The Sirens of Doom at Lakota: Gary Cates pushes a levy attempt?

Gary Cates! What are you talking about? I find it hard to believe that Gary said what he said in the below article at Channel 5’s website. Gary for a long time has stood against the outrageous spending tendencies in public education, especially at Lakota, and in the article he actually encouraged the school board to show leadership to the community so they could pass a levy like Fairfield and Lebanon last year.


Well, here’s the news flash—Fairfield’s levy barely passed and Lebanon’s was the second attempt in 6 months, and it barely passed. Both of those districts Gary mentioned have huge populations of apartment dwellers who tend to vote for school levies because they don’t directly have to pay for the tax increases, but they do get to go to the nice schools the taxes pay for.

Lakota’s situation is not the same as those districts, so I am surprised Gary brought it up in the same line of dialogue. Lakota’s problem is self inflicted in that they have not controlled their costs. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAIL AND FOR THE GRIM REALITY. It has nothing to do with generating more revenue. Such a way of thinking is insane and such propionates of nonsense need to check directly into the nearest mental ward.

The article itself is well done by the AP and shows how Lakota is in the same boat as the rest of Ohio. Education costs are simply too expensive, and the employees of education expect too much compensation for too many employees. They need to completely rethink their business model. But throwing more money into the black hole of public education is not the answer.

Gary…….I’m sure your comments were taken out of context—surely? Don’t let the sirens of doom whisper in your ear guiding you onto the jagged rocks of destruction. Cast aside those filthy beasts and don’t let them seduce you into inaction. That’s how things became so screwed up to begin with, as those who came before you caved into the temptation to make peace with the antagonists while they made off with the loot leaving people like you holding the bill.


Keep your hands on the wheel and watch the rocks.  We are moving through dangerous waters.  Don’t listen to the sirens and their songs of death.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

7 thoughts on “The Sirens of Doom at Lakota: Gary Cates pushes a levy attempt?

  1. These school board members take these jobs thinking it will be a great career move, little do they know that they will actually have to WORK to make things happen. Most of these elected friends of friends can’t even run their own households and now want to run ours. They have no idea what a budget is or how it works, just vote YEA and it all will work out, right? All they know is, lets put a new burden on the home owners and ask for a new levy, they must have money right?
    I have to ask the question, when are we home owners going to STOP paying these ridiculous property taxes so these creer people can plunder it at their every whim. They always make the claim It’s for the children, heck they can’t even get a bus ride to school. We home ownersa are paying thousands of dollars every year to these clowns just for the privilege to live in our homes, It’s time to put a stop to all of it.


    1. Property owners are being screwed over by a system that frowns down on property ownership. It will continue until we put a stop to it. Like in the case of this situation, Gary is suggesting that if the school board earns the respect of the community, that the community will reward them with tax increases that go on forever? Does that make sence? Instead Gary should have insisted that Lakota, like other districts live with the budget they’ve been given and make the best of it. The message here is that good behavior would be rewarded with more taxes. That’s just plain stupid.


  2. The school districts and the unions refuse to understand that the homeowners cannot afford to pay more and more additional taxes. Many people are in foreclosure and many more close to losing their homes. Mantia uses the same old mantra that “the children have to be a priority.” This doesn’t explain why the educational process will change drastically if the teachers do not receive a raise. That means they are admitting to “extortional” means of the staff not performing their jobs if the taxpayers refuse to give them more money. If Mantia would have cut the most ineffective and poorest teachers (some at the top of the salary schedule) instead of the “last in first out” members of the staff; the cuts would have been minimal in numbers. Because she supports the union’s tactics – she refused to use the most common sense methods of making cuts. The union is in control. Taxpayers better wake up and realize that their children are being used by people they wouldn’t trust in any other situation.


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