Emperor Obama Mason Office Opens: Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom COVERS THE TERROR!

Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom had a reporter on hand at the opening of the Obama headquarters in Mason, Ohio. The patrons to this event can be seen in the pictures below. As expected, the bleeding heart former hippies, the welfare recipients, the progressive socialists, the meek, the socially awkward, the school teachers, and the union types showed up to pledge their allegiance to Emperor Obama as his most recent artistic portrait drew a resemblance to Chairman Mao in Tiananmen Square, only with more primary colors.

The event was intended as a meet and greet, to partake in some casual refreshments as talk of petition drives and giving rise to another term for his majesty permeated the otherwise stuffy room. The great hope of these patrons is that socialism will continue to thrive under four more years of dictatorship, congressional subversion, impeachable offenses, unconstitutional executive orders, Supreme Court arm twisting, more White House orgies with big labor, more wrecked economic conditions, further advances of a mixed economy, more bowing to the leaders of the world, more advocating global riots, more bail outs of companies over committed to employee pensions, more jobs created with government positions, more socialist education in public schools, bail outs of college loans so to continue communist teachings in universities, more commitments to the greenie weenies, the rich globalists, the U.N. dominators, the freedom infringers, the radical domestic terrorists of the Weather Underground, the socialist preachers, the gay advocates, the down-trodden feminists, the sidewalk derelict, the PETA nudist, the KGB spy network, the Kenyan hut dweller, the Muslim Brotherhood and many, many others clamoring together to undo all that is good in this world with a commitment to destroy capitalism with the tyranny of socialism.

Behind the pleasant talk of the evening were the sinister plans of the modern progressive. “Yes, we’ll make the suburbanites of West Chester and Mason, Ohio look the supporters of Obama in the face. They moved out of the inner cities into the suburbs to flee from the social reforms of government and the high taxes that come with them, but we’ll send Obama supporters door to door in the world of suburbia and make them lock up their doors and hide—and on election day they’ll stay home, because they’ll know we know who they are.” This is the intention of those who opened this office in Mason; this is the strategy, just a few miles down the road from Speaker Boehner’s office. The move is literal, purposeful; its Chicago style mob politics. The Obama administration knows he doesn’t have the votes in Southern Ohio, particularly Butler and Warren County, so the next step is to weaken the will of those voters to stay home with a demoralizing presence, and an audacious move to bring communism to the streets of Mason by another method besides the public school system.

It is disheartening to see a handful of people seduced by Emperor Obama and his legions of minions preaching doom for those who loved capitalism. To have only two would be a catastrophe for America, but as can be seen in these pictures, there was a roomful willing to walk door to door in favor of Emperor Obama.

The evening wrapped with promises of commitment over the summer into the fall to help their socialist leader regain four more years of office. Their reasons for supporting Obama mirror those of a recent interview given on the streets of New York. Watch this video to listen to the typical Obama voter and why they wish to see the dictator remain in The White House.

It is that world these Obama office party goers wish to strengthen, not weaken, and the fight in this election is truly a fight for the soul of America. The threats to American existence are not coming however from those New York bums, but from the men and women snacking in Obama’s new office in Mason, Ohio. Those are the Benedict Arnolds of our day, and the quiet advocates of social tyranny attempting to squash forever the message of freedom that built our nation. It is in those eyes, of those people that the threats to America come from most, because it is the naive socialist, who doesn’t even know what or why they do things that is not only a danger to themselves, but to all around them.

The battle lines are drawn, and complacency will not be acceptable this time. Sorry progressives if this vitriolic rhetoric is too much for you, if the implication of consequences are terrifying. We relied on the law to protect us from tyranny, and we’ve watched for four years now that mob violence, intimidation, and constitutional manipulation is the strategy of these power-hungry government expanders. The thuggish behavior has been done with smiles on their faces masking their sinister intentions. But it’s not going over well, and the victims of this tyranny have an obligation to strike back once struck, pleading for peace while intending to stick a knife in our backs is not an acceptable policy of politicking.

What happens next will define our country and all our lives for the next century. And with those stakes tension is inevitable. I certainly hope the snacks were tasty. Our Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom reporter thought so. Enjoy it while it lasts, and you’re not the only ones who have infiltrators on the opposite side. Watch out who’s next to you in your union, school board, and Obama’s progressive meetings. They may very well be there on behalf of Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom feeding me all the dirty tricks you wish to sweep under the carpet.

It works both ways, and I learned it by watching the other side for many years.

To see just how much of a joke Emperor Obama is check out this fine little gem of his long list of manipulative endeavors shown at the link below.  Every President and their list of accomplishments listed are essentially wrong, and Obama is comparing himself to each one.  It’s really a hoot and worth the laugh.  Check it out!  A pathetic attempt to justify himself that is a typical looter strategy that only fools believe.  And in Obama’s case 50% of the nation are fools or radical parasites listed and shown above.


 And now, here is the official notice of these activities as sent to me from the Obama camp:

Friend —

Mitt Romney has all but locked up the Republican nomination, and he’s already campaigning hard. So it’s time to gear up.

Together, we’ve been building a strong grassroots organization, but this is the moment to take the next step — especially here in Ohio, where the outcome could decide the election — starting with a canvass in West Chester this weekend. We’ll be knocking on doors, talking with folks about what’s at stake in this election, and building the support it’s going to take to win in November.

November 6th will be here before we know it — so I hope you’ll step up now.

Can you make it? Here are the details:
What: Go door to door in West Chester

Where: 9363 Centre Pointe Dr
West Chester, OH 45069

When: Saturday, May 19th
Shifts start at 11:00 am


Folks like you have done amazing work here in West Chester and across the country. Volunteers have had more than 1 million conversations with voters — on the phone and face-to-face — about protecting the progress we’ve made together.

We’ve spent more than a year building the largest grassroots organization in history. And we’ve done it from east to west, neighborhood by neighborhood, person by person. We’ve got field offices all across Ohio and a presence on the ground in all 50 states.

Mitt Romney runs a different kind of campaign. While we’ve been steadily growing at the grassroots level, he’s been pouring money into negative ads. As Romney turns his attention to the general election, he and his allies are going to take over the airwaves in key states like ours to try to tear down the President and his record.

We have the edge in the ground game. That’s why it’s so important we build our grassroots strength here in Ohio right now.

So if you’ve been waiting to get involved, this is the perfect time to join fellow supporters in West Chester — and if you’re an old hand, you already know why it’s important to pitch in now.

Come join the canvassing event in West Chester on Saturday:


See you out there,


Jenn Brown
Ohio Field Director
Organizing for America


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