Altruism is Evil: Thinking of college? Read “The Fountainhead” first.

Altruism is evil and the education round table that you can see below involving President Obama and his Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is pure socialism, even though such discussions are taking place in every university and public school in the country at every minute of every day. In a recent article that I read about the skyrocketing costs of education and the hopelessness that many young people are now feeling toward college, the article listed one of the non-financial benefits of a typical college graduate as being one who more typically contributes to charitable organizations and volunteer in their communities. The implication of the article was that college graduates are more “socially” conscious and therefore of better service to the human race, thus dictating the need for “higher education.” So Obama and Duncan can be seen in this clip attempting to convince students of the worthiness of going into massive debt to get degrees to jobs that don’t exist, because Obama’s economic sharing the wealth to countries like Brazil and back room deals with most of Europe have decimated the American economy, leaving many college graduates with degrees in business management, and liberal arts to leave college $20,000 to $50,000 in debt and no way to pay it off.

I say this round table discussion is socialism because each member of this little group is deciding how best they are to serve “society” as their first priority. Notice Obama says to the young man, “We need more engineers.” But what Obama does not understand is that the economy needs jobs that will hire engineers, and he implies “WE” as a collective whole, like we are all on the same team—Team America, so the kid choosing engineering is more beneficial to the “team” rather than the “individual” inclination. Another girl at the table says she wants to pursue a degree in entrepreneurial start-ups, but what she doesn’t know is that sounds good in a discussion, but there simply aren’t any colleges who can teach a person to “start something.” If the teacher knew how to make a lot of money with a business start-up, they wouldn’t be teaching—instead they’d make their fortunes in the business world and be one of those evil corporate types who buy boats and have condos in Florida—and watch football games in the box seats. Instead, most of the professors in college are simply socialists, they do not understand capitalism, they do not understand business, and they do not understand life beyond their altruistic fantasies, and they are openly jealous of what they don’t understand—which is a lot. Because of their actual lack of worth, but perceived value by politicians like Obama and Duncan, professors are artificially propped up in their social value, because in education competition is eliminated completely in favor of social engineering, which is why I say that the above conversation is pure socialism, and the kids are participating in it without knowing what it is, or why they are doing it.

Obama in his discussion writes a blank check to education, and you can hear him say it. When he attempts to tell the students why they must be willing to shoulder the cost of college education, he speaks of the costs as if inflation just happened out of thin air and was not caused by the employees of education themselves, and their commitment to socialism as the funding mechanism. Many college professors make over six figure incomes and this is the soul contributor to the extreme rise in costs of college, and nothing else.

Anyone who has been to college in the last 20 years knows that it’s a scam, the classes are too expensive, the books are way over priced, and colleges stretch out over 4 years of study what they should be doing in just 2 years of focused scholastics. These days, the inflation of education is caused by too many students entering a system with too few jobs meaning students must now get a master’s degree to stand out on a resume instead of just a bachelors. Now a student who wants that extra edge is going to school for 6 years instead of 4, which of course means more money for the universities.

The fear that Duncan and the President have is that the bubble is bursting and young people are beginning to realize they don’t need a college education to work at restaurant as a server, because those are the only jobs available at the moment, and young people do not want to enter their adult lives with an average debt of $27,713 which happens to be the Ohio average. Obama only knows that if he tells these kids to stay with college, that he can offer them some bureaucratic job in government sitting in a cubical all day pushing around paper from one end of their desk to the other. Obama knows absolutely nothing about actual job creation, or any of the merits of capitalism, because he subscribes to socialism, (progressivism.)

All schools are socialist institutions. That is why most of the employees in them are open socialists in practice, and they despise capitalism. It is in capitalism that jobs are created 100% of the time. Government jobs are not wealth producers, they are wealth “consumers” since they rely on a tax base to sustain themselves, and this is the crux of the paradox. And each time educators and politicians are confronted with this paradox they resort to altruism, which is why I said it was evil.

Altruism by definition is the belief that acting for the benefit of others is right and good and it simply is not true. That is collectivism and is the mark of socialism which will rot out the core of your country like rust eating away the frame of a car. Educators and politicians avoid the hard facts of reality, such as seen in the above video and then point out that without college graduates that the underprivileged, the meek, the weak of society will be left behind to rot. It is these types of idiots who have caused our society to install wheel chair ramps at every curb, special access to elevators in hotel swimming pools, and taken up all the best parking places at commercial businesses with empty handicapped spots. At a recent trip to an amusement park, I noticed on a crowded day an almost 22 acre empty portion of the parking lot that was unfilled waiting for all the handicapped people to arrive from thin air as the masses of healthy people parked long distances from the entrance for no good reason other to fulfill the altruistic fantasies of parasitic politicians.

My solution to the handicapped issue is to fix the handicaps through science or sheer will power like the most recent player of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (CLICK HERE TO SEE) But I will tell you a secret that everyone knows, but they do not acknowledge even to themselves, that these altruists that public education and colleges hold in such high regard—the philanthropist billionaires, the community volunteer who is the socialite of every function helping the “poor” and the “under privileged” are sheer looters. They seek to use the disadvantages of others to redeem the sins of their own lives, and this behavior is fed in our education system all across this country and advocated by socialist politicians like Obama and Duncan. These users of other people’s misery pat themselves on the back for passing new laws which allow for more handicapped access to buildings, and impose ridiculous costs on business owners, then preach out of the other side of their mouths that they create jobs, when in fact they destroy them. Altruists are destroyers of goodness, and self-reliance, and this makes them evil. They sell themselves as champions of the weak, but they are actually consumers of the human soul by imprisoning the disabled as hostages for spiritual redemption. If all the illnesses of the world were suddenly removed, these altruists would be frightened beyond their capacity to function, because there would be nobody to hide behind.

Because of our American education system, 99% of the people reading this will say that I am wrong, mean-spirited, and too hard-core to be realistic. And I say to them that they are wrong in their beliefs, and that if they subscribe to the altruism taught to them in college, and their public education system, they are simple leeches in a society that is struggling to stay afloat so long as the 1% continue to get up each morning and find a way to keep the 99% employed and paying taxes, so Obama and his band of looters can continue to create “government jobs.”

If I were sitting around that table I’d tell the engineering student to get a job and find a good engineer and mentor with that guy for about 10 years. A college professor can’t teach you much of anything after your first two years of college. And I’d tell the girl who wants to learn entrepreneurial development to quit school tomorrow and jump into her first idea. After all the richest and most powerful entrepreneurs in American history mostly dropped out of college or never went in the first place. CLICK HERE to see the very long list. The inflation of education is self-inflicted by the American approach of adopting socialism as the primary mechanism to educate our youth, and it will fail our society 100% of the time and will continue to be a drain our productivity so long as millions upon millions of students, teachers and politicians fail to recognize the error of their ways, and the ungainly evil of altruism.

If you are a student going to school, or are a student thinking of going to school, I suggest before you plop down $50K for an education just because people told you that you should—you should read one simple book; buy The Fountainhead published in 1943, and spend a few weeks reading it before you spend any more money on education. There is simply not a better book to answer the questions of this educational dilemma in the United States.


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