Lakota East Teacher Charged in Prom Ticket Theft: Report from FOX News

I published my story Saturday about the Lakota East teacher who stole the prom ticket money after the Cincinnati Enquirer decided to run it and Darryl Parks covered it on 700 WLW that morning.  You can read that  story by CLICKING HERE.  But I’d like to congratulate the Lakota administration and their fine staff of tax addicted advocates for making Fox News, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Post.  Bravo………very good.  You did a lot of my campaign work for me.  Now the entire nation knows what kind of employees Lakota spends the hard-earned tax payer’s money on.  Check the links below to see for yourself:

I wonder who tipped off the AP Wire to get that story out?  Can’t imagine how that happened………………..Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  I wonder if any of the school board members will put this story on their Facebook pages?

If you want the latest and greatest of this story, Channel 9 has some great coverage of the details.  You can view that here:

More to come!


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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

2 thoughts on “Lakota East Teacher Charged in Prom Ticket Theft: Report from FOX News

  1. wow–poor clermont county………good old Keithie Boy let this (amongst so many other things!!) happen right under his nose…yet he is promoted to assistant superintendent in charge of HR!!! At a raise too….
    our loss is their gain:):)


    1. Dumping their garbage, but they just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Every time they turn around some teacher is doing something else. I think Lakota needs to hire a public relations staff for each teacher just to keep them all clean.


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