The Imperial City: Glenn Beck’s address from The Oval Office

Washington D.C. makes one product and nothing else—government. Without the American tax payer government is nothing. Yet over time, those who have built their lives in and around government and the inventions of government—more government–have come to think of themselves as kings and queens, lords and ladies—as my friend Doc Thompson terms them from his Detroit radio program, (click here to learn more about Doc Thompson.) Those elitist government types now believe they are the support structure of our nation and that the entire world exists to serve their narrow-minded needs. And a good friend of Doc Thompson’s is Glenn Beck who has done what he promised in the above clip and started delivering addresses that America badly needs to hear from an Oval Office that he has dedicated to the people of The United States. This Oval Office is for those who have found themselves abandoned and manipulated by powers who wish to end our very way of life. So enjoy Glenn Beck’s first address from this new Oval Office called The Imperial City and take the first step to restoring a nation that badly needs our help.



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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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