Sex at Highland High School: What makes a good teacher?

Does anybody remember the dark days of the evil teacher union empires, when they organized in the halls of our schools and demanded more money for their whole 9 months of work? They’ve been kind of quiet lately, haven’t they? They’ve been pretty mellow for about 16 months now—ironically, about the same amount of time that I’ve been doing this blog—I wonder if there is any coincidence? ( LOL)

Well, you can pat yourself on the back for part of that. Finally tax payers are learning what type of scam has been pulled over their eyes for many years now by being told so much money was demanded for the teaching of our young, because we needed “quality” teachers in our classrooms. However, by the rash of scandals happening all over Cincinnati, most recently in Highlands High School in Northern Kentucky involving teachers having massive amounts of sex with the student population, it would seem the quality of our teachers are being recruited from Hooters and The Brass Ass strip clubs instead of Americas highest institutions of learning.

Yet during the above interview one must wonder who dropped mustache man Stuart Bassman on his head. His loose use of the word “compassion” is straight out of the progressive handbook of apologist behavior. Sorry Stuart, but the compassion is all used up buddy. I don’t give a rat’s ass whose hurting emotionally inside. They can hurt on their time, but when a teacher is in the classroom, they are “owned” by the community, and do not have a right to have sex with kids, no matter what their age.

For those out there with common sense, this is just one more example of what kind of quality we can see in the modern teaching profession. Make sure to send this article to all your friends and family so that when their local school asks for more money with a tax increase, they’ll know what their hard-earned money has bought them.

Oh, sorry teachers reading this—you think I’m being a big mean man. You wonder what I think a good teacher is, what I think would be worth the extraordinary amounts of money that we pay teachers. Well, I do have a teacher in mind who if our schools were filled with them, you’d hear no complaints by me.

Meet Miss Beadle. Now this is a teacher.

Instead, what we get are nymphomaniacs who can’t even wait to get home before having sex with young male students. Not my idea of a quality education.

Be sure to pass this on to someone who needs to learn what they are paying for in education.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior


  1. You say they work nine months a year. Today I was shocked to learn that Cincinnati teachers are given 15 sick days and three personal days per school year, with the option of receiving another day for good attendance. Teachers may retire with copious amounts of unused leave time and are allowed to cash it in at their final and highest rate of pay.

    Such bonuses cost the district $4.6 million after the 2008-09 school year. Unbelieveable to me, was that the district pays the 10% share the teachers are supposed to pay along with the 14% share that the district’s must pay into their retirement fund. So CPS teachers pay exactly zero into their own retirement funds. This was negotiated into their contracts and the school board refuses to even ask to reopen the contracts during the so-called negotiation period. They simply go back to the taxpayers asking for more money over and over.

    You can expect to hear about another scandal in a local district real soon. I was shocked to hear in the report that the newsteam received 239 pages of the teachers personnel file. No one must be reviewing the teachers around here. Teachers with 15 years only have 20 or so pages in their files. Of course that is all we receive when we request a file. Who knows what the real numbers could be?


    1. Didn’t you like how the reporters tried to explain what a good teacher she was with all those pages of good reports, and then had the “professional” explain how we all need to be more “compassionate!” She needs our help, these teachers who want to have sex students in their classes—-what a joke.


      1. “Compassion” has always been their excuse for doing anything they want. A teacher once told me that she had no time to help the best kids because she HAD to spend her time with those with less ability. So teachers bore the intelligent hard working kids to distraction while spending all of the class time working with the disruptive. This is called “compassion.”

        Many years ago the NEA decided that teachers are not allowed to discipline. My dad used to kid my mother about “massaging their little egos.” The theory started about that time that everyone was brilliant and a success. No one was to feel the least bit below a “C.” In fact my mom used to give a good grade to a kid “if they seemed to be trying.” She hated to tell anyone that they were doing failing work.
        I always thought they might shape up if she would read them the riot act and call in their parents. Compassion was at work where some discipline might have helped the kids in the long run.

        Most of the principals refuse to back up the teachers when any of them do try. One teacher told me she had a couple that “did everything but the act” in class and she could do nothing about it. If she complained to the principal, his reaction was similar to the clip from “Little House on the Prairie.” You can’t do the job, we’ll find someone else. So, many good teachers do not try becausee they receive little or no backup.


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