12% of American Millionaires are Educrats: The organized crime of public education

I have been saying for quite some time in my local school district of Lakota that the wages need to be cut from the educrats so that a balanced budget can be reached. But this is the case of virtually every single public school and college in America. Educrats are enjoying extremely high incomes because their labor unions have a monopoly over their field. Educrats have no competition so they can charge whatever they want for their service, and since the money isn’t even obtained on the free market, but stolen from the tax payers property values it should come as no surprise that educators make up 12% of Americas millionaires today. To see how much money Lakota educrats make CLICK HERE.

To see how much money per hour the typical educrats at Lakota make CLICK HERE. It’s a lot more than the people who are paying the taxes that’s for sure. Educrats now make more than attorneys, doctors, SR. Executives and sales people in the percentage of millionaires in America. I know of a few in my school district and without question you know of some in yours. When a school demands they have a need for a new tax levy, it’s to fulfill the needs of their millionaire employees, not the needs of the community—or the children they service.

In my own district I have put the contract of our school superintendent online so everyone could see how much she makes as a public servant. (CLICK HERE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF) She makes more than the governor of Ohio for doing a lot less managing. Heck, she only has control of 20% of her budget, which is why they are always asking for more money. The other 80% is controlled by the union monopoly and is paying nearly 40% of their workforce over 65K per year!

The educrats will say that the tax money goes to the children in their class rooms, but I’ve seen otherwise. The money goes toward public relations firms to twist the arm of the community for tax increase support. CLICK HERE FOR A FINE EXAMPLE AT LAKOTA. The money goes to payoffs, cover-ups, and job search firms. CLICK HERE FOR ANOTHER EXAMPLE. But most of the money goes to educrats so that they can become statistical millionaires by the time all their wages, health benefits, vacation time, and sick days are added up. And every bit of that money is stolen from the community in schemes of extortion.

In Lakota, like most school districts, such as Princeton who has an average wage of almost $70K per year for their educrats, or Little Miami, Mt. Healthy, or Forest Hills who just passed a levy–the voter is ignored unless the school gets their tax increase. In Lebanon they turned down their levy in the spring of 2011 but put it right back on in November that same year where it passed. A small army of educrat thugs infected the community with intimidation, harassment, and vandalism of campaign signs to get the numbers to swing back in favor of the school. This goes on everywhere. CLICK HERE TO SEE MY EXAMPLES AT LAKOTA. If a voter turns down a tax increase the educrat thugs since they have a monopoly over education puts the tax back on the ballot again and again and again until it passes.

The public education system is one of the biggest scams currently in the country. It’s certainly not about Friday night football and basketball. A majority of the students are victims of this education monopoly and find themselves ill prepared for the real world once they graduate, so the education system is hardly a model of excellence. It only exists for the same reason the mob exists, and that is to make money. Educrats don’t truly care what’s good for the community otherwise they wouldn’t charge so much for their service. They certainly don’t care for children otherwise they would never threaten to walk off the job for higher pay, like what happened at Lakota in 2008. They care about becoming millionaires off the looted money the public sends to these schools as payoffs—just like hush money paid to the mob.

I’ll say it again—if you vote for a school levy you’re stupid. If you blindly support educrats who put forth a very controlled public persona by tossing money at them hoping it will all just make kids magically smart and prepared for life, you are kidding yourself. All you’re doing is supporting a monopoly that is making its employees millionaires. And you’re doing it off your hard work, off the value of your property, and off the back of your own children. You are in essence doing no different from what thousands of businesses have done with the mob—gave them money so that they don’t attempt to hurt you. That is how these educrats have gotten so wealthy. They didn’t get that way by providing a superior service, or by being the best at what they do. They got that way by eliminating any competition, and putting the hurt on anyone who challenges them.

People do not correlate the mobster with the educrat because the educrat looks like a nice person. They wear a suit and tie, and speak well in face to face meetings. We tend to think of the mobster as carrying around a machine gun and sporting a scar on their faces. But in reality, the typical educrat acts, thinks, and believes no different from the typical mobster. They think nothing of stealing from the world around them no matter what the impact is to those who are stolen from. It doesn’t matter if the talk is around a back room table over whiskey playing cards as we might imagine with the mob, or over lattés while reading USA Today with a group of like-minded assassins not wanting to kill people, but personalities who stand in their way. They are all thugs because they steal from others to gain for themselves. And they maintain the monopolies of “their turf” in the same fashion.

The latte sipping assassins are actually worse than the mobster because they “believe” they are right. They believe they are granted moral permission to embark on a holy crusade at the expense of the world around them. And they believe these things because they are serving a system that is producing more millionaires than any other employment group in the United States. And they do it using the same tactics as a crime syndicate. They use their latte sipping prostitutes to do their dirty work for them, to carry out the maniacal deeds of stealing money from their communities with batted eyes and perked up lips and pleas to not hurt the children with poor funding.

If you vote for a school levy, this is the system you are supporting. This is what is happening to the money you are sending. It’s going into the bank account of a millionaire—while you struggle to pay your mortgage, or decide if you can take your family out to a restaurant to eat. While you try to figure out if you can afford gas, these educrats are living high on the hog and planning their exotic summer long vacations with money they stole from you, by twisting your arm any way possible to get the loot. That’s why if you vote for a school levy–you are stupid. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THIS TERRIBLE SITUATION. You are simply making another millionaire.

Oh–you want more proof?  You think I’m kidding you?  You think all this is a conspiracy, because the knowledge is not convenient?  Then read what’s at the link below and you’ll see how it was all set up in 1958 to create the world we are finding ourselves dealing with today.  I’ve made it easy for you.  All you have to do is look for yourself. 


Rich Hoffman