Wicked Games: The 9/11 Conspiracy and guilty parties–“Fire Walk with Me”

Warning–some of this material is very abstract, but I include it because abstract understanding is needed to comprehend the depth of deception involved in the 9/11 Conspiracy.  I would highly suggest watching every video below in great detail even if their immediate meanings cannot be realized at first impression.  I received a note from a good friend and frequent reader here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom about my thoughts of the many rumors swirling around the whole 9/11 issue, which falls into the realm of conspiracy theory. I try not to speculate on things that do not have observable facts, but in the case of the 9/11 tragedy, there are many trends that have emerged that conveniently support the kind of world many fear is becoming a global-wide totalitarian government and correct context is needed to understand. The length of that context would require some back story which took time to build at this site so proper explanations could be provided as to my thinking on the matter. For ease of your mind dear reader I provide four documentaries today for you to study intensely. It is because of documentaries like these and blog sites like this one that the federal government wants to control the internet, because they don’t want the “masses” to have access to these stories. The government has worked very hard for half a century to create a “compliant” society and they thought they had this 9/11 situation in the bag by making it a conspiracy theory by way of study and placing all those who question the facts of 9/11 under the derogatory name of “truther.” But as we’ve seen recently, even the White House is openly playing the conspiracy game by releasing a fake birth certificate under pressure from Donald Trump so that they could attempt to paint Trump as a “birther,” and eliminate him as a presidential threat. However, the document the White House produced was in fact a fake, and for reasons only they can answer, continue to hide the truth of the President’s birth with shadow games instead of frankness—most likely to conceal their real intentions that are much more sinister.

Most people are not as manipulative as the characters involved in the stories described here today, and they don’t want to believe that these things are possible. This is by design of course; as most of us were trained as children in the public education system and it was under this system that “name calling” first shaped our thoughts. In public education peer groups are established to divide up our population into voting blocs that can be easily controlled, and this too is by design. Public education is not about preparation for college academics, or learning to read, write, or study history. It’s about learning which peer group one belongs to. One learns by coercion between peer groups—name calling, forcible conflict, etc, so that under an animalistic pecking order mentality, the human mind finds its place in the chain of command of social group behavior.

Many of the players in public education who simply hold a job do not understand that this was always the goal of public education, and they too, do not want to believe such things—but the Department of Education established under Jimmy Carter in 1979 and experienced its first years under Ronald Reagan made it very clear what the role of public education was on American society. Mass control of peer groups was one of the objectives. Listen to the second in command at the Department of Education under Reagan to hear these things for yourself. (CLICK HERE)

One of my favorite filmmakers, David Lynch has put his name to the films both above and below about 9/11 truth. I enjoy Lynch’s films for all the reasons I love Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce, it’s because Lynch looks behind the scenes at the motivating factors behind the human mind. He did this with the Twin Peaks films to great effect. I personally think Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me is the scariest movie I have ever seen in my life. It is my kind of horror film and requires a certain development in the mind to understand. I showed this movie to my children at ages 9 and 10 years old so that they would understand how to see things in society by reading the codes of behavior patterns. That film is also why Chris Isaak is one of my favorite musical performers. You can see one of my favorite scenes at the 4:30 second mark below where Chris Isaak, David Lynch and Kiefer Sutherland get a message. David Lynch, the director, is the one who delivers the message. The translation of that message follows in the next scene. It is one of the great puzzle works in film that few people understand but is quite remarkable. Everything in the movie means something, just like in real life so I will place some of my favorite moments of this great film throughout this post to entice further review.

Lynch is also the director of two other movies I love, Wild at Heart and Blue Velvet. Lynch deals with the dirt under the grass in his films, and it requires a clear understanding of an intellectual aptitude to grasp. Unfortunately for many of us, that aptitude is robed from society during their public education years—and it’s done on purpose. Thus, my desire to see public education replaced in favor of a more competitive model not run by a government controlled monopoly and the Department of Education.

If David Lynch is involved in a project I tend to give it attention, and his thoughts about 9/11 mirror my own. So let’s take a dark journey down the rabbit hole together dear reader and study the dirt below the grass involving the tragedy of 9/11. Like most things in the human world there are layers of truth and layers of deceit. Few people in the process are privy to all the layers so that they can have reliable deniability, which is how good people unknowingly pave the way for evil. The architects of this deceit protect their mechanisms by the built-in characteristics of derogatory name calling, so to keep the human herd in check and under control.

I have a good example of this process that I personally went through just a few weeks ago, where I called a group of school levy supporters here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom “latté sipping prostitutes” which created a personal media firestorm against me as my political opponents cut up my comments and assembled them in a way to attempt to convince the city of Cincinnati that I was a “woman hater.” So let me explain how the process worked on the microcosm so we can understand how it works at the macrocosm. The school superintendent at Lakota views me as her number one obstacle to obtaining more taxes and bailing out the school from their excessively high union contracts. So between her and the new vice president of our school board they went through all my writing here to find something they could twist around in some way to excite their base. (CLICK HERE FOR THE BACKSTORY) Once they found something they thought they could work with, the VP put it on her Facebook edited in a way to anger her political tag-alongs. Within a few days I began receiving threatening letters and promises that I was going down because I was a woman-hater and they were going to run me out of their community. The progressively educated superintendent and VP knew that women are a bloc voting group and have been trained to behave similarly at the ballot box. If stirred up in manipulative ways women voters can be steered to act as a collective. This is why President Obama is attempting to use Planned Parenthood to win over women voters. Women voters in politics are viewed similarly as the black vote, and the Latino vote. They aren’t respected as individuals, but as a group collective. So the superintendent assumed that if she could get the women of the community against me by twisting my comments around on me, then I would lose their votes in the next election. So the politics of our local school assumes that women will all vote together in spite of the facts if a common enemy to their social welfare can be identified. By attempting to make me into that enemy, the superintendent hedged her bets that I would be removed from the political debate of the next tax increase.

Oddly, the media, all of whom know me very well, played right into the act because the accusation of hating women is very difficult to overcome once it’s established. My comments about latté sipping prostitutes were aimed at a specific group of levy supporters as my way to identify their reckless behavior in our community and my opinion of their merit. But the words were turned to attempt to paint me as a sexist and a woman-hater, and many independent parties jumped on the bandwagon of emotion to arrive at conclusions that were clearly false—but became a reality in public opinion. The superintendent did not participate in the scandal by order of The Department of Education or the teachers unions all of whom salivate daily that I might be silenced. She did it on her own out of her own self-preservation. But ultimately the superintendent is a product of her teaching, which goes back to the modes of thinking established at The Department of Education. So without realizing what piece of the puzzle she was, the superintendent acted out her part of the conspiracy against a threat to the education system—in this case, me. There were many hands in the conspiracy, but none of them sat in a meeting and said, “Let’s take Rich Hoffman down by doing this.” They simply played the system as it was built-in all of us at a primal level of deductive reasoning. The players involved hoped they could win the next election by simply calling me a name, so they utilized the system of manipulation and hoped the results worked in their favor.

With 9/11 the same derogatory methods are conjured up to steer people away from giving any credence to conspiracy theories that fall outside of the official commission report released on the matter. The public is supposed to blindly accept that the government was able to admit its own failure in allowing terrorists to train in Florida and to get on airplanes hijacking them to run into the World Trade Center to destroy the symbols of the American economy. And we are supposed to believe that a religious extremist living in some desert mountains with a porn addiction came up with the elaborate plan all on-his-own, and that the same man was able to evade United States punishment for over a decade thereafter while Google Earth was photographing every inch of the planet for casual surveillance. (Just imagine what type of surveillance the CIA has.) And it wasn’t like bin Laden was found in the mountains of the Himalayas or somewhere in the back country of Siberia, he was found in Pakistan, where he was rumored to be all along. We are also supposed to believe that once he was killed, he was dumped quickly at sea without a lot of media attention to honor his religion, which most people accepted without question.

Let’s assume all that is true—let’s also look at what we know. 9/11 eroded the freedoms greatly in America by creating the Department of Homeland Security and the controversial TSA. American debt has skyrocketed since 2001 because of 9/11 which was one of the intended objectives from our enemies—to slowly bleed America of its economic lifeblood. We also know that Muslim extremists have infiltrated our government at many levels; we know that a Shadow Party is working behind the official parties, and we know there are many things wrong with the current president’s eligibility which isn’t even being dealt with. We have seen the Obama administration openly mislead the public over the birth certificate issue. Just this last week the Obama administration attempted to paint a picture of the validity of the congress ran by Nancy Pelosi as it shoved through a Health Care Bill under much controversy and ran up a tremendous national debt and spoke about why the Supreme Court should respect congress by upholding his Health Care Law, but turned around and also stated that he—the president—would by-pass congress with executive orders for the good of the country and that the economy was congresses fault under John Boehner, which are obvious misstatements and attempts at manipulation—if not out-right lies. We know that sleeper agents from the former KGB have infiltrated our government and helped shape the hippie movement in our nation infecting American college campuses with desires for communism. We also know that labor unions at the leadership level are attempting to fulfill the objectives of Socialist International. And we know that several billionaire philanthropists, namely Warren Buffett and George Soros are looking to get even more personal wealth through using the influence of the Shadow Party to use the “green movement” of global socialism (progressivism) to fulfill their personal portfolio strategies. Buffet’s railroad benefited from Obama’s maneuver to not build the Keystone Pipeline, and Soros benefited from the United States policy against drilling and instead investing in Brazilian oil which Soros owns. (ALL OF THIS IS COVERED AT THIS SITE FOLKS. IF YOU WANT TO READ THE ARTICLES FROM THE PAST JUST GOOGLE OVERMANWARRIOR’S WISDOM, THEN A FEW KEY WORDS FROM THIS PARAGRAPH) There’s simply too many articles to hotlink them all.

So is it so hard to believe that members of this Shadow Party manipulated the events of 9/11 to their advantage? It isn’t to me. I believe that radical fundamentalists who hated America did train in Florida to end their lives by running commercial planes into the World Trade Center. But I also believe they had little birds whispering in their ears all along. I do not believe President Bush had his hand in the conspiracy, and I doubt any one member of the CIA or FBI did either. I believe there were a lot of games being played behind the scenes to study the terrorist behavior of these radical cells, and I believe that some of the games within the games were where the evil originated. I don’t believe those terrorists on those planes acted alone, but it was the whispers from the Shadow Party that fed money to both political parties who is at fault, and nobody points the finger at them, because society is in denial of the Shadow Party’s very existence—how can you blame something that doesn’t exist? You must first come to terms with that dire fact before you can place the blame for a tragedy upon their necks.

It is obvious by how government expanded after 9/11 that there was a mind behind the tragedy ready to leap. The plan was already in the works and the puppet presidents of Bush and Obama simply needed to maintain the figurehead role of signing bills as their advisors instructed them of what to do. This culminated in perhaps the most evil piece of legislation ever passed through our government, the NDAA Act signed into law on New Year’s Eve, 2011 and being announced the morning of New Years Day 2012 as America prepared to watch the last of its big college football games for the year. The overwhelming support by most federal politicians and the double-talk by President Obama convinced me that much of what was shown in the movies above is 95% real. I think maybe 5% is unproven speculation.

So you know that you have been attacked, not just by some enemy from across the ocean, but by people who you employ as a tax payer. You are their boss, yet you do nothing about it. And to keep you from learning more, they are working very hard to shut down your freedom to the internet so you can’t read articles like this one, and watch movies like the ones shown here.

The goal of an aggressor, just like my situation described at the beginning of this article is to cast an aspersion toward a threat and force that threat to react in a predictable manner. Once a manipulator understands the basics of human reaction the aggressor can always control a threat by forcing them to reveal their defense. In the case of 9/11 threats are isolated by the term “truther.” If the members of the Shadow Party were not concerned about these theories, they would not be looking to shut down the speculation by controlling internet content and other avenues of conspiracy theory. It was Cass Sunstein who recently proposed that conspiracy theories be removed from public speech altogether, that coming from the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs under President Obama. Without question Cass and his kind view such wild speculation as being destructive to his goals in government. But what Cass and his kind don’t understand is that it may well be that the people who pay his salary with tax dollars may not want the kind of goals he has for government. We don’t want to be misled with silly tokens of information and driven like cattle into a pin of governments design. And that is what has happened with 9/11.

Yes, there is more to the story. I’d go so far to say that there is a lot more to the story, and much of that story is buried deep under the grass. But if you develop the ability to think, and to function outside of the controlled responses established in public education and free your mind to all possibilities, not just the ones given to you by those who desire to be your princes and kings, then the real truth is within grasp—and the truth about 9/11 is that airplanes ran into the World Trade Center and killed a lot of people, wrecked our economy, and terrorized our people into giving up their freedoms in the name of safety—which was the goal of our enemies. But the truth that has not been told is that all the enemies of that action did not perish in the crash, or were not captured in Pakistan and dumped into the sea quickly to be removed from public debate. No, the other enemies who number in the thousands are still hidden in the grass and they still plot the complete destruction of the United States of America in favor of a one world government with open borders from one nation to the next. And the political rule of that world government will be progressive in the mode of Socialist International. The United States is under attack from foreign and domestic enemies because we are the only free country on earth, and we are in the way of this world dictatorship. And the attack of 9/11 was designed to bring America to its knees within two decades, and we are well on our way to complete destruction now. No, the enemies did not perish but still reside in the grass hidden from the eyes of reality. They hide in plain sight because our minds have been trained not to see them, and this is how they do their menace.

9/11 was a tragedy, but it’s not nearly as catastrophic as losing the last free country on earth as a result of our sadness. Just like with a school levy tax increases, or any political maneuver, the bullies of the world seek to steal from you something that is yours in personal freedom by flooding your mind with sadness and fear to provoke you to act as they intend you to. And that is what 9/11 was all about and why it continues to do its work as the American consciousness is not able to grapple with the magnitude of constitutional infractions that followed in the years thereafter and continue to escalate under our own funding through taxation. The belief that people could not be so bad and sinister is proving the menace to our nation correct—that people refuse to see what is right in front of their face because the facts are just too difficult to comprehend. Unfortunately, freedom is not fit for such cumbersome minds, only tyranny and eternal slavery as those who surrender logic to the aggressors of terror will soon discover.

David Lynch, the director of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, my favorite horror film of all time, is a suitable link to this story. His appearance in Invisible Empire is rational if you take into account his construction of the story Twin Peaks. That particular film is essentially the fictional story of the murder of Laura Palmer, a tortured young woman who is haunted by characters in her life driven by inner demons. In the last video clip showed above, it is in this scene that Laura has realized that the man who has been raping her since she was a little girl is not the wild man “BOB” who she thought hid behind her dresser in her bedroom. Her actual rapist has turned out to be her father, Leland. So in that particular scene Laura’s mind had just been shattered when she is forced to acknowledge that the character Bob was an invention of her own imagination, because she couldn’t deal with the trauma that her molester was in fact her father.

Leland knows that his daughter has discovered this and fears that she might reveal the nature of their relationship to the outside world where Leland is a respected member of the Twin Peaks community. Leland has managed to keep his daughter quiet all these years of night-time rapes by scaring her with displays of power. Leland attempts to put Laura back into that fearful state by commanding her to wash her hands before she eats, in an obvious attempt to gain control of her mind. The tragedy of Twin Peaks is that Laura can no longer stay in a state of ignorance because she has learned too much. So her father kills Laura and dumps her body into a river which is the cause of the FBI investigation in the film. The blue rose shown in the first clip signifies that the case has supernatural implications.

Although Twin Peaks is a fictional scenario, it is a useful piece of fiction in developing the ability of beholding many difficult concepts at the same time so that a story can be pieced together. And this ability is needed to understand the mystery behind 9/11. The destruction of the World Trade Center was a “FALSE FLAG” operation implemented by fanning the flames of radical Islam into achieving the ultimate goal of destroying building 7, for reasons we have no way of understanding without more evidence. While the World Trade Center was a massive target that overwhelmed the minds of America, there simply wasn’t any room to deal with the impact of the losing Building 7. And that was the objective behind the minds that fanned the flames and set up the circumstances for the terrorists to climb in the “open window” and carry out their deeds of murder. While the Taliban justifiably took all the blame, the forces that left the window open so to speak—moved to their next planned phases of destroying the United States Constitution one emergency law after another and putting the United States into an economic tailspin.  (To understand the method behind overloading the mind of a victim with so much information that they won’t see the threats coming at them CLICK HERE.  There is actually a science to this stuff that our enemies exploit.  It’s important that you know this because it is used on you daily.)

Like Leland in the film Twin Peaks who is raping his daughter night after night and seeks to keep it a secret by torturing her mind with incredible abuse, the government has harassed 9/11 truthers for years, and it is in their action of harassment that the governments guilt is revealed. All one has to do to see it is to look at all the pieces and admit to themselves that a trusted loved one is in fact the villain of their lives. And many Americans can’t see who torments them because they can’t bring to their minds the crushing reality that their trusted officials aren’t so trustworthy, the experience is life shattering—just as it was for the fictional Laura Palmer. Laura couldn’t admit that her father was raping her, and most Americans can’t admit the same of their government. You cannot understand the nature of 9/11 if you just look at the facts that you are presented with in the fashion the aggressors present. You have to look at the entire picture and the symbols behind the symbols to understand the true meaning of things, because that is how our enemies operate.

But remember, they are still our employees and the reason they do this all in secret is because they don’t want their boss—the American people—to find out. All this secrecy means that they do recognize that if their boss finds out they’ll be in big trouble, so it is not they who hold the cards of power, all the government holds is the ability to invoke fear to keep their secret quiet. So as people say to me—you can’t say that about the government—I say, why not? They are not my rulers. I don’t owe them anything, and if they have made deals with Islamic radicals and attempted to destroy the American economy, it is they who are the bad guys, not me. I have no explanations to make to anybody. It is they who have the blood on their hands and who have committed extraordinary crimes and attempted to hide the murders with further harassment. That is why eventual confrontation is imminent, not because people like me asked for it. All I’ve done is work hard and pay my taxes to a government I expected to work on my behalf. But instead this government has used my labor, and my property to steal my value for aims I do not support and sought to undermine my country on my back. It is they who have the explaining to do, not me—and certainly not any “birthers,” “truthers,” or “latté sipping prostitute accusers.” People have a right to know the truth and if there are factions who expect evil to be paved on the backs of the good, those factions have a hard reality coming their way very soon. Harassment and fear are not acceptable methods for concealing the truth.  It is a wicked game that has been played on the American people, but the game is far from over, and we have not yet lost–only come to realize that we are playing against cheaters who will do anything to win. 

Oh–you want more proof? You think I’m kidding you? You think all this is a conspiracy, because the knowledge is not convenient? Then read what’s at the link below and you’ll see how it was all set up in 1958 to create the world we are finding ourselves dealing with today. I’ve made it easy for you. All you have to do is look for yourself.


Rich Hoffman

2 thoughts on “Wicked Games: The 9/11 Conspiracy and guilty parties–“Fire Walk with Me”

  1. as someone who was there on 9/11, just hearing any recording of the day brings me to tears….so I watched the video with deep skepticism…but am willing to admit that government certainly did grow, and out of this tragedy many people did profit…..very similar to the looters of the Trayvon martin case…I can’t disagree that as horrifying as it is, there is something to it. Ive read some VERY interesting stuff about Todd and Lisa Beamer and some strange theories with that whole thing as well.


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