The Rich Hoffman Rule: Take Washington D.C. off life support–NO MORE TAXES!

It is interesting after listening to what Glenn Beck said about President Obama that he decided to give the speech about “The Buffett Rule” from the hallway outside the Oval Office. (You can review that here) The speech below is an important disclosure that reveals much of what is wrong with the nation currently. As Obama pleads his case with the audience, he is making many generalizations that deserve attention. Primarily, he cited “education” as one of the many items that require further taxation from America’s infrastructure to fully fund, and the phantom value of that government program is tossed out as an emotional plea to buy what the President is selling. Check the speech out for yourself.

Speeches like the one that the President gave on Saturday April 14, 2012 are presented to the public as a dictator would address his subjects. When I hear a person like Obama speak the first thing that comes to my mind is why do I have to pay so much tax in the first place? Who says I want to fund all the government programs from the past, like The New Deal from Roosevelt, and The Great Society from LBJ? Because I don’t.  I’d save a lot of money each week if I did not have to contribute to those two primary taxes. And by the time I reached my own retirement age I would have the opportunity to triple, maybe even quadruple the investment with my own private maneuvering—or not. But at birth the government has committed a crime against me; they have created a system that requires me before I’ve even left the womb of my mother to contribute much of my life’s earnings to those two government programs. Nobody asked me if I thought those programs were valuable, they just assumed I’d want to play along, and if I didn’t, well—the IRS would attempt to strong-arm me into compliance. That is the government’s plan to action.

That is the only reason I pay those taxes—to Social Security and Medicaid, to avoid trouble with the IRS. I don’t pay the money because I believe in the system. I know as I pay the tax that the money in Medicaid will be wasted on an industry that’s too expensive. Doctors and other medical professionals will charge more for their service because they know Medicaid is a government program with no head directing the body, so they take advantage like common thieves. And Social Security is a Ponzi scheme that requires the investment of every American to fund the retirements of the elderly. It needs more and more young people to contribute to keep the fund alive, and America just isn’t making babies the way they used to. The math doesn’t work out and Social Security will fail. I have no plans to ever collect the money I’ve wasted on Social Security. I view it as money lost in a casino or consumed on an expensive dinner, except I didn’t even get to enjoy the food. Why am I connected by law to all these people? Who says I want to retire? I don’t even go to the doctor so I certainly don’t use any of these services. If I held the money on my own and saved it, I’d have a lot of money to deal with health issues and my own retirement once I got to that age. But just those two programs, Medicaid and Social Security take away an enormous amount of my personal income.

As I listened to the President talk about filing our taxes I have to question, what is the merit of the taxes I’m paying? Would I pay them if not for the threat of jail or having my property seized? No I wouldn’t. I only pay taxes to keep the bad guys away. I don’t do it in compassion for my fellow-man. I don’t do it for any political party. I do it to avoid violence with the government.

Then the President brought up education. My feelings on this subject are quite clear if you read this site often. I think public education right now needs competition introduced to bring down the costs of education. I do not want government-run schools to teach our youth. I have watched public education work up close and I think it’s ready for the scrap heap, and is near complete worthlessness. It’s good for a babysitting service for busy parents and that’s about it. So why in the world would I want to pay more money for education when it’s obvious the system is broken? The President foolishly assumes that more money equals higher quality—and it doesn’t! That tells me he is using the same rational to propose The Buffett Rule. The President in his speech is acting as a mindless money grabber without thought as to what he’s asking for. His assumptions are that we all wish to live in a collective society where we all are interconnected, and if education says they need a little bit of money—we should give it to them without question—because it’s an investment in our children. We are supposed to accept that Social Security will magically fix itself in the years to come, so we should just pay blindly. And we are supposed to ignore that Medicare and Medicaid are not cease pools of waste and corruption.

No, sorry Dude, I’d gladly opt out of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and all education funding. I could do a better job with my money in EVERY circumstance and I don’t need or want the government involved in my business. I don’t want to be connected to society by force, but by choice. I want to be independent of society, not chained to them, and people like President Obama have chained me to the foolishness of the masses out of the coercion of the Federal Government.

Government minimizes the individualist cause and emphasizes the social effect, which to them is the moral primacy. The result is forced second-handler imposition on people like me, who wish complete independence. Government forces me to participate with the threat of trouble even though my eyes see that the government programs will cause our nation trouble in the long run. The moral primacy of government is incorrect and I am supposed to ignore my logic and yield to a political power that has been granted with my tax dollars. The political power is the result of a government maintaining a monopoly on coercion.

So the political power that President Obama so smugly displays in these little games he plays by setting up this speech in the hallway outside the Oval Office to “create” a psychological impression and fulfill an agenda hidden to us all, is one that exists by the monopoly that government has on violence and social imposition upon it’s people that is maintained by taxes we pay for services we really don’t need. And we are forced to because of the power behind his smug little face.

Strip all that political power away that we gave to President Obama and his thugs in Washington and you’d see only a typical man—a typical political activist looking to make his mark in the world. You’d also see a man barely capable of balancing his own check book and struggling to pay for his groceries. You’d most likely see a guy who would be among the first to sign up for “government assistance” to carry away the burden of living from his own mind and hands. You’d see a collectivist, a tribal advocate who uses the blanket of the masses to hide his own insecurities over his own individual abilities. This is what we are paying for with our tax money—average people to pretend they are kings who can rule their subjects with the looted power of coerced money stolen from the backs of the productive. And we are to believe what the king tells us and not question the value of the words with blind faith.

It is because of speeches like this one, and the terrible process of delivering a viable presidential candidate for the conservative side that I believe we need to just cut Washington D.C. loose, to just stop sending them any money at all. I think we need to take away the money that makes Washington D.C. the wealthiest city in America that only makes one product—government. It’s a city of looters, thieves, scam artists, scum bags, pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers, politicians and common thugs and I don’t want to give them the money I’m currently spending on them—let alone more! I am not happy with my government and I don’t wish to pay more for it. For the same reason I would not go back to a fast food restaurant that messed up my previous order, I wish for an alternative—but we don’t have one—because government uses the money we send them to build a monopoly power that is corrosive and eliminates any free market threat to their empire. And I’m not OK with that.

I don’t care about The Buffett Rule. I only care about The Rich Hoffman Rule, NO MORE TAXES—AT ALL! In fact, I’d like to see my tax burden cut in half and the wealthiest Americans take control of the vast amounts of money they pay in taxes and do something with it that will actually be productive, instead of throwing it into the cease pool of Washington D.C. to help these fools maintain a monopoly of coercion that is anti-American and socialist in nature giving power to men of average means at the expense of the best and brightest who still toil to give people like President Obama the ability to think of themselves as kings.