winning. And I will admit that it makes me very angry.

Dealing with these people who have drunk the kool-aid of the education entitlement culture is like dealing with an infant baby. All they can do is cry to get what they want. You can’t explain anything to these education culture people because they have such entrenched ideas and aren’t open to discussions outside of their reality–inside their crib. So the world of bigger ideas is completely foreign to them, and it’s impossible to explain it to them until they grow older and become more experienced. All you can do with such infants is just let them cry so they learn that nobody is going to give them what they want. The article below reflects much of this type of crying that is disguised as sophisticated opinion but in reality is simply just noise designed to provoke a panic reaction from the parents of the community. And it’s disgusting, and insulting.

Yes, as reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer on 3/27/12 Lakota’s next move as one of the most prestigious government schools in all of Ohio is turning toward its children who attend the school to help them solve their budget problems. Superintendent Mantia stated that she intends to select 180 students from the district to participate in a series of “engagement meetings” to ask the children what they think their future will be. Once this process is done, Mantia intends to parade those students out in front of the public to plead for more tax money.

The question is who will these children be? How will their eligibility be determined? Without question many of these kids will be from the families of some of the PTA groups who helped organize boycotts against local businesses that did not support past school levies along with assistance from elementary school vice-principals. (Yes, I know that sounds harsh, but I have the paper trail in my possession with names and places and was just as shocked to see it as you are in reading it. The only reason I have not put it up here is because the owners don’t wish to have more trouble brought down on them) Or other pro levy members who have attempted to boycott local restaurants and threatened boycotts of news outlets that didn’t just lay down and blindly cover all Pro Government School propaganda. (FOR PROOF CLICK HERE) I bet many of those 180 students will come from those parents. Or maybe the kids will be like the ones who left this sign in the yard of a No Lakota Levy supporter. (CLICK HERE). Or maybe the ones who ran around in the middle of the night stealing thousands of dollars worth of property as law enforcement turned a blind eye to the activity. (CLICK HERE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF)

It’s just a guess, but I’d say the 180 children selected will have a “please give the school more money so we can have a future,” message that they will say to the public. Without question the school board is prepared to use those children now to help them sell their school levy. I will bet money that some of those children will be paraded in front of the school board in front of all the cameras to plead to the community to pass a school levy so they can have an education……………tears anybody………….it will be so very, very……….sad.

But I’m predicting the future here. These are things that will happen, not what’s happening currently. Also according to Superintendent Mantia from the same Enquirer article she reports that Moody’s Investors Service “MIGHT” lower the district’s bond rating. She reported that out of the 613 public schools in all of Ohio only 10 have the top AAA bond rating. She said that Moody’s “Particularly hone in on districts that are losing levies.” So because Lakota has failed three school levies, there is a risk that our interest rates will go up if we lose our AAA rating. (kind of sounds like what America is going through—Hmmmmmmm)

So in the very same article Superintendent Mantia is telling us that if we don’t pass a school levy, then we will lose our bond rating, and we’ll be hurting children, this is of course implied.  Nothing is ever directly said. That just might cause a lot of parents to panic—maybe even homeowners and business owners. Oh my—that is scary stuff! The message is that everyone should panic so that the community will pass another school levy.

This kind of behavior should insult the intelligence of everyone who has a brain. Any organization that uses fear in this fashion should be questioned as to their intentions. When people question what the solution is to these government schools, the answer is to control the costs, don’t let the costs control you. In the case of Lakota they are letting the costs of 80% of their budget drive all the bad things that are happening in the other 20% which is where all the detrimental cuts have occurred. The labor union that has refused by default to renegotiate their contract with the district due to the three levy failures is to blame for why Moody’s is threatening a downgrade. Lakota is infested with a radical, selfish labor force that is certainly willing to destroy our community so that they can protect their gold-plated wages and benefits.  (Just because they smile and speak in complete sentences, they can still think and believe as a progressive radical does)

When I first became involved in these levy fights I often heard from teachers who said, “You’ll support players in sports who make millions of dollars, but you won’t support a teacher who gives a child a future.” That kind of rhetoric is standard union nonsense right out of the NEA playbook. My response to that ridiculous statement is that even sports teams have limits. Players are often let go from teams because a team can’t afford them. CLICK HERE TO SEE AN EXAMPLE OF THIS. If teachers and administrators make too much money, they should be let go in favor of cheaper employees, just like the way the rest of the world functions. It is the refusal of these employees who make over $63K per year on average to cut even 5% to save the community they live and work in–it is they and everyone behind them who have caused all this trouble.

When the only resort for an organization is to use fear to get what it wants, then the validity of their argument must be questioned. If the facts of the matter cannot stand on its own, then why is fear needed to provoke a reaction? Because the organization in question is up to no good.

What we’re dealing with at Lakota and most public schools is a radical, union workforce that hides behind layers of emotional supporters directly attached to children. I would say that any organization that hides behind children to create emotional support is a faulty organization that is scamming the public. The solution to this budget problem is very simple. Superintendent Mantia has been given a budget by the community and she is required to live within that budget. But her real boss is the labor union. That’s who is wagging the dog in this case and dictating to her and a token school board what to do. If Moody’s drops Lakota’s credit rating it will be during the term of the quarter million dollar woman, Superintendent Mantia and will thus be her fault for not finding a way to maintain that rating. She chose to participate in the union extortion tactics of the community instead of forcing the labor to live within the community’s budget. She is the one who has decided to fight half the community who has voted against her by turning the minority into the majority with a contentious levy battle three times that has given Lakota national headlines. Those acts were done by the school with radicals acting behind the scenes who are simply acting on behalf of their selfish interests. Make no question about it—when these employees attempt to say that everything they do is for children, they are lying. Much of what they do is to protect their extraordinary compensation packages. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW GOOD THEY ARE. If money was not the driver, then the union would have taken a 5% concession to help the community stay strong without tax increases, and maintain the excellence of the school district. Instead, these radical employees are choosing to hide behind children to twist the arm of the community, and are attempting to wreak the bond rating with a public relations campaign designed to incite fear through the business community.

If these employees of the Lakota School District were so interested in doing what’s right for the children, they wouldn’t attempt to even inject them into the debate. It is the school boards job with Superintendent Mantia to make their payroll fit the budget allocation while still providing the services the community expects. These radical cutbacks of 20% of the budget while protecting the 80% is disgusting and an insulting display of arrogance from an organization that seeks to make itself the center of community value. Yet in that role, they fail to make the sacrifices they ask the rest of the community to make. They expect everyone but them to make a sacrifice. And if they don’t get it, they chose to hide behind children. And that should go a long way to revealing what they are really all about.

I see the tricks shown in the Enquirer article by Superintendent Mantia to be among the lowest of the lows. It actually sets a new standard for deceptive practice that is despicable. And what’s worse, there are many parents who will allow their children to be used for these tactics. On the surface, everything looks spiffy. Everything seems very professional. But all anyone has to do is raise up the rug just a little bit to see all the dirt that’s been pushed under it, to see what is really going on. And the fact of the matter is that Lakota is protecting its labor union at the cost of the community. Pure and simple.

If the issue were simply a straight up and down vote about the level of taxation in our communities, I wouldn’t have a problem. But when boycotts are organized against those who disagree with one side and vandalism is encouraged against those with opposing views then there is a serious problem, and that’s been my experience with dealing with these tax culture education people. When an organization openly manipulates the voters with games, and emotional tactics, and disrespects the voters over a three-year period with more tax increase demands, then there are serious problems with that organization. There comes a time when an organization’s value must come into question, and I would say that we are there with the Lakota School District. After three years of fighting them over tax increases I no longer have any faith or trust in them as an organization. I don’t think I should have to pay one cent to such a corrosive organization run by such selfish employees. I see that my money has been wasted so far on a system that I don’t agree with, that is teaching kids all the wrong progressive values, and I think it should be in my right to opt out of paying the tax all together—and not even entertain further taxes. I think this is the new direction that must be pursued, because it’s obvious that these education employees understand only one path—more taxes—more behavior of the tail wagging the dog—and a level of selfishness that I don’t think should be taught to children in any capacity. It deeply disturbs me that a school would even consider bringing children into this debate. And it should concern you too.

To understand the truth it helps to view the world through Hoffman Lenses.  To understand what those are CLICK THE LINK.  If you can’t handle the truth, then don’t read here.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior


  1. One more point about “support(ing) players in sports who make millions of dollars, but you won’t support a teacher who gives a child a future.” If I don’t agree with a sports team giving millions of dollars to it’s players, I can choose to not subsidize that team by not going to games or buying merchandise. If I don’t agree with the union thug tactics as described above used to extort money from me by government force , I have no recourse but to vote “no” or move to another community. There’s no free market system at work in the government school monopoly.


    1. That’s right. But they believe we “owe” them our support because they “want” it. Their “want” means we must support them. That is the kind of mentality we are dealing with here. It’s a twisted selfishness that can only find justification through mob agreement.


  2. This propagandist parading of children to plead for more exorbitant taxes is just the next logical step in the Big Lie oinked by the public schools that “it’s all about the kids!” The average teen or child doesn’t really care all that much about tax levies on his or her own. The concept of paying hundreds of dollars more in taxes in foreign to them. Children are disinterested in such bland topics. So it is obvious that any children speaking out for higher taxes are doing so at the direct behest of their parents after being indoctrinated.


    1. Great to hear from you Uncle Andy! The question is–what are we going to do about it? I don’t mind a levy fight, I don’t even mind politics. But using kids openly—that’s below the belt. Granted, Mantia didn’t “say” that’s what she was doing in so many words. But we know from experience that’s what’s coming.


  3. God I’m so glad that whore is out of pickerington. (Gee, I hope I don’t incite your soccer moms because of my use of that hate speech! I must hate women, just like you and Rush.)

    Unfortunately, the PLSD board just replaced her with someone who wasn’t even on the radar for the search the past year, a sideways move by stealing the super away from Lancaster. They didn’t even talk to our newly-announced superintendent until Mar 15 (or so they say), and made the announcement yesterday while the community was basking in the glow of winning the state basketball championship. Everything was done in secret, without any public input.

    If I didn’t have to earn a living to support my family, I would make it my life’s work to destroy these people.


    1. Yes, it’s only hate speech if you are against them. They control the newspapers, they control the TV, and they even have their own little cable TV station, so they get to determine the rules of what “hate speech” is. The funny thing is, we pay them to do this to us. While we work to pay taxes to pay them to use our schools, our employees, and our kids against us, we also pay them to browse the internet reading my articles all day long and emailing them between each other gabbing about how they have to put a stop to any community dissent. You see, they have to control the message, otherwise people will figure out that what they really are.

      Oh, and be careful what you say, they are right now combing over every word of this, and they are copying and pasting the things we say here all over Facebook and other online forums.

      Just kidding. : ) Say whatever you want. They do. So hell with them. They deserve to know what people think of them. They live in that little bubble and think that the whole community is their little corner of it. They have no idea how much hatred has been brewing–not because of me–but the three levy attempts and obvious direction to take Lakota down the Little Miami path. It’s a choice that they made against the community.

      It’s all the same. It doesn’t matter if it’s your school, Lakota, Mason, or Lancaster. They all play by the same playbook and it’s all too predictable now.


  4. Oh, and for those concerned about how low the home values are getting……just think how much tax you can save if you pay at the lower value. The unions have attached themselves to home values too so of course they are willing to wreck those values to get what they want. But it works both ways. There should be less tax coming into their pockets as a result. So the more they cry, and scream and try to pass failed levies, the more those real estate agents will have a hard time selling homes to the easy buyers using the school as the selling point. So it ultimately hurts those who are crying the most, which is good.

    If per pupil costs went down, and Lakota still maintained it’s excellence rating, then suddenly homes would sell like crazy. And per pupil costs will go down when teachers can opt out of the union by signing our Workplace Freedom Amendment. So in the short term, it will be painful, but down the road, it will be better than ever. But the radicals have to be removed first. I have no desire to continue funding people who work against my community.


  5. In a discussion up here in Picktown, Mantia called herself a conservative.
    She must’ve of meant only with her money.

    Using children is standard fare for the left. The sad part is parents just
    refuse to see it. They just cannot conceive how much better off “the children”
    would be without union and government restraints.

    One of your best articles.


  6. Many times my wife and I have “discussed” the school funding in Ohio and how the unions relate to it. Here’s an admittedly oversimplified explanation that I’ve given her which explains my position on the core issue.

    How much is a teacher worth?
    I don’t know.
    How much is a bricklayer worth to me?
    I need a bricklayer, so I place an ad in the paper or on online. I’m paying $10 an hour, and need 10 workers. I get 2 replies. I make it $15 an hour. I get five replies. I make it $20 an hour. I get 12 replies. In my area the market has determined that $20 will get me the labor force I need.

    Teachers collectively bargain through their union. We have no idea what a teacher is worth in the state of Ohio; there is no competition. There is no free market forces in play as described above. Teachers are paid based on seniority. They are protected by tenure. Bad teachers and good teachers who have been at their jobs for the same amount of time are paid the same. If not for the union, we could use the same methods that private companies use to determine who the good teachers are and reward them, and find out who the bad teachers are and fire them.

    The thing that galls most of us here is when the school boards and superintendents keep agreeing to union contract after union contract with higher and higher wages and benefits in this system…going over budget.

    That’s not even mentioning the “Taj Mahals” some schools build using expensive union labor, putting the district in debt for millions of dollars…sometimes greatly personally benefiting certain school administrators.

    Then to come back and use the children in an emotional ploy to get more money from the community…it’s reprehensible.


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