Pedophile Teachers Escape Punishment in New York: Lakota goes to Macy’s Parade

Ahhhhh…….democracy…………isn’t it refreshing to listen to these United Federation of Teachers union members protesting the closing of schools at the Panel for Education Policy in New York? As they chant “This is what democracy looks like” these educators show what they really are—socialists. It is because of employees like these that I have absolutely no desire to fund any tax money to the Department of Education and wish not a dime of my tax money to go to my local government school of Lakota. At Lakota they had a similar protest in 2008 where they forced the school board to give teachers raises otherwise they’d walk off the job. These union educators prove they have no idea what kind of government they actually have and believe they can twist the arm of the elected representatives with protests and chaos. Yes, this is what democracy looks like. Thank God America is technically a republic and not a democracy, because if it was, there would be socialist protests like this everywhere we went.

Lucky for us the socialists in America typically reside in labor unions and government jobs so if we want to rid ourselves of their communist dreams, all we have to do is eliminate those government jobs which will force them to adopt the proper free-market mentality that built America. Because the socialists—collectivist mystics that they are have learned that when nobody is directly responsible for the tax money collected—as is the case in public education, then if they prove more violent and hostile than the government agencies who collected the tax, then the money is up for grabs. This is how many of these teachers in these videos are making well over $50K per year. In fact several are making over 100K per year, even though it’s obvious that they have very limited human skill. I would be surprised if only a handful were actually qualified to teach a young person how to tie their shoes, let alone build our youth on a philosophy they can live by. And for the record, if they embrace the religion of environmentalism, bigger government, and socialism in any form, I would consider teachers unqualified to teach American youth.

These radical socialists know that the system works in their favor the same as a screaming infant learns that by making a scene in public it will drive the mother to give it things it might not get in the quiet of home, so these socialist union workers took to the streets and showed the world what democracy looks like and it’s not pretty. The common belief among these people is that they can alter reality by screaming and chanting. The reality is that the Panel for Education Policy in Queens has been trying to figure out how to keep some of their schools open due to funding problems, and in an effort to save money; they were seeking to consolidate services. This is the same thing that is going on all across America, including my home district of Lakota. There is only so much money to go around, especially when the employees make as much money as these socialist protestors do. It’s wages and gold-plated benefits that cause most of these budget problems, yet as the PEP attempts to make financial adjustments, the union gathered to protest any cuts at all and attempted to bend even the mayor of New York over a barrel to get him to commit even more tax money to education.

You would think that the PEP could solve some of its problems by firing its employees who are their worst employees, but no—that is not allowed by the union. Because of tactics employed in the video above the UFT has influence at every level of the state and nobody is willing to fight them directly. It’s just not worth the trouble. In fact just last week, the union protected what is being called The Not So Sweet Sixteen Teachers that education officials singled out for termination ranging in wages from over $100K per year to just under $70K for excessively perverted behavior against students, which would have saved more than a million dollars in salary obligations. You can read more detail about the disgusting content of the perverted behavior at the links below.


The teachers were brought before a panel of arbitrators—state appointed lawyers paid daily rates of $1000 to $1,800 to decide their fate—and were all let off the hook able to keep their jobs and punished with much lesser charges. Meanwhile the pedophilic actions taken against the students have went unpunished, and the teachers still get to keep their very high paying jobs only to commit more crimes in the future. In fact 2 of the 16 let off are already in trouble again for the very same thing!

Yes………………this is what democracy looks like. Chaos, disorder, socialism, fear, tyranny where it is the law of the mob that rules, the screaming masses who demand payment or they will inflict pain on anyone who stands in their way. As the union president Michael Mulgrew said about the lack of ability school officials had to fire his pedophile members, they could appeal to the arbitration process in the state courts. True, they could, which would mean more lawyer fees for a process that the state-wide teachers union already had lobbyists in place to twist the arm of anyone they needed to. School officials know that justice is not possible, and their only choice is to put up or shut up.

This is a nationwide problem. It’s going on in almost every public school in the country. I’ve covered many of the problems in my home district of Lakota since I hear the news on a daily basis and the entire enterprise is a scam at best. In fact just last week the Lakota West Marching Band learned that it would be going to New York home of the UFT to perform at the Macy’s 2013 Thanksgiving Day Parade that is so popular, which is a great honor. Upon the announcement the school officials had a big auditorium assembly for the students and rained confetti down on the band members congratulating them for their great achievement. Check it out for yourself as it happened.

I watched the event with skepticism however. There was a part of me that wanted to be happy for the kids, the school and their parents, but there was another part of me—the experienced part—that knows there’s more to it. Lakota is the 7th largest excellent school system in Ohio and its union the LEA is an offshoot of the OEA. And the OEA is an offshoot of the National Education Association, and out of the 150 bands across the country that applied only 11 were invited. For the NEA after three very high-profile levy defeats at Lakota in two years–in a situation that I have been intimately involved with, so much so that it was featured recently in Forbes Magazine, (Yes LAKOTA, you are welcome for the national exposure-CLICK HERE) the union knows it needs a levy passage in Southern Ohio to maintain its power base. So I’d say that had something to do with the selection process for the Macy’s Parade. Lakota is a big political target for the union to maintain power. Not to take anything away from the kids, but unfortunately, politics is often more powerful than talent in a progressive society.

My hope is that while in New York for that parade Lakota doesn’t let the troubles involving the United Federation of Teachers, come back home with them because at Lakota soon, there will also be massive school closings as the population ages and fewer kids enroll in the school system. That means massive layoffs for positions that have an average salary amount of $63K per year. And to solve that problem will not require the chaos of democracy, but the logic of a republic. That claim to democracy can stay in New York and is not welcome on the bus with our students as they return from their grand opportunity to perform on national TV in New York City. I’ve seen what democracy looks like, and I don’t like it, want it, or desire to pay for it.

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