Public Educators are “Co-Parents”: Teachers and administrators who built Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

How do you know that your public school is a socialist institution and should be starved out of existence as a threat to the American way of life? Just listen below to the clip from a man who was strip searched because his daughter drew a picture of him shooting bad guys and monsters at school—which is actually a normal thing for a small child to do in idolizing a hero they might have in their life. Listen carefully to the superintendent of the school when he says the school is a “co-parent” to the children who attend public education.

If that does not piss you off then you need to check your pulse. I have personally seen this happen to people in public schools from Ohio to Florida where a nosy teacher pry’s into the life of children in their classrooms and decides to take it upon themselves to invoke a holy crusade against the parents if they deem there is abuse going on in the family. This is a frequent abuse in the tendency of socialism to disguise itself socially as altruism in public schools, and has successfully destroyed the authority of parents over their children preparing the minds of millions of hapless children to become processed meat in the worst possible rendition of Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

“Co-parent,” that’s what the superintendent of the school mentioned in the interview above actually stated. And to be angry with that one guy is pointless, because this is the attitude of many in education today, that we are all co-parents to each other’s kids and that we are all living in Hillary Clinton’s “it takes a village” mentality. It’s these same types of government worker altruists who recently attempted to eliminate from Massachusetts public schools bake sales that featured “junk food” because such food was deemed “improper” by Michelle Obama and her crusade against obesity using public education as her personal platform of tyranny–notice in this next clip, the radio guy loves that the schools are stepping in to override the desires of the parents by banning the bake sales. That’s because he is a functioning socialist trained to believe public education should trump parental influence.

There were so many angry parents over this Massachusetts proposal that the legislature reluctantly backed off. But the intent was clear. Public education believes they are co-parents with the actual parents, and this has undermined the leadership role in the family. In America we have socially been quite a bit behind the socialist tendencies of the rest of the world, such as in the Canadian example described in the Glenn Beck clip of the accosted parent. In Canada, as in most of Europe, this idea of co-parenting has already infected large sectors of their population, and parents just go along with sharing their custody with the co-parents of education.

Beck mentioned the book by Charles Murry which describes one of the most devastating modern trends our society is dealing with is divorce in the modern family. Many parents these days are single parents or on their second marriage and have already yielded some of their parental control over to a new spouse, or a spouse they have abandoned, so sharing parenting responsibilities with the public school is not as big of a deal to them as it used to be, because in some ways the parents are already defeated. Public schools filled with socialism advocates have taken advantage of the weakened state of parents and the roles they have traditionally given to their children, and exploited those parents with cheers from the progressive advocates of society. On the backs of this massive devastation of family structure has been the gay rights debate, and trend to support gay marriage. The current wish of progressive minded socialists are that a man and a man can raise a healthy child, or a woman and a woman, by eliminating the role of one gender or the other, and replacing them with public education.

The altruists of our modern age, the closet socialists of education wish that the strong hand of a father was not needed in a child’s life, and they find it reprehensible that a young student would worship the strength of her “daddy” in pictures reassuring the child of her safety in a dangerous world by idolizing her father. So they stick their nose into the life of “daddy” to demonstrate to the child that there is no superior in the student’s life but the authority of the school. The school even controls the police—that is the message! This child will then grow up to look not at themselves to show similar strength for their own children, but to the parent of government to care for their every need in the face of danger. Progressives have openly sought to destroy the role of the masculine man in the life of a child and the life of a grown woman to advocate the same end game, dependence on government.

Too many colleges have produced too many attorneys who need to promote too many divorces to survive, and this has destroyed the American family, which is a direct result of a country that has adopted socialism into its culture.

America because of mush minded politicians have followed countries like Canada and Europe in their public socialism policies so America now is not known as the country of innovation and independence, but of stagnation and social dependence, and it is public schools that are to blame. Public schools following the lead of superintendents like the one above who believes that schools are a “co-parent” to the children instead of just employees hired by the public, are completely off-their-rocker wrong! It is in the yearning for altruism that these sins are committed, in the desire to be redeemed for the worthless state of existence that public educators live every day where they know very little, take virtually no risk in living upon themselves, and seek the whole world as their safety blanket because they lack the courage to live their lives on their terms. Instead, they advocate socialism and seek to destroy the families of children with the selfish desire to provide for themselves a social safety net built on altruism disguising sinister forms of socialism. If you vote for a school levy, you are not just stupid– you are voting for evil and the destruction of the American Family along with the perpetuation of global socialism.

This is what democracy looks like–cool if you think socialism is hip, and these days, kids do. That is the result of two decades of socialism taught in public eduction. They know how to dance, party, and have sex, but they can’t vote or have a thought for themselves, which has always been the mission of progressive public education.


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