Trayvon Martin: The grab for power on the back of tragedy

On purpose I have stayed away from commentary on the Trayvon Martin case where the young man was shot and killed in Sanford, Florida by George Zimmerman because I do not see the circumstances to be extraordinarily unusual from the dozens of other shootings that also occurred around that same time. The progressive knee-jerk of all shootings is to take away guns so the gangs, thugs and young people celebrating the “gangsta” mentality can kill each other with baseball bats and knives. The trouble with the progressive platform is that they helped created that “gang” culture with their policies of welfare and racial segregation for use in bloc voting. So they have helped create the environment that young Trayvon was just a participant. Young people mimic the culture that has been provided to them by pop culture, and these days pop culture heavily shaped by progressive politics says to wear your pants down around your knees, talk with heavy slang, and act like a “pimp daddy,” selling hoes on Washington D.C.’s K Street. I know hundreds of kids white and black that fit this description completely today. Its part of their culture and that culture is shaped by progressive politics.

(For a glance into this culture I’d invite you to check out the “Pimps and Hoes Society” and their United Kingdom party. This is a direct result of progressive politics. And you wonder why kids are so confused.)

On the other hand I know the area of Sanford very well, and a gated community is that way for a reason. People value their properties, and they don’t want to walk outside and see kids cutting through their yards, or driving down the street playing loud music at crazy hours of the night. Property ownership is one of the cornerstones of our nation, and it should be respected. However, since progressive politics is just a thinly disguised attempt at socialism, private property is frowned upon. Private property is to be surrendered in a communist society, which is why progressive taxation on property is so aggressive. The progressive attempt is to encourage young people like Trayvon to not strive to have a house in a gated community, but to disrespect those who do, so all the gates of the world will come down, value for personal property will be eradicated, and everyone will look to government for their welfare checks. And this clash of cultures is fairly evident in Sanford that has a lot of retirees who want to live close to the Orlando area, but also has a lot of immigrant residences just looking for a foot into the American dream. And for those people, money is scarce and they envy those who have it. I was at a Piggly Wiggly in that area a few years ago when a group of 5 youths came into that grocery store while I was waiting for my wife to come out. All 5 boys looked like they were dressed for a Spike Lee movie and one boy had his pants pulled down so far that he had to hold them in place with his left hand. I watched him with great humor as he tried to open his car door while holding a bag of beverages in his right hand knowing his pants would fall down if he let go with his left. The gated communities are there to keep kids like that from vandalizing their homes and roaming across their back yards while they enjoy the fruits of their labor.

George Zimmerman was protecting that “gated” community concept by following around a suspicious character which turned out to be Trevon Martin. The two eventually had a scuffle and Zimmerman shot Trayvon probably because Zimmerman was losing the fight. I personally think Zimmerman should have used non-lethal weapons to incapacitate Trevon on his watch patrol. Resorting to a gun that only has a lethal option is very limiting in these kinds of conflicts, but listening to the circumstances around Zimmerman, he sounds like a typical mall cop, he was hungry to show his authority. I’ve also seen a lot of fights in parking lots and watched cops arrive on the scene ready to shoot everybody in an act of overreaction especially if one of the fighters had a gun. The panic is a cover for their real desire to fire their weapons and take the life of another human being. And I think deep down inside Zimmerman had a desire to prove to himself that he could make a decision like that—which is a common fantasy among young males. In fact, Mr. Progressive politics himself, Teddy Roosevelt signed up to charge San Jaun Hill in Cuba just so he could “kill a man” so this isn’t anything new. That may be a difficult reality for all the social engineers reading this and wondering how I could say such a thing to understand, but those types are simply out-of-touch as to what drives a young man.

Of course there are better ways to prove manhood, but in a culture of progressivism that is taking the human race backwards, toward a more tribe village mentality, they will discover that the need for violent conflicts will actually increase. This is the result of Hillary Clinton’s “it takes a village.” This is also why her husband Bill cheated on her insistently, because that is the village (communist) idea of no property values and shared sacrifice. It is progressive politics that makes these primitive desires worse, not better.

The proper thing for Zimmerman would have been to use a non-lethal martial art weapon or mace to incapacitate Trevon and if the young man attempted to use lethal force then to resort to the “Stand Your Ground Law” and use the firearm. There were so many options that weren’t used, and again, I blame progressive politics for preaching a message of peace, love, and charity—because these two young men did not know of any option besides fists and guns, and that is a breakdown in our culture. It is in the progressive desire to eradicate violence that they have not allowed young people to learn the art of conflict properly, because unfortunately, in any world at any time in history where some people function as a parasite on a human population, conflicts will occur.

The incident was sad, and a failure from all parties involved. But the situation become even sadder when the parasites discussed above saw that Trayvon was a black youth, and decided that they could capitalize on the situation and advance their own quests for power. That’s when they called for boycotts, and a national firestorm erupted over the last couple of weeks into what has become a joke—watching grown men and women who lack the fundamental principles of conduct in their own lives play into the parasitic apparatus of the Black Panthers, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and many others who sought to use the death of a young man to get them leverage over the human race in the manner of their Civil Rights idol Martin Luther King. But unlike King who was genuinely pointing out a lack of equality that all men and women under the Constitution deserved, the radicals who came after him disguised their message of equality to hide their own desire for power and control. The parasites want to see their name in a history book, they want to force further legislation of a progressive nature and they sought to use Trayvon to their evil ends.

You don’t see these parasites come out over black on black violence in South Chicago and you don’t hear them berating modern slavery in Africa, but if it’s a gated community in Florida and a black youth is involved, then they will ignore all the other death and mayhem that is occurring daily and focus on this one child because it suits their political objectives—and that makes them the worst kind of looters.

The looters in this case are those who have sought to use emotion to defy logic and to pass new laws and social precedence that will advance a progressive agenda. We have watched this process for years undermine the American way of life and rather than looking at Zimmerman and Trayvon with sympathy the looters actually seek to change the direction of society with a group “collective” hug. The looters all want to be a village chief or the king of a land and wish themselves heroes to save the day on the backs of Treayon’s death. You can see them in the governing bodies, media, entertainment and in Civil Rights advocates whose goals are not equality, but progressive advancement.

The looter—the social parasites of emotion do not care for Trayvon Martin or his family. Their outward concern is purely cosmetic and designed to conceal their real intentions, which is more power and prestige. And sadly, as many of them deep down inside consider themselves to be good little socialists working on behalf of the progressive cause, their actions are strangely capitalist. Only they don’t seek to make a new product, or create a new technology with their capitalist tendency, but to steal power while a nation cries and cannot see through its tears at what they are really up to. They seek to “capitalize” on our misery.

Unlike Sanford, Florida we cannot put up gates around our homes high enough to hold back the kinds of looters that have shown themselves in the Trayvon Martin tragedy, because these parasites will attempt to feed off the very air we breathe if we let them. They do not value personal property, individual sovereignty, or rational values. They are progressive socialists who wish with every cell in their bodies to make the United States into a communist nation under the flag of tribal collectivism, and it is they who are the real menace to our way of life.

But The United States Constitution protects us from these parasites if we allow it to. We are only compelled to listen to them if we allow our emotions to rule above our logic, and their words only have power if we let them. Ultimately we have protections against their encroachment and if we could only avoid the guilt they attempt to use on our minds to sap our strength and resolve, we could vanquish them into the oblivion of irrelevancy forever and hold our ground by a firm reliance on the Second Amendment. And at that time the grief that Trayvon Martin deserved, and the ego building that George Zimmerman needed could be established so that young people might learn an important lesson from this tragedy and not be doomed to repeat it because the problem was misdiagnosed by the collective will of our society led by looters and grandstanders.

Oh–you want more proof? You think I’m kidding you? You think all this is a conspiracy, because the knowledge is not convenient? Then read what’s at the link below and you’ll see how it was all set up in 1958 to create the world we are finding ourselves dealing with today. I’ve made it easy for you. All you have to do is look for yourself.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior