Rich Hoffman is a Bully: The LASH of EXTREMISM!

The “Lash of Extremism,” I like the sound of that. Such is the title of a recent article by Steve Morrison of the Dayton Progressive Examiner commenting on my various controversies of late. Morrison is of course referring to my work as a bullwhip artist and performer—which to me is an American form of martial art. But for the progressive community they have to find something to attempt to turn the public against me so they resort to the same old tactics they have used for years—they call people names. You can see Morrison’s article at the link below.

Since the attempt of Morrison’s article is to paint me as a backwater, “cowboy type” that has no interest in an “advanced society” I have included pictures from my booth at the Indie Gathering Film Festival that is put on by a couple of my friends from the World Stunt Association of which I’m a member.  My philosophic intentions are quite the opposite from how the progressive community believes.  It is my premise that the intellectual elite who have formed the thoughts and feelings of progressive politics currently are incorrect, and therefore everything they support must be examined.  I arrived at these conclusions by interacting with many kinds of people and enjoying contact with multiple professions over many years.  My work with bullwhips as an art form has given me insight that many progressives are lacking in their education experiences and deserves examination in light of the progressive critique of my lifestyle.

Now my controversy was initiated when I called a group of school levy supporters at Lakota “latte sipping prostitutes” that was actually toned down language from what I wanted to call them. I was seeking to provide an explanation for their lack of value in money. But the mudslinging had been initiated by the pro levy crowd already and after two years of seeing first hand attempts at coercion, vandalism, and boycotts against voters who voted against the proposed school levies, I came to a point where I had enough of the crap.


Like any good strategy, it is good to provoke your opponent to see how they behave and—how their network works. To be honest, until this latest incident I had never heard of this Dayton Progressive Examiner or the writer. But like many who showed their asses that day of March 15th, much was learned by me of who, what, why, when, and where. I ran across Morrison’s article from a reader here who wanted to make me aware of it, and I’m glad they did.

Morrison in his article exhibits many of the primary traits that make progressive political involvement in public education so detrimental, and necessitates a fumigation process by the tax payers to remove them from educating our youth. If left unchallenged these types of progressive collectivists seek a destruction of everything people like me who value traditional American Excepetionalism cherish. Morrison in his article tries the same tactic that David Little attempted a year and a half ago—the standard progressive approach, poke fun at my use of bullwhips.  In the following clip it shows a bit more of the film festival mentioned in a broader context and the “networking” room from the pictures above.  Ironically, many of the creative types at these film festivals are progressively minded, and I get along with them because we all share a love of art, stunts, and story telling.  We usually center our discussions on what we have in common, not what we disagree with.  Where these filmmakers differ from other progressive minded people is they behave “independently.”  They fund their own projects and take control of their endeavors from womb to tomb, and this is a critical difference between the “creative progressive” and the “collective progressive” which many government employees resemble most.

In the minds of collectivists, they only see value in people who work in other collectivist occupations, such as teachers, firemen, police, IRS agents and other government work, because it fits their mentality—group collectivity. My use of a bullwhip and commitment to traditional American arts is a threat to their value system, so they seek to belittle it hoping the masses will apply pressure against me to change my behavior. However—what they don’t know or understand is that it’s the individual that has all the power, and art forms that embrace that individuality is universally loved. I’ve performed whip tricks in front of thousands of people over the years in all kinds of formats and in a live performance, everyone enjoys the show. It’s a talent that has been very good to me. In the clip below, I’m the one with the fire whip.

The troubling aspect to Morrison’s article is that he called me “the preeminent anti-levy bully” and that I “live by the bumper sticker, ‘if you think education is expensive, try ignorance.’” He goes on to say that nobody likes taxes, but everyone should support without question the touchy, feely leanings of the progressive legislator. He states that taxes are a necessary evil because the alternative is “to write a check before traversing on any road, calling on any first-responder or sending your child to any school.”

Well, the verdict is in, and public education is not making children intelligent. In fact, I’d say the evidence is very clear that it is public education that is responsible for much ignorance in the world, especially in America, and it is bleeding heart progressives who have propagated that ignorance. Because you have to be pretty ignorant to believe what these people tell you. Roads are paid with gas taxes. First responders should be voluntary, and no labor union should be involved in those community positions. Many of them are playing Call of Duty at the firehouse as I write this all dressed up and nowhere to go until someone has an accident. And the schools should be paid for by the parents. It should not be a state or federal responsibility. It is not my responsibility to provide an education to anyone’s child. It’s the obligation of the child’s parents. And if public education did not have a monopoly on the industry, the costs would come down, and politicians would actually think about dealing with the funding problem in Ohio and pay for education with the taxes already sent to the state.

All those programs that Morrison listed above are progressive, utopian fantasies. I don’t want free education for every American, because kids don’t value it if it’s free. And teacher unions take advantage of the monopoly, because everyone has to go to school by federal mandate and tax payers are obligated to pay for children they may not even care about or desire to help. Progressives have created a world where the spongy minded can ride on the backs of those who produce value, and that is not a correct system. The only people who benefit from such a system are progressive minded people like Morrison.

It’s no wonder progressives continue to find my website of— scary, fringy, and hell-bent on low to zero taxes. Or that I appear to be intolerant to women’s issues when it’s actually mischaracterized that I reject the feminist progressive platform, not women themselves. (Annie Oakley was a woman and I love her!) It’s the faults of progressive politics that I reject and seek to pry from my life.

What you never hear from a progressive however is answers to the questions I bring up. They reject facts completely and instead ALWAYS resort to emotional pleas and name calling. They do this 100% of the time because they are evaders. (CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT THOSE ARE) They are a menace to not just themselves, but to the human race.

They call me the Preeminent Anti-Levy Bully because I have interrupted their fantasy of utopia, this world they’ve built through extortion. Well, it takes one to know one, and in this situation when a progressive calls me a bully, I take it as a compliment—because that is the pot calling the kettle black. It is their bully tactics–not by using muscle–but peer pressure that has caused many of the problems we are dealing with in every aspect of society today. It is because of them that there are bully problems in school, because the kid’s watch how the adults and teachers behave in politics–how can a teacher STRIKE with their union and then tell a child not to bully another child? They can’t! Progressives at every level of politics engage in bully behavior and they are not used to anybody standing up to them—or calling them “latte sipping prostitutes.” They wish to believe they are more valuable to society and to their families than they really are, because like their politics inherited from Immanuel Kant and modified by Karl Marx, they are two people inside one mind. They are people of the living world, and they are people of some other fictional world that exists outside their understanding which they surrender logic to. The reason for their failure is embodied Kant’s term “there are two worlds: the world of experience sensed by our bodies and the world as it is in itself.” Progressives surrender their logic to this second world and believe through their collective vision that they are guided by faith made profitable by sacrifice. And the sacrificial victims are always individuals—which is the heartbeat of American Excepetionalism.

This is why a progressive can never answer a question, because their entire political belief is based on faith in a collective world and is not based on fact. Anyone who makes them look at the “world of experience” is a bully to them, because they don’t wish to see it.

So I proudly carry the term bully if that’s how they see me. It means they are getting the message. Of course my actions to their minds are extreme because I reject the premise of their entire existence—and why shouldn’t I? They require sacrifices from me while I require nothing of them. They require me to need their roads, their education, their fire department, their utopia! They need me to desire the protective blanket of their collective society, but I don’t want it! I reject it! And when I do, they call me names. And when I get mad and call them names back—or worse, they feel entitled to pull on all the resources of their progressive society to “bully” me into compliance to their wishes. That’s what they did on March 15th of which Steve Morrison played his part. He had his article written almost as fast as the Cincinnati Enquirer posted it, almost by the hour. They wanted my compliance at any cost. That is their message. And for saying such a thing, they call me the extremist—they call me the bully.

To the political progressive John Wayne, Howard Hughes, Annie Oakley and even the beliefs of our Founding Fathers are considered “extreme” so I’m in good company with my viewpoints, and damn proud of it. So proud in fact that I feel “compelled” to spread my message to even greater extremities. I know a bully when I see it, and sometimes it takes a bully to stop a bully, and in that regard—I am proud to be the Preeminent Anti-Levy Bully of Education. So proud that I might even get a t-shirt designed to state it to the world. Because it gives me great pleasure to be so hated by those “other worlders” haphazardly called—progressives.

6 thoughts on “Rich Hoffman is a Bully: The LASH of EXTREMISM!

  1. Gosh, I hate to ruin your reputation, but you are one of the nicest people i have ever met and so the opposite of a bully! Quite ironic who is calling you names. hope you enjoyed your latte:)


    1. Shhhhhhhhhhhh! Don’t tell people that! Are you crazy! And aren’t you a woman? Didn’t you hear that I hated women? LOL

      You know that was a cruel birthday present you gave me, a free latte. When I was drinking it, it almost made me want to vote for a school levy. Must be something they put in those things.


  2. Oh thats right, you hate me! LOL! So you actually got a latte!! Oh wow, how i wish I had gotten video of that. A latte and a peace sign, just doesn’t get much better than that.


  3. As you’ve said many times Rich, the fact that the ideals you espouse concerning taxes and government are considered “radical” just show how far the Overton Window has shifted in the last century. I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said “Vote for the Senior Services Levy!! It won’t raise your taxes!” It was a little daily reminder of how a majority can vote to take my tax dollars…my hard effort and labor… for a purpose I may not agree with, I have no hate for senior citizens but there are many ways to take care of seniors that may honestly need help, from family to churches to charity, and none of them involve the government taking my money at the point of a gun. At one point in our history it was frowned upon to accept such public assistance, taken from the labors of others, Now you are considered mean and heartless if you do not vote to give more money to the government to redistribute it to others, I have never voted for a children’s services levy or senior levy and never will. I have no idea what happens to those dollars after they are taken from me. For all I know only ten cents of every dollar actually goes to people “in need”.

    The recent tornadoes are a good example. We took care of our own down here in southern Clermont County. My wife and I helped our friends and neighbors affected by the storm. We did not need FEMA or some other government agency coming in to offer their assistance with money taken from people all around the country who have no stake in my town or it’s problems…with the the majority of those tax dollars going to bureaucrats and administrative costs.


    1. The first method to fix that problem is not to care what people call you. Because that’s the only real power they have is to call us names. If we no longer care about what they think of us, then they will be forced to show that are willing to take the money by force. At least then they can’t pretend they are the good guys anymore. They are exposed for what they are when people stop giving them money. People just have to have the courage to not care what others think.


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