Bernardine Dorn and Reverend Jeremiah Wright: The Oval Episode part 2–“commanding fate”

Before we get into the next Glenn Beck episode of The Oval seen at the end of this article, I’d like to show you a clip from my friend Matt Clark’s recent broadcast on his Clarkcast radio show heard on WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Matt has some wonderful audio that articulates magnificently the current condition of our youth and direction of our nation. Check it out:

As I’ve stated on many occasions collectivism is a disease of the human mind. Like the advocates of destruction so wonderfully stated in the broadcast from Matt, collectivists are philosophic terrorists intentionally provoking the collapse of all growth and human achievement. If left to their own devices, they intend to make all listeners to their diatribes flock like barn-yard animals to the seduction of their collectivism. They are philosophic terrorists because it is philosophy that builds everything that the human mind values. Without a positive philosophy that feeds the mind, the mind falls apart like water out of a container, and just becomes a mess of unorganized water molecules.

The collective terrorists of philosophy will declare that all water molecules are void of any individualism, and that the true state of their being is no different from a drop of ocean water. Collectivists have adopted this thinking from the philosophy of Buddhism and teachings of Confucius, the later who taught that one should never desire to leave their social station in life and climb for power. The teachings of collectivism began in Napal, and China and moved eastward and westward clashing with the individualism of the Occident over the borders of India, and Russia.

It was the hippie movement injected into American culture from KGB agents who sought out nirvana as the highest state of human achievement and this came directly from the philosophies of the East, the land where humble modesty has always been in vogue.

The destructive terrorism occurs when one attempts to combine the philosophy of eastern collectivism with the individualism of western philosophy that is primarily about the individual experience. When the two are mixed together you get the self-destructive, environmental warrior—hippie type. Those are the dangerous collectivists who believe they can do anything they want whenever they want to and that the cost for the behavior will be picked up by the collective society. That is the sickness of the people in Matt’s video. They are a danger to themselves and to the world around them, and they are breeding physically and spiritually.

Their message is seductive to the weak-minded, because there are no consequences for decisions made. The message of the philosophic terrorists is also seductive to those who lack courage, since they are encouraged to ride on the back of the strong and productive making them parasites to the good. This is why the philosophic terrorists are considered the worst kind of evil—because they cannot function on their own—they require the effort of others to function. And when the responsibility for their actions does fall on their shoulders once there are no longer enough of the strong backs to carry the collectivists any longer, they advocate a complete wiping away of the responsibility slate. They profess that someone else must pay for their actions.

This group of philosophic terrorists has grown so large that they now have their own President in the United States White House—in what some might call the first representative of The Weather Underground to occupy the Oval Office in order to execute further destruction of the philosophy of hard work and innovation that made America so great. The philosophic terrorists of collectivism have sought to put an end to America so that their collectivist vision of discombobulated eastern philosophic understanding can become a reality reflecting the fantasy of their minds. Yet it can’t, because reality desires what’s good for the progress of life, and life will seek out the good and reject the bad in every instance.

This is why Glenn Beck sadly has to build his own version of The Oval Office and sit in it to address the American people in the fashion that would normally be reserved for the President of the United States. To American peril the current president was built by the kind of people who Matt Clark featured, and seems determined to carry out the philosophic terrorist policies of a collectivist society—that is fundamentally anti-American. So Glenn presented his recent Oval Office speech with the theme of teaching Americans to take command of their own paths in life, to instruct the government to get out of their lives and not accept the help of the collectivists in government. Every American needs to take command of their own lives and respect themselves first, then in so doing, learning to respect others by acknowledging the value of existence.

The message of the philosophic terrorists behind collectivism is in undoing value. This is why they fail in relationships because they do not value themselves, let alone value others. This is why they fail in economics because they have no understanding of value since they believe that all obligations can simply be erased. This is why their societies fail, because they do not see the values of—values. They believe the world can be a mixed up conglomeration of multiple beliefs with no emphasis on good or bad, and that simply isn’t true and doesn’t even come close to working in reality.

The sad state of our current country can be blamed on the philosophic terrorists who advocate valueless collectivism irresponsibility stated for many years with the identical message covered by Matt Clark. Those types are everywhere in our public education system, they are in our media, they are writing the songs of our culture and making the films and television shows that we enjoy, they have been built within America by the architects of destruction to undermine everything that is good about America, and that must stop immediately, otherwise the last great place on planet earth that stands for freedom and the greatness of human achievement will be gone forever. This is why Glenn Beck is addressing his second episode of The Oval on the topic of taking personal command of American individual lives. Watch and listen carefully then pass on to a friend.

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