Hiding the Crimes of the Obama Administration: D.O.J. sues Sheriff Joe with machine politics

The young people in the video below who think that they are worldly women of eternal knowledge speak through the piercings on their lips and tattoos on their arms as the authority of progressive youth, bred in the age of public education socialism. They see absolutely nothing wrong with the William Holder’s Justice Department as it converges down hard against Sheriff Joe Arpaio with a law suit because the popular Arizona Sheriff refused to be monitored like a child for the accusations of racial profiling involving illegal immigration. Without question in bars and nightclubs all across the nation youth from 20 to 30 are speaking just like these too unfortunate girls who have no idea that they are cheerleaders for socialism and striking out against a bastion of wisdom, and freedom in the gallant Sheriff Joe.

I would wager vast sums of money that in any jail, or police department all across this country, there are abuses similar to what the Justice Department is calling out against Sheriff Arpaio. I am not a fan of excessive police powers; in fact, I am very much against it. But this law suit is not about justice for the victims in the jails, the women who requested clean sheets, the derogatory names called to the illegal immigrants who are flooding Arizona with impossible waves of crime and violence associated with immigration and the drug trade. No the Justice Department is filing suit against Joe Arpaio for one simple—unequivocal reason—revenge, and sustaining cover-ups.

The Justice Department and its illegal methods of obtaining justice are very well-known by those mature enough to see it, which the progressive youth of today have been robed of in their public educations. In fact as this law suit by the DOJ is aimed at Arpaio, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa is renewing his effort to drum up bipartisan support for a contempt of Congress resolution against Attorney General Eric Holder, despite little enthusiasm from GOP leaders who’d rather wallow like pigs in the mud of their illustrious, uncourageous design.

According to Roll Call, the California Republican is still angry over Holder’s failure to turn over documents related to the committee’s investigation of the federal “Fast and Furious” gun-tracking program. Obviously, Holder is dragging his feet to avoid the legal trouble that will happen when the documents for Fast and Furious are known to the public. For review, Fast and Furious is not the popular movie, but in the Fast and Furious Federal case in front of congress, ATF agents secretly encouraged gun dealers to sell to suspected traffickers for Mexican drug cartels to go after a so-called “big fish.” But ATF whistleblowers told CBS News and Congress it was a dangerous practice called “gunwalking,” and it put thousands of weapons on the street. Many were used in violent crimes in Mexico. Two were found at the murder scene of a U.S. Border Patrol agent which caused the death. The tampering of the DOJ in the criminal workings of Mexican drug cartels had backfired, and somebody must be held accountable.

Read more on Newsmax.com: Issa Still Wants Contempt Citation for Holder




The DOJ has shown clearly what they were after in that case, which was to create border violence so the Obama Administration would gain the ability to push for more restrictions on The Second Amendment. They did this knowing the risk of causing harm against Americans, yet they did it anyway in order to achieve tougher gun laws—one of the progressive party’s most cherished social aims–the disarmament of America. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW WHY GUNS ARE NEEDED TO PRESERVE FREEDOM.

The DOJ is so involved in using illegal immigration on the border to push for more progressive policies eroding the US Constitution desired by the Obama Administration that they go after any organization that opposes them. They are so aggressive to this aim that they actually sued the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer for attempting to crack down on illegal immigration back in 2010, back when the girls in that video were probably looking for a prom date in high school—a whole two years ago, which everyone in the media has already forgotten—because the have the intellectual capacity of a nat. In that case the Justice Department accused Arizona of trying to “second guess” the federal government. Ironically it is Sheriff Joe Arpaio who is carrying out the desires of Governor Brewer who are both public officials elected by the people of Arizona to protect the state, and they are using the 10th Amendment to exercise their Constitutional Rights. But the Obama Administration does not respect Constitutional Rights, and is openly looking to rewrite them as a “living” document determined by their globalist wisdom, which people like me, and Sheriff Arpaio view as domestic terrorism.

But the worst of it all is that none of the new age youth with their body piercings, broken families, and wisdom as deep as a bowl of water understand that it was Sheriff Joe Arpaio who just a few months ago proved that Barack Hussain Obama presented a forged birth certificate as proof of his American citizenship. You see dear reader; this situation with the DOJ is not just a case of investigating racism, or prejudice charges against a hard-line Sheriff in Arizona. If one wished, the same charges could be made against Eric Holder himself who is currently in contempt of Congress for crimes of his own. It’s only been two weeks removed that the President’s own Secrete Service agents fought with a prostitute in Columbia for refusing to pay for services rendered, so there is plenty of bad behavior on all sides of the government payroll, so the discrimination in Arizona is not about rights for Latinos, it’s about mob rule, it’s about intimidation—it’s a war between the federal government and the state government of Arizona, and Sheriff Arpaio is the targeted general of the Obama Administration.

Young people like the girls in the first video do not know that they are being used as instruments of war as they casually intoxicate themselves on the weekends and pierce their bodies with signs of “independence” while their political philosophies have been shaped by big government types like President Obama in public education to advance a complicated socialist agenda. The young people without thought or sense, but armed with the right to vote, are used by the enemies of America to protest against those who are truly right, and are defending the last remnants of the American Constitution like Sheriff Arpaio.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, all these strategies by the enemies of America such as Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and the sad little progressive youth like the girls just a few years out of high school who are so highly regarded in progressive politics because of their sheer naïveté–these enemies cannot rely on facts to advance their cause. They cannot rely on the rule of law, because the law is against them. All they have are name calling and law suits, which they use like the mob in twisting the arm of the good of this country to yield to the evil of progressivism. Holder and his boss Obama know they are law breakers themselves, but they control the law from the top office, and they need to keep the good work of Sheriff Arpaio out of their affairs, so they can continue to commit sheer evil upon the American people.

I have been called every name one can imagine by progressive advocates and have seen every tactic being played against Sheriff Arpaio time and time again. The evidence that Arpaio is on the correct path in his quest for justice can be seen by just how angry the DOJ and Obama Administration are toward him. Cockroaches like all parasitic creatures desire to be kept in the dark so they can commit their crimes. This is what Obama and his minions wish to do, is to squash Americans like Sheriff Arpaio who are shining the light of justice in their direction. And it is the youth and progressive politicians that are used to apply emotional arguments declaring fairness for the oppressed, and to bend the rules of The Constitution to get it.

Sheriff Arpaio is being crucified for one reason, to hide the crimes of President Obama and his band of thugs in an election year. Those who cannot see it but still chant for justice against Sheriff Arpaio are simply facilitators of evil, to which such a word is considered radically extreme. Yet the crimes of this administration and the apologists who support it are truly evil and will stoop to no low too great to advocate it, even if their co-conspirators are cockroaches running from the light when a clear conscious of justice shines it upon them.  CLICK HERE FOR PROOF!


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Rich Hoffman

One thought on “Hiding the Crimes of the Obama Administration: D.O.J. sues Sheriff Joe with machine politics

  1. How oxy-moronic to call the office Holder holds as the “justice department.”

    I’m glad you did a post on this topic. Fast and Furious should be kept in the forefront until the incompetent stooges are ran out of town on a rail. We fund our own demise and we arm them.
    The only thing Arpiao is guilty of is being a real man and having the stones to call out injustice and high crimes.
    I pray he doesn’t get a dart and end up like Brietbart. Watching tax cheat Geitner spew his crap today about how well the economy is doing just reaffirms how pathetic a predicament we are in. Deep dodo.
    I always tell the naysayers…just think if all these idiots were republicans. There would have been public lynchings from the get go.

    He’ll see this and I’ll stand with him seven days a week and twice on Sunday.
    God speed Joe!


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