If I Wanted America to Fail: The Evil of Progressive Attacks

A wonderful video has been created to display vividly that America is, and has been under attack for quite some time by enemies who seek the complete destruction of everything we stand for. The pain you are feeling at the gas pumps, the lack of jobs, and the declining quality of your life can be blamed on one thing—economic suicide committed against America by its enemies who occupy our public offices. They did this with trickery and double-talk, leaving us with a crisis that threatens our very lives. So watch this video carefully not just once, but several times—then pass it on to your friends and family so that they can understand the magnitude of the problems that reside right in front of our faces.

The fate of our future is in your hands—you must act or you will lose everything you possess within a generation.

If you want to know what you can do—tune in to Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom for more info as it comes available.


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Rich Hoffman


  1. *Crickets*
    Brush up on your Islam and Shariah Law. The muslim mrotherhood is in the House and systematically taking down America whilst you sleep. Learn to deal with it.
    Between that and the eoc-fascists…you’ll still be raped and your head cut off but now in the dark.

    Trust me, If a school levy were to be handed down today…the phone calls would be off the chart, and the blogs would be lit up.
    That’s all about to change drastically.
    I can’t figure out that mindset at all. If anything, I would think it would be the other way around..but then again, school levies are familiar. What is happening to us as I write this, will be a hellish culture shock that everyday Americans can’t fathom.
    I suppose it’s human defense not to see evil.
    Get right with God.

    If you don’t see many patriots..some have checked out until a local issue creeps up, but many are turning inward and preparing. I still call and email my reps and the whitehouse, but it’s a waste of time more now than it was in 2011. They think I have 3 heads as this lazy, and I mean UBER lazy, society turns the other cheek. I often ask how many have called concerned about a particular bill I’m inquiring on. You don’t wanna know the answer.That will bode well for them in the months and years to come when ignorance will no longer be bliss.

    (thank you for not burying this video in a post. you did it beautifully..as always)


    1. Hey, I hand delivered a letter to the House Speaker telling him I thought Congress should impeach the President. I never heard from him. I guess he thought it was some of that “radical” Tea Party talk from a right-wing-extremist. You can review that letter here.


      When the rule of law means nothing, this is the kind of society we get. And two years ago, everyone ignored school levies too. We had to wake them up, which has been successful. Now we have to go to the next step and show them how they are connected. This video was good on it’s own. It didn’t need a lot of comment from me. Besides I have a 4000 word piece going up tonight that will keep everyone busy for a while. : )


  2. LOL..I forgot about that. You probably made him cry.
    I Have a bunch of sites that email me direct on upcoming bills and even how my rep. voted on up the line.

    You only need enter your zip and some other info. You can find out whjat’s coming and what’s been voted. From the massive gazillions the post office wants, to the first amendment being re-written proposed by the hag herself.
    It comes as Mega Vote.
    Executive order watch, law through regulation, etc.
    There are tons of resources which are just for my use mostly now since the Gumby’s I hired to stop this tyranny not only didn’t halt it…the fuc*ers signed them! If I was establishment..I’d have my head in the sand. Or travel to that island (Guam), that tips over and would capsize when you get too many folks on one side. Remember that? LOL. That dolt was serious as a heartattack. (Hank Johnson..yes he was a representative)
    Welcome to Hell.


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