The Kroger Survey: What do you think of Rich Hoffman?

Over the course of past school levy fights at Lakota I have been called, “mentally unstable,” a “wife beater,”(no basis in reality) a “psycho” and a “jackwagon” (whatever that is) – and a narcissist, among other things. These names came my way well before the release of my famous Enquirer article where I fired back at my political enemies by calling them “latte sipping prostitutes” which erupted into a glorified scandal all over Cincinnati. These names have been said about me for over two years now, and are now the source of my disapproval in funding my local school with even more taxes. When I first spoke out against the proposed levy in 2009-2010 I used moderate language that was quite respectful and found that I was called horrible names in online forums even then, which became so bad The Pulse Journal shut down their forum site. You can see some of these comments about me that took place recently on a site called Yappi where my name started coming up after the announcement of the Yes to Lakota Kids initiative. They have even went to the extent to describe me as another Timothy McVeigh which of course is the terrorist bomber who was convicted of blowing up the Oklahoma Federal Building. You can read all about it at the link below.


At that link one posting jumped out at me as being particularly sensational. Apparently a person obviously close to the author went into the Kroger store in Liberty Twp and randomly asked people what they thought of me as they entered. The results of their “highly scientific” survey are below along with most of the original posting, which can be seen with all the other comments at the Yappi link. To my experience these comments represent very well the type of people who generally support school levies. Check it out:

What I now find funny, after opening up the Cincinnati Enquirer this morning is that the “No Lakota” group has dissociated itself from Hoffmann. Here is a bit more about that piece of news.

What is Mr. Hoffmann going to do now? It’s obvious that his level of intelligence is not up to a high standard. He also really seems to be mentally unbalanced. I fully believe that, as the mouthpiece for “No Lakota”, Mr. Hoffmann has been a paid spokesperson/lobbyist for the group. With the amount of time that he put into his efforts to defeat the levy coupled with the writing of his blog, he would seem to have time for little else – at least not a real job. I hope he doesn’t show up to any job interviews wearing his “wife beater” shirt. Poor little Rich is going to have to get a real job now. No more drawing a salary as a lobbyist.

I agree that there needs to be something done to address school funding issues. The problem of school funding affects all districts in Ohio. The larger districts are particularly affected. What I’ve never been able to understand about the “No Lakota” group is why some of their energy, as well as Mr. Hoffmann’s, weren’t channeled toward lobbying to make changes at the state level. The “No Lakota” group was founded by real estate people (Mark Sennet and others) and it would seem to me that they would realize the importance of a strong school system and what type of positive impacts it has on property values. Meanwhile, those that voted against the levy based on the advice of a “psycho” spokesperson probably didn’t realize that the value of their home and property will probably take a bigger hit than the additional tax dollars that they would be paying. If these real estate people were serious about having a positive impact on the real estate values in West Chester and Liberty Townships they would be trying to implement change at the state level.

In closing, I am going to list the results of an experiment that someone did at a Kroger store in Liberty Township. I thought this was interesting and it will give you a good idea of what a lot of people think about Mr. Hoffmann. You’ve all heard of word association games. Random people entering Kroger were asked to say the first thing that came to their mind when they heard the name of “Rich Hoffmann.” Many did not know who he was and some did not care to participate. A pretty good number of people did contribute. Here are some of the responses:

– Little man
– Straw man
– Genius (this guy was incoherent and wore a “wife beater” shirt similar to what Hoffmann wears on his videos)
– He’s a dolt
– Destructive to our community
– He has Napoleon’s Complex
– A little man with a little brain
– A smart guy (this guy also looked like a productive member of society. He appeared to be drunk at 1:00 in the afternoon on a Saturday)
– I’d love to go mano-a-mano with him (I echo these sentiments – with or without the bullwhip!)
– What an idiot
– An ugly dude with an ugly agenda
– He really misogynic. I’m surprised the guy is married. I feel sorry for his wife
– Another guy wearing a “Hoffmann wife beater shirt” that didn’t comment but gave a thumbs-up
– He’s a really piece of work. The guy is a psycho
– The guy is a tool and a jackwagon

There were a lot more similar comments.

It is because of people like that, that I am now against public education, and against the levy system. The more I have learned the less I desire to support it with the taxes I already pay, let alone more. For me it started with a desire to just control costs. But as time went on and I read these kinds of comments about me I have decided to find every way possible to withdrawal any financial support from their organizations. I don’t want one dollar of my tax money to go to any employee or any supporters of a school system who writes and believes these types of things about me—who will go to a Kroger on a Saturday afternoon and attempt to smear my name.

Events like that survey did get back to me in the late days of January and early February and my response was well noted and appropriate. If it’s good for them, it’s good for me. But to call me a known terrorists and right-winged extremist is quite a stretch, which was said about me later on that particular thread. To attempt to paint me as an extremist who will bomb buildings and lash out at the Federal government with violence is precisely how the progressive party of public schools and liberal politics work when they find they can’t argue an issue because the facts are not on their side. They are the reasons for my desire to cut off funding to such organizations completely.

The acts I preach are not of violence against some entity like the government for public school, unless attacked first. Instead I seek to make tax payers aware that they hold all the cards and that they fund all this nonsense. For most people they fund their public schools not because they want to take care of tomorrow’s youth, or desire to be esteemed members of their communities. They do it so they don’t get ridiculed by political terrorism such as a person who goes to Kroger on a Saturday to ask people what they think of their political enemies.

Nobody on their side of the political aisle can explain to me why I am compelled to help them cover the cost of their child’s education. I don’t want to help financially a family who thinks that I’m a terrorist, and I certainly don’t want to help their child get an education. Why should I help anybody unless I want to? It is not my task to figure out when I wake up each morning how I am going to make people like me, and I certainly don’t jump through hoops to see that they do. I spend zero time each day thinking about what anyone else thinks of me. If people like the things I say, they tune in and read. If they don’t I won’t lose an ounce of sleep.

But I do not wish to support even with a few cents a day a person or a group of people who think so poorly of me. If they feel that way, that is their decision—their freedom of choice. But I am not compelled to give them the value of my earning in any way. I do not spend my afternoons slandering my political enemies at a Kroger store or any place else. I write my thoughts and communicate on the radio using the First Amendment to do what it’s supposed to do, and that is create dialogue to root out an idea.

To people who wish to extort through coercion and other means of pressure money from the public pockets so that they can carry on their silly government racket–my acts are as severe to them as blowing up a federal building–relative to their mentality. Because they are extremists who live off public money and they need my participation into their collectivism to have power, my desire to be removed from their looting scheme is a threat to their very existence. I do not wish to be in their collectivist society. I do not want their friendships, their approval, or their endorsements. I require absolutely nothing from them, and for that they call me a terrorist and multiple other derogatory terms. Because of my stance on living, and social participation is the greatest threat to their existence—because I do not need them–they think of me as the most sinister force they can imagine. And that makes me very proud.

It is not “popular” or “fashionable” to declare ones independence from the masses. Just because their opinion out-numbers my own does not make them right. It is possible to have 1 million or 1 billion people be completely wrong and only one person be right. A majority opinion does not mandate truth, or justice. It is simply mob rule and I’m not interested in that type of lifestyle, or teaching the modern children of America to live under those terms. America is a free country designed to protect the freedoms of individuals. Individuals will be drawn to their own friends who suit their interests and this happens naturally, without government interference. People are attracted to each other through aligned values. The advocates of public education such as the author of the above posting seek to remove value from society so that all people with empty heads will be drawn together by default in a grand scheme of equality—equally helpless, foolish, and conniving. I’m opposed to their approach—and will not support it. My lack of support does not require the action of a single other person. However, due to the shared values of many people who feel as I do–but are just not vocal about it–the school levies will continue to be defeated. I will not support more state funding so long as labor unions rule our education institutions. I will also not support a per pupil cost amount that is not driven downward with competition from schools who can educate better, and cheaper. And if the schools do manage to get a tax increase I expect to take back that looted value with declining property taxes through reassessment. These words from me to my political enemies are equivalent to the acts of Timothy McVeigh. On my end I do not seek to go out and attack any of them physically. My acts of terror are to deny them of money. If I take away their money, then what becomes of them? They revert to the colossal failures they truly are socially, parentally, and individually since they can no longer hide behind the money they’ve looted from society. That is when we can see who the bad guys really are, when they can no longer hide, and must show themselves for their true nature—which is quite disgusting. This is why I now stand against public education completely, is because these types of personalities need to be removed from any public debate before such an idea will ever be worthwhile to another generation of children. And right now they have equal value with me in the public debate only because they do it with looted money. Take that money away and those of true value can be seen for their true worth—which is greatly lacking.

This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

5 thoughts on “The Kroger Survey: What do you think of Rich Hoffman?

  1. the main thing wrong with rich is hes only one person- and there should be thousands more. I remember a old gary larson comic strip- it featured a huge herd of sheep- and just one of them rose up and declared, “wait, we dont have to be just sheep!” people need to remember when your just one voice you need to yell louder and use stronger words to be heard.


  2. When you can’t win arguments with facts, knowledge, logic, history, and understanding, then the way to win is to destroy, humiliate, insult, denegrate, and discredit your opponent. Rich has a large and strong support group. He is intelligent and knowledgeable, and all property owners owe him thanks for his part in defeating the last three levies and saving them from large increases in taxes. If the last levy increase were passed, it was only for awhile before the next levy increase would be neccesary. How much is enough? When will it stop? Rich is right; the next levy incresse will fail too. Why? Because the more the public knows about the finances of the Lakota School District and what the LEA, OEA, and NEA (school unions) are doing to its finances, the more they will oppose more taxes. More taxes are not for the children. The more you learn, the more you will realize what the money would be for, and you will be outraged. Superintendent Mantia acknowledged that it is unconstitutional for schools to be financed with property taxes. Did you know that? Do you care? Public employees are not to be protected by unions. Taxpayers don’t need more obstacles to the proper use of their taxes. Thanks to all of you who oppose Rich and his blogs and statements. You are giving him the notoriety necessary to be effective. Kick him aroung some more. He can take it.


      1. Kinda hypocritical of them to charge you with “not working for a paycheck” outta one side of their mouth while praising teachers outta the other side. If you really were just drawing a check they woulda carried you on their shoulders around that Kroger store as a liberal welfare hero case study. The union’s are proud to get obscene compensation packages for the do nothing’s of society.

        And “he’s a wife beater” what a desperate attempt to alienate you from your supporters, typical liberal drivel. It doesn’t matter if the charge is true to them, it’s the seriousness of the charge that must be investigated and focused on by the brainwashed levy supporters.


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