World War lll Already Started: Russia, China, and The Muslim Brotherhood

World War III began on September 11th 2001 with the aggressive act of Muslim extremists provoked by many forces who desire to rule the world. Similar as to how Japan followed the aggressive tendency of Germany and Italy toward world domination–to be sorted out later, it is Russia, China, and the Muslim Caliphate who is seeking to do the same in our modern age.

I think I may have been one of the few people a year ago to state clearly my thoughts that the KGB had infiltrated our school systems, our government, and our media at all levels to bring about a slow erosion of the greatness that is America—not with weapons of war, but weapons of complacency. When I made those statements back in June of 2011 in a serious editorial, and much earlier with pure speculation, my thoughts about how aggressive American enemies were in destroying our way of life seemed more appropriate for science fiction than journalistic credibility, but as I watched a recent video by The John Birch Society about the rise to power of RT TV—otherwise known as Russia Today News, my doubts about Russia and the other American aggressors have been erased.

I watched that video and chewed on its contents for over a week before sitting down to write this and I do not take it lightly, nor do I intend to provoke unnecessarily the thoughts and fears of others. But it is clear that America has enemies this time who have penetrated our borders and sacred institutions at every single level and desire to put an end to the economic threat of The United States without firing a single weapon, aside from the initial attack on 9/11. To review my thoughts on what brought about this war in the first place, click here.

Through our schools, we have been taught to reject all value. They have placed every American into a straightjacket of doubt. They’ve taken away our war games on the playground by demonizing the gun. They’ve instead provided the distraction of sex to satisfy our aggressive whims. They have taken away our God, so to replace it with their own version. The Muslims have made it clear they will tolerate no criticism of their belief system and expect the world to bow at their feet or be destroyed.

This is a real problem. Speaking with people who tend to be radical Muslims is frustrating, since they chose to be second-handlers to rationality. They have allowed someone from a distant time and place to dictate their beliefs. It’s the same frustrating argument I’ve had with radical Christians who declare that there were never dinosaurs because they aren’t in the Bible. It’s the same argument I’ve had with Mormons who swear that Joseph Smith found the golden plates that founded that religion in his back yard. Or it’s the same argument that I’ve had with Buddhists who believe literally that Siddhartha Gautama fought off three temptations under the famous bodhi tree. All these forms of religion are a form of evasion which take the responsibility of discovery away from the second-handler who wishes for their thoughts to be given to their minds, not earned through observation and reason. Religion certainly has its place in helping a person understand the mysteries of their eventual fates, but the powerful dictators of the world have always used religion to club their subjects over the head into carrying out their tyrannical desires. Religion and its beliefs have been the cause of many wars, including World War lll.

It was only in 622 A.D that the prophet Muhammad performed the Hejira traveling from Mecca to Medina marking the start of the Muslim era. Ironically this is also the start of what is known as The Dark Ages, where religion attempted to suppress any knowledge of anything that didn’t fit their world view. Much like the modern radical Christian will reject science because knowledge threatens their belief system–such as rejecting that dinosaurs walked the planet, many religious fanatics in The Dark Ages believed that by denying science they could carry on the illusion of their evasion. Religious leaders encouraged this behavior because it created classes of second-handlers who were all too happy to allow a religious leader to think for them, and instruct them how to behave.

I’ve worked with several devout Muslims over the years and watched them do their prayer toward Mecca at certain times of the day and I’d ask them why the hell they were always on the ground praying. They would tell me that they’d hope that Allah would notice their obedience and that they’d follow the example of Muhammad, and that if I wished eternal life, I’d pray with them.

They would give me the look of fear when I declared to them that I don’t give my obedience to anyone—living or dead, of the flesh or of spiritual form.

“Americans, you don’t understand,” they’d tell me. I’d then remind them that they were technically “American” and that the reason there was separation of church and state in The United States was so that people could pray on the ground if they wanted to—or not. It didn’t have any bearing on the quality of an American whether or not they are Muslim, Christian, Mormon or anything else, because religion is not what makes an American. It’s the value that a person has that makes them American. Religion is just a reflection of value—it doesn’t “provide” value.

What is typical of most dictators is that they use “religion” or an idea that can unite a belief system into a limited frame of thinking and this is what is being done with the Muslim radicals and how those extremists were pushed into running airplanes into the World Trade Center—the symbol of the American economy. It is that act which caused America to destroy our Constitutional principals in pursuit of safety and spend ourselves into debt while the enemies of The United States licked their lips in delight as a hungry wolf eyes its prey.

Russia Today began broadcasting in 2005 as a propaganda arm of Vladimir Putin resurrecting the crushed and humiliated superpower of The Soviet Union and went on an offensive against The United States under a false flag premise. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW HE HAS DONE THIS. To this very day, he is using Russia Today to infiltrate the American mind the way the KGB infiltrated our government to plant the seeds for our own destruction right under our noses, by appearing as a friend until it is too late. Analyzing Russian behavior of late, they already believe that it is too late for America.

China has worked with Russia before, so they are happy to continue their role of using their upcoming superpower status to buy up property all over the world particularly in the Caribbean, at the front door of the United States. Of course all these transactions are with smiles and handshakes, much in the way that Russia Today is catering to Ron Paul supporters to “earn” their trust, while actually planning sinister military maneuvers in the future. America can do nothing about these land purchases, because China holds such a large portion of The United States debt. Go ahead, read about it for yourself at the link below.

Americans have been trained to be second-handles, to be passive, to embrace peace, to turn the other cheek and allow our enemies to steam roll right over us. We’ve been trained by the enemy themselves, under the false flag of “peace” through the music of the Beatles, and the British Invasion, through the hippies, the racists, the feminists, the Neo Nazi’s, the religious fanatics, and the “academics,” to turn away and pass no judgment. “Judge not least ye be judged.” “Do not throw stones in glass houses.” “Turn the other cheek,” this is what we are told to do as radicals took our Ten Commandments down off the wall of our courthouses, and as Muslims showed their desire to build a Mosque on a “conquered territory,” (The World Trade Center Site) We turned away from our aggressors and turned on the television and watched Americas Got Talent. Our youth do not have the heart for war, and our enemies know it. American youth are more concerned about legalizing drugs and whether or not they can marry their same-sex lover, rather than thinking about Russia stealing away the American Constitution with subversion. Yes, many former KGB agents are sipping vodka and congratulating themselves on a job well done.

Yes dear reader—it has already happened and the enemies of America wish to cast the world into another period of The Dark Ages run under a communist flag. There is no question any longer, the intentions are right out in the open. The enemy has used the classic strategy from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War—they have prevailed over those who have already lost. America has already lost because it does not see a need to fight. The will to fight has been breed out of our young like a puppy neutered at birth, and they did it by infecting our minds with passivism. They did it by earning our trust then slitting our throats when we least expected it—metaphorically speaking. Just like those Muslim extremists watched closely by the FBI in Florida failed to act against the suspicious terrorists, because they were too passive, made that way by a radical religion who lashes out at anyone who questions their intentions. This is how airplanes were hijacked and lives were lost, and America attempted to spend money to solve the security breech when the real villain was our lack of ability to determine right from wrong in the first place. America hopes that the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA can do what we’ve all forgotten to do, and that is call a villain a villain. Americans have become evasive second-handlers because in just two generations, we allowed the enemy to destroy our minds, and our will to protect ourselves.

Manipulation of this magnitude is certainly within the realm of the KGB and even our own CIA. And the ramifications have already happened. The war has already started. Your town is already occupied. Your school, your government buildings, your White House no longer listens to the wishes of the voting public, but to those who hold their purse strings, and that money is no longer home grown in America. The new atomic bomb is not nuclear and destructive in its capacity. It’s economic and is aimed at devaluation of the dollar and crushing the standard of living for every American so that their will is broken, and that they will easily eat out of the hand of Putin, or The Muslim Brotherhood.

Yes, World War lll is already over a decade old. We just didn’t know the war started because we had our massive military ready to fight, we had our planes on the launch pad, and we had our missiles pointed where we thought the threat was. But the attack did not come from weapons, but from the destruction of the idea of what being an American is. And for that, no weapons are needed, just a corruption of our ideas, and a manipulation by the spies of the world who work on behalf of their governments—our enemies of war. Our enemies knew they could not beat us head to head in a military fight, so they used the oldest trick in the book taken from the pages of Troy—they used the Trojan Horse. But this time there isn’t just one enemy who has penetrated our ideological walls to get the enemy behind our lines, but many. And one of them is certainly Russia Today.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

6 thoughts on “World War lll Already Started: Russia, China, and The Muslim Brotherhood

  1. I don’t know what to write. Such good writing and truths, but envoke so much pain. Not one day to I escape that. Sleep is the only peace I know. Not fun.
    I don’t know what can be done. I fear we’ve passed the tipping point. On every level.
    “overwhelm the system”

    You’ve been spot as usual. Never stop. You’re desperately needed in this world completely upside down.


  2. I get told all the time in one of my circles that we are not and haven’t been for a hundred years plus. I chose to know what they know and understand the dark players that move our directions. They have been able to because we have been disconnected forever. We’re not an involbed people. Never have been. Sure there are grassroots here and there including the occupuppies, but it’s far bigger than us or them.
    So yes it will take every soul we can muster but have you spoken politics to a new person lately? I don’t expect them to know what we do but I can tell you this….we are in loads of trouble. They only know what they’re spoon fed from the msm. It’s really pathetic that they don’t have time to defend our sliver of this compund constitutional republic.
    I’m reading the tag from Uberverumi while writing..I’ll head over there next.
    We need to fear nothing, but the groups he speaks of are ALL a problem. The days of singleing a group out have long ended. We are under attack by them all and it will take ALL of us to be victorious.

    Imagine what we could achieve if everyone got a notice in the mail saying they’re children were being taken from them on Friday. That’s how hard they should be fighting now for what’s coming for those kids in the coming years will be very ugly..and for the rest of their lives.
    Freedom lost is freedom lost forever.


    1. And there is another element to all this that goes hand in hand with everything else, but it’s considered the radical fringe in thought. So I go into explicit detail on that tonight. We have to deal with the enemies we can’t see also.


  3. Is there radical fringe, conspirosy theories, anymore? So much of what we thought would never happen, has.
    I’m positive tonights post will be riviting reading if the asleeple could just open their mind even a sliver.
    Speaking of “Fringe” makes me think of 1981’s Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider..and their lyrics…

    Lunatic fringe
    I know you’re out there
    You’re in hiding
    And you hold your meetings

    I can hear you coming
    We know what you’re after
    We’re wise to you this time
    We won’t let you kill the laughter

    Lunatic fringe
    In the twilight’s last gleaming
    This is open season
    But you won’t get too far

    ‘Cause you gotta blame someone
    For your own confusion
    But I’m on guard this time
    Against your final solution

    We can hear you coming
    No you’re not going to win this time
    We can hear the footsteps
    Out along the walkway

    Lunatic fringe
    We all know you’re out there
    Can you feel the resistance?
    Can you feel the thunder?

    Interesting segway no?


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