Becoming an Overmanwarrior: The art of being free of fear

I have noticed from many of my readers a feeling of anxiety in realizing that the potential for conflict appears to be imminent in our generation. Many Americans have found that they can live their daily lives conflict free for the most part, and that such a thought of future confrontation is upsetting. These days it’s not enough to just say that Americans should keep their guns close and should prepare for conflict against foreign and domestic enemies. CLICK HERE FOR PROPER CONTEXT. Americans need to know how to fight and what to expect, and once that is understood, the fears of a potential clash will be greatly abated. Click the link below to see an example of why there is cause for alarm.

I have thought about conflict every single day since I was 6 years old. I have never really been interested in anything but conflict, and I have studied the book by Sun Tzu called The Art of War for many years to quench my hunger for military, and political strategy. So I do not worry about being attacked, because I know what my enemies will attempt, and I know exactly what to do to counter each aggressive action. The Art of War is used all over the world today, including instruction at West Point in The United States. CLICK THE LINK BELOW. It is the book to study to get a basic understanding of the strategies that are being used against us all on a daily basis.

Understanding this book well is very important to accepting how to deal with aggressors, and how to defeat your enemies. In a confrontation, it’s often shocking to act against an aggressor so in reading a book like The Art of War it starts your mind down the road of that unfortunate inevitability. It is a book that must be known and understood even if oriental mythology and philosophy are rejected, because the chances are, your enemy has vast knowledge of the book if they are attacking you. So to make you acquainted with the book and who wrote it, I’d like you to watch this documentary below on The Art of War. Grab a snack, relax and open up your mind. You will want to take some notes.

Below is the actual reading of the text from The Art of War. It’s not a terribly large book, but I spent the 10 year period of the my 20’s to 30’s learning to understand the meaning of the text since some of the concepts require an understanding of oriental philosophy, which took me a while to get my mind around since much of it is rooted in various forms of collectivism. But the concepts of The Art of War are universal and will be used against you at some point in your life if you do not understand the forces that are working against you. As Sun Tzu says in The Art of War, not understanding the text is like fighting in the dark. So click this video and listen. There are no video images in this clip, but only the audio recording of the actual text translation. Keep those notes handy, because you’ll want to take a bunch.

None of these videos can actually replace the book. You can find The Art of War at your local book store in the philosophy section. Sometimes you can find it in the business and management sections as well.

To understand how to apply The Art of War on the individual level the work of Miyamoto Musashi’s Book of Five Rings is the book to study. I have found that Musashi’s techniques with samurai swords can also be used with bull whips and single action pistols, so it does not have to be specific for eastern philosophy. Any martial art weapon can utilize a variation of Musashi’s strategy. In this case a martial art weapon is anything that could be used in combat. And to understand what Musashi was all about, here is another documentary that is extremely important. Musashi had developed the art of becoming “invincible in battle.” He had enemies all over Japan in his day, and he never lost a to any of them. Before his death from the cave he called home which only had one entrance so his enemies could not surround him, he wrote The Book of Five Rings to teach his students is art form and is ability at invincibility if battle.

The Book of Five Rings is so important to me that I gave it to my son-in-law early in my relationship with him, and most recently I gave my youngest daughter’s fiancé a copy of that book. The teachings of Miyamoto Musashi are ESSENTIAL to every human being.

To ignore these two books, The Art of War and the Book of Five Rings does not make the world peaceful. The only way to have peace is to understand how to decimate your enemy and for them to know it. Chances are, if you are attacked by an organized force, they understand these two books, so it is only fair for you to have the same knowledge.

Those of us in the Constitutional movement for restoring America understand that we are going to be attacked for our stance by those who are forcing change we do not agree with. Violence will come to us, and guns alone will not be enough to fight them off. It does not matter that the enemy knows I am passing this information on to my readers here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom. Part of being free human beings is in knowing that fear does not dictate our thoughts. So by learning to think like Miyamoto Musashi and Sun Tzu the reader learns that they do not have to be destroyed by an attacker. The action of an aggressor does not automatically mean that the victim is helpless against another’s intentions.

Being free means not having to worry about the intentions of your enemy. The most common example of this is when someone says that if you don’t behave a certain way, or do this or do that, that someone who desires otherwise might shoot you, and kill you. My response to those people is to ask how. Just because my attacker pulls the trigger to a gun, it does not guarantee that the bullet will enter my body and end my life. Whether I “allow” such a thing to occur is what these books are all about. Learning the difference between being a victim and being invincible is the key, and once you understand living your life from a position of invincibility you will find that life opens up wonderfully, and the freedoms of being an America can be enjoyed at a whole new level.

It is possible that your attacker has also learned to become invincible and in those combat engagements, then a stalemate is reached. This is how the human race maintains peace. This is how human beings respect each other, in knowing that they have mastered the art of invincibility and attack against another is pointless.

So dear reader, listen to and watch these documentaries. Then go read the books. Because when the time comes, we are going to want to speak to each other in the language of combat. And I will want you to understand what I’m saying. There is still time, so use it to your advantage because you will need it. Pick your weapon and study it. Get to know it like you know your own arms and legs. That is how you will win and survive what is coming.

Once you understand these two books, you will be ready for the more difficult task of rebuilding your personal philosophy into something that is more suitable for the lives we are living. Click Here to begin that journey.

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