Coffins in Atlanta: Alex Jones discovers the end game of a massive government extermination plan

Many people these days will say that Alex Jones is out of his mind and is a radical conspiracy theorist. Unfortunately, many of the people who say those things have decided in their own lives to choose the lethargic path of complacency and blind trust in what government tells them. They find it inconvenient to believe that politicians like John Edwards was openly lying to many around him for many years over his mistress, and Obama is currently lying about his birth certificate. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW.

It’s not to say that Obama wasn’t born in the United States, but he’s hiding something, because his birth certificate that he offered the public is a fake—without question. So we know that politicians will lie and mislead even those closest to them, so why do the masses of society chose to believe that such personalities would be truthful, even when you stare into their eyes. Bill Clinton lied to the entire nation on every single network on prime time television, he lied to a federal prosecutor, and then he twisted the truth every which way but loose once he got caught in the mountain of lies that were stacking up in the 90’s. CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.

Politicians will tell the American public to their faces that the NDAA Act was done for their safety, yet there is evidence that some factions of our own government are preparing for a mass extermination of American citizens right now. Below Alex Jones has visited the site where massive amounts of generic coffins have been placed in a field near the Atlanta airport. Listen to Alex’s report carefully, because he addresses many of the questions you might have as a natural skeptic.

A logical person upon hearing this will ask, “but why would our government want to kill it’s citizens? And why would they be preparing for thousands upon thousands of deaths by stock piling these coffins all over the United States?” Well, that would be a good question. But like most people reading this we were taught in public school to follow our assignments and not to question things too much. We were taught to stand quietly in line and do what we’re told, so it should come as little surprise that millions upon millions of Americans chose not to see coffins being stationed for some future catastrophe near a major metropolitan area.

The question everyone should ask is that “what proof is there that we SHOULD trust what government officials tell us about NDAA and the FEMA coffins shown in Alex’s investigation.”  The track record of honesty is not good between government and the people they serve, so by nature of logic, there is very little we should trust—and we should demand to know why our tax money is spent on such things, instead of just looking the other way because the reality of such a sight is unbearably grotesque. I personally do not find it hard to believe that members of our government would use FEMA to exterminate massive amounts of Americans with a deadly virus, or even under martial law using the NDAA to justify the violence. I say this because I also know that there are many well-known philanthropists who have their fingers in politics and believe that the world is over populated and needs to be reduced to protect the planet from evil human beings.

To me, those types of comments are far more extreme than Alex Jones walking around a field in Georgia wondering why there are so many containers made by a coffin company sitting around with no place to go. The evidence adds up to something sinister that can only be indulged in by speculation.

That brings us back to our original question, why would politicians in government be willing to kill Americans? Corrupt politics are one thing, but to commit mass murder is another? If history is known, as I know it, mass murder of political dissidents by tyrannical government is not new. You can see how many countries and how many deaths have occurred in just the 20th century that are documented at the Wikipedia link below. God only knows how many there have been under governments that hid a majority of the deaths from official counts.  Members of the Obama administration have shown that they openly endorse the governments of Stalin and of Mao Zedong which is extremely alarming considering it was Mao who during the land reform and counterrevolutionary campaign in communist China envisaged that one tenth of the peasants would have to be destroyed to facilitate agrarian reform.  That meant the death of 50 million people.  In the Soviet Union under Stalin that number was 20 million.  Those are the results of communism which many thousands of current college students, labor leaders, and university professors are begging for now.  And to put those numbers in perspective, consider that there are just over 11 million people in the entire state of Ohio.  There are members of the intellectual elite in America right now, within the circle of associates that surround the President willingly who also believe as Stalin and Mao have, and are willing to destroy American lives to facilitate their version of social reform, because their focus is not on the individual lives of American citizens, but on the “collective body” of America as a whole, where sacrifice is acceptable as “collateral damage.”

What all the mass deaths have in common in the world is communism as the fundamental political intention. While American citizens will laugh at the idea that their lives could ever be infected with such concerns they do not see the phantom threat that is right in front of their faces—communism is alive and well in the United States and it is thriving in our public schools and our government, and it is a significant threat to the capitalism that built the America we all consider to be unsinkable.

At this site I have covered many statistics which indicate that the United States economy has been deliberately sabotaged by communist sympathizers working in our government. This is not a far-fetched notion, as President Obama is in love with communism. His policies are publicly sold as socialism disguised under the term “progressive” but he governs like a communist reminiscent of Lenin paving the way for a future Stalin. Knowing how these extreme progressives think, I do not find it far-fetched to believe they wish to repeat history in America by subterfuging capitalism with communism. Such insurrections always mean death to those who don’t accept communism so by looking at history and studying the policies of our current government, it is not at all a reach to understand what Alex Jones is trying to bring to public awareness. Such thoughts are not convenient, but they are a reality.

Still, many Americas will still refuse the evidence. They will still want to trust that such a massive insurrection will be stopped by the checks and balances system in our government. But that would be a serious folly. Many of our politicians have committed so many crimes that they lack any moral will to do anything about this communist build-up. The most trustworthy politician I have ever met in my life is Rob Portman, the current leading man for the vice presidency, and the eyes of the man I sat with in a WLW studio debate 20 years ago bright-eyed and forward-looking are not the same eyes I see today, beaten down and withered by machine politics. So many of these good men become lost in the maze of chaos that is Washington politics designed exclusively to enrich the politicians who have designed it, that those wealthy looters are prepared to abandon America in a whim and flee to a Switzerland and plead their allegiance to the United Nations to escape the wrath of the American people once it’s realized that the game is over. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

The protection is gone America. You have communists who are ready to wipe capitalism off the face of the earth functioning in our highest offices. You have politicians who have stolen so much money from the public treasury that they will abandon their American loyalty to avoid prison sentences in a moment. And we have highly motivated enemies all over the world licking their chops to see America fall from grace so they can rise to power in the void left behind. Make no mistake about it dear reader. There are sinister people right now planning your death. They have the ability to lie to your face because they do not believe in your God, so they can look into the camera and lie. Placing their hands on a Bible means nothing when the content of the symbol lacks meaning to them so sincerity even under such oath is negligible. And these people do hate Americans. In their minds, destroying capitalism is the same as eradicating a devil in the eyes of a devil. The battle ground is truly formed along a line of ideology, and adopting their way will not save your life. They will still try to kill you even if you decide to play nicely. The “they” in this case are all the radicals of the world who wish to see capitalism wiped from the earth. They hate capitalism to such an extent that they will do anything to remove it from their eyes, so the guilt of their own ineptitude doesn’t drown them in sorrow.

There will come a day when the meaning of those coffins will become known, and on that day, you better know what you’re willing to do to preserve your life. If you choose today to eradicate socialism and its roots of communism from your life, you stand a chance of not having to deal with those coffins. But if you let the enemy any closer, there will come a day when every one of those coffins and more are filled with the bodies of your friends and neighbors, and you will wish you had more courage when it really counted and cared less about what Kobe Bryant did in last nights basketball game.


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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior


  1. I hate Shaw. He’s up there with Soros.
    I detest Mao.
    Stalin was the host for bealzebub.
    Brad Pitt is just a tool and a dumbass.

    I could read and watch the videos in this post and come up with totally different perspectives each time. The one constant is here is the corelation of history and present. You nailed it.

    “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light”
    ~George Washington

    We can’t get anymore there without losing everything. Can’t say we weren’t warned. Most people will only grasp for liberty when it is hanging by a thread.


    1. Most people will think that this is all over-the-top, that it couldn’t possibly happen to them. That we are crazy for pointing it out.

      But, they’d be wrong. And short-sighted.


  2. Time is a nemisis now as the cycles are moving so fast…if you aren’t at least somewhat aware, you must be drowning in a sea of “what the hell?”
    I take everything in. Some grains of salt are bigger than others, but who the hell do I think I am to poo poo any of it away?
    People are so vein these days. They think they know everything. I read the extreme lefty sites all the time. It would be insane for me to just head down this road of conservatism without the daily reminders of why I feel the way I do. I believe many have fought for so long that they have tunnel vision to anything that refutes their way of thinking. I understand it..but how shallow. You fuel your beliefs with the understanding of those that feel opposite. It’s the engine that drives passion..for me. If you always put the shoe on the other foot…in almost every instance, your character and convictions will no doubt supersede anything you expect.


    1. I just hope people watch these videos. I don’t get a lot of comments here because many people don’t know what to think or say about these kinds of things. They read stuff like this and they know deep down inside that there is a truth to it, but they are fighting with 10,000 years of sacrificial collectivism in one form or another that make them doubt their instincts.

      I am just now finishing The Fountainhead, so that kind of thing is on my mind right now. I will have a lot to say about that book.


    2. I don’t think I know everything…just the opposite. I feel like I don’t know anything. It seems that no matter how much time or effort one puts into acquiring knowledge, the more there is to learn and the harder it is to find accurate information.

      Rich is right on though- no matter how “conspiratorial” you are, if you don’t recognize that *something* big is going on right before our eyes…something designed to take our very life or liberty from us…you are either willingly blind or ignorant.


  3. Just finishing? Is this your first read of the Fountain head? I saw your post a couple of days back and I sense a time of reeling.


    1. I remember her saying she had read Fountainhead but not Atlas Shrugged. If I knew what that book was about I would have read it immediately. I really thought it would be less than Atlas, and I didn’t want the let down. Ironically, I have the opposite reaction. It just may be better than Atlas, at least for me. I’ll have to let is soak for a while.


      1. I think they’re equally brilliant. If you march to the beat of a different drummer- your own drummer- and are self-confident, the “followers” of the world look at you with a mixture of fear, uncertainty, and deep down, envy. Fountainhead illustrates this better than any literature I have ever read. I can identify more personally with Roark than I can Galt. The first chapter alone is pure gold.

        Rand is brilliant on so many levels.


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