Oh I heard what you said casual reader browsing through my posts as they come up on your phone while you drive your child to their next “social” function. You look at every post I make, every word I write because you want to see what I’m going to say next about Lakota Schools and damn the future I am robbing from your child. But in so doing you have seen what I’ve reported about Barack Obama, the Weather Underground, and George Soros. You’ve heard about Atlas Shrugged and read about my theories of birds, flying cars and quantum mechanics and you told the passenger sitting next to you that I must be crazy.

But I’m not—and deep inside you know it. But learning the things I’ve been saying is inconvenient, even painful, so you try not to listen. You try to turn away and plan your next trip to Costco, so you can imagine that everything in the world is good—and safe. But it’s not.

People want to kill us all over the world because we are free, and many of those enemies have infiltrated our government and are on the payroll that you fund with your tax dollars. Many of them are communist infiltrators left over from the KGB in the former Soviet Union and the others are radical religious fanatics. In some cases they are both. And they are working to end your life and the lives of your children with every breath they take.

Oh, but you didn’t see the other Rumors of War movies, so you didn’t know this was going on? I’m sorry, I thought you were up to date—even hip with current events. Well, let me help you with that little problem. Here is Rumors of War Part 2 in several parts. I’d suggest that you take the time to watch it.

Yes, this is going on all around you—right now. So while you throw darts at my picture because you’re afraid I’m stealing a future away from your children, the real menace is everywhere you go. They are in your music, your television shows, your clothing, your jewelry and they have their fingers in your politicians. And they want to end your way of life. And while you pretend they don’t exist, you help them with their task.

Today is Good Friday. Didn’t you take the time to notice how many companies are no longer participating in celebrating the death of and resurrection of Christ? The answer is fewer and fewer, and this year there are several major companies that no longer let their employees off for Good Friday, but they do get off for Martin Luther King’s day. The process is already underway, and your tax money helps make it happen.

So keep saying that this is all a conspiracy and keep your eyes shut. And so long as you do—you are helping the enemy—and yes, they are our enemy. And soon you’ll have far worse problems than whether your kid can go to music class.

Oh–you want more proof?  You think I’m kidding you?  You think all this is a conspiracy, because the knowledge is not convenient?  Then read what’s at the link below and you’ll see how it was all set up in 1958 to create the world we are finding ourselves dealing with today.  I’ve made it easy for you.  All you have to do is look for yourself. 


  1. Excellent post!
    I made it through the videos as I own both Rumors, but the last paragraph sent me to tears. Again. I’ve cried several times today. I kept thinking earlier how nice it would be to be with Jesus and have this day for what it is while I cooked and baked for my company. I wanted my heart to be just for Him. Just for one day. One whole day. I thought about how much I long for the days when I didn’t know what I do, and ignorance was bliss. I’ll admit I did long for that badly today…but those days are gone.

    Thanks for reminding me I’m not alone.


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