Sycamore Fire Fighters Want Lawsuit Against Tax Payers: The meaning behind the IAFF

The Sycamore Twp Fire Department is threatening to sue the people of Sycamore due to the elimination of 14 full-time firefighter positions and 70 part-time positions. The International Association of Fire Fighters Local 3907 threatened suit against the township aimed at the trustees—who in fact are the representatives of the tax payers for violation of the union contract.

This is an old game and these public sector unions were warned that if Issue 2 was repealed in last years election that this would be the result. There were going to be layoffs of public employees, and trustees and school boards needed to have the option to eliminate jobs that allowed them to balance their budget instead of reducing their work force from the bottom up by seniority. This is the exact same problem that we have in our school systems, where employee costs and job security is the primary concern of the unions. In the case of the firefighters of Sycamore, they want to see the trustees go to the public with another tax levy, which is how many of these fire fighting positions have ended up paying over $60K per year exceeding what’s reasonable. The union contracts pushed off on administrations represented by the tax payers do not account for changing economic conditions, and in the case of Sycamore and many other townships, home values have plummeted, incomes have dwindled, and state money has been cut. The looter unions of the public sector expect their contracts to be honored by someone, they don’t care who, so they can continue to breeze through life playing video games between emergencies and having plenty of disposable income to live by. In this case the friendly neighborhood labor unions of IAFF are threatening with coercion action that would force yet another tax increase against the community or they will take the money from the community with a law suit, but they fully intend to get their money one way or the other. This reminds me of a line I read from The Fountainhead recently, where the villain of that fantastic novel stated, “We’ve fixed the coin, heads—collectivism, tails collectivism. Fight the doctrine which slaughters the individual with a doctrine that slaughters the individual.” What that means is that no matter which decision is made, individuals will be crushed by the will of collective salvation. This is the motive behind the labor movement—one which the average worker has no idea they are participating in, yet they are there, part of that double sided coin to invoke pressure against a community for the aims of international communism, and it’s all done with American flags flying from the back of the fire trucks and the illusion of patriotism.

This may come as a shock to many, but the IAFF 3907 has a very recent past. It was founded on January 5th, 1999. Prior to this move by fire departments to move into the international union backed by the AFL-CIO fire houses were backed by volunteers from the community. These days they still maintain that illusion, but since the 9/11 tragedy firefighters have been placed on a pedestal as heroes because of the valiant acts of those involved in the terror attacks of the World Trade Center. Promoted to the level of the military careers of soldiers, firefighters were given a free pass socially to do as they pleased, and for an entire decade during the Bush years, fire, police, and education levies were passed without public refusal driving up the labor costs of those employees to a level unprecedented in American history. Nobody questioned the union push by the progressive oriented AFL-CIO during this period because of “No Child Left Behind” as no politician wanted to be called anti-education, and certainly no politician wanted to go against the heroes of 9/11, the firefighters and police. So the two sides of the two sided coin of collectivism was played against the American people to arrive at a time where the tax payers can no longer afford the mentioned public employees, because those employees simply expect too much financial compensation.

This is all by design. The roots of every labor union, as are the roots of the ACLU, many newspapers, and most large organizations that have sprung up in the United States during the last 100 years of progressive influence, are openly rooted in communism. Not the kind of communism that became the USSR, or Red China, but the kind that started those countries on their current path. The influences of communism were also spreading in America due to the books by Karl Marx from the period just prior to the Civil War. Keynesian economics from England rooted in European socialism took political hold in the United States which greatly advanced communist thought in a capitalist society. It took some time to take hold, but by the turn of the last century, it was spreading. The way you can see its influence is by the term, “workers rights,” which is taken directly from the work of Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Many of the firefighters in the IAFF 3907 in Sycamore won’t understand this history—they’ll say they are not communists, they are—–capitalists? But they have forgotten, or do not understand the meaning, and thus serve the evil of communism without knowing it.

By virtually every chart viewed, public employees since they were granted collective bargaining rights in 1983 to today have increased their tax burdens on society dramatically. From the time of these public union formations of firehouses like the IAFF 3907 in 1999 to now, a very steady increase in the cost of public employees has taken place, particularly during the Bush years because of the conditions mentioned above. Communists disguised as political progressives layed in wait until a major crises before unleashing the full force of their social intentions—which is the complete socialization of education, police and fire departments so to fulfill the aims of communism as small encroachments over time gradually replacing American capitalism with world-wide socialism, which is the doorway to complete communism.

The reason people do not see communism for what it is, is because they have been breed to not understand how history connects. Collectivism is a seductive tune for the masses to sing, because many people lack personal courage, and the strength to stand on their own. Public education has encouraged this trend making it so the sensational are trivialized, and the mediocre are promoted. The only place for “heroes” in public education is in sports, because team sports are a form of collectivism. Notice that when people think of the NFL they assume that Super Bowls have always been around, but in fact the very first Super Bowl was January 15th 1967. At first glance I would say that football is the game of capitalism, but the team concept as it’s taught in public school is pure socialism. It’s the double sided coin of collectivism again, individuals are propped up to satisfy people’s needs for individuality, but entire schools and their students, parents, and staff are pulled into a form of collectivism, to gain their acceptance of the deeper concepts of collective salvation. Ever notice at a football game how often fans say “WE.”

Of course much of this talk is too sophisticated by a population that has been deliberately reduced intellectually to conceive of these thoughts, so they will simply rationalize their social positions by calling people like me “old-fashioned” and an extreme right-winged radical. But consider this, if Walt Disney was alive today and he and I were talking, he would agree with virtually everything I’m saying right now. It is not people like me who are wrong, it is those who have allowed their perception of reality to be swept so far to the political left that even the political right is left of center compared to the foundation of America. I use Disney as an example, because even to this day, his company is considered a mainstream company, his amusement parks are still the top destination in the world for people who want to get away from their daily lives. What do you think people are trying to get away from? Disney World is as close to pure capitalism as there is on earth right now and look at it. Costco, the store, is a very close second. My ideal society would be the world of the Epcot Center, in Florida. There communism is a distant thought and freedom of thought is encouraged.

But we’re not talking about amusement parks; we’re talking about the difference between communism and capitalism and the slow erosion that has been injected upon our culture and how people forget their history and have changed over time because they have been individually destroyed by the two-sided coin of communism. My position is to reject the coin flip all together. I reject both options presented to me by the communist infiltration of public employees and their mentality. I don’t want their service, and I don’t wish to pay for them under any circumstances. I could personally do better or organize a better system without the union “professional.” I reject the union end game of gradual communism and social supervisors. They can keep their double-sided coin of which they always win. The best way to win is simply not to even flip the coin.

This is where Sycamore Twp, Ohio finds itself. Doesn’t anybody question why an international labor union is heading up a local fire department? What does “international” have to do with Sycamore? The answer is nothing unless the taxpayers decide to flip the coin, and once they have, they find themselves trapped with a greedy labor union demanding payment. The communists who formed the union knew that by draining the wealth and value of the private property of American citizens that their love for possession would gradually erode away, opening their minds to communism. And that’s what the IAFF in Sycamore is offering to the tax payers, “pay us—or pay us, but staffing levels cannot be cut.” It’s the same argument of our public schools, pay us, or pay us. “Refuse, and we’ll take away your buses, we’ll take away your sports which will cost a $1000 dollars instead of just a $100 if you had paid the tax increase in the first place.”

Communism is the root of this mentality and you can tell who they are by those who say, “Worker rights.” Those are the dirty rotten communists of our day, the parasites who offer a coin flip of which they win either way—if they can trick you into playing their game—which most do. My advice to the people of Sycamore is to not allow the coin flip, to not allow themselves to be pulled into an emotional argument that allows fear to drive the logic of the tax payer. The way to get rid of an international union from your neighborhoods is to cut off the head of the beast and let it die of starvation. And if you have a fire, or emergency, take care of it yourself or with a volunteer group that you form yourself in your neighborhoods. Save your money for your own use, and never commit to higher taxes, because they will never stop asking, until you are simply broke and overcommitted. Playing the coin toss game with communists will always lead to a failure because the communist will cheat to make their point every time, and their overall strategy is to end your way of life using your friends and family to carry out the attack.


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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior


  1. yeah- most people envision firefighters running into blazing buildings to save children- but the real story is most time its washing the truck, relaxing in the firehouse watching x rated movies; lifting weights, playing basketball behind the firehouse. and dont tell me im full of bs because I know of all this firsthand.


    1. I won’t tell you it’s BS. Before a lot of these knew I did this blog they used to brag about how easy their work day was. Some of the young ones still do tell people who report it back to me. They will tell you they are there to save your life that they run into a fire when we run away. But I didn’t ask for it. They pushed it upon me with their union and I want nothing to do with them. And I’ve never ran away from danger, not one time in my life. So they won’t be saving me.


    1. Most of them did. They had the support of the rhino Republicans who were really in the business of drumming up law work for their firms, or for their wives. They were in politics to make money, and gain power. They left Kasich in the garden and kissed him on the cheek to rot. Today, Kasich stands before us with his nuts cut off and stuffed in his mouth by these big labor types. They have done it to him to show their power, and it was some of Kasichs friends who did it. Yet Kasich put it before us with a bold house and senate, and the tax payers showed that they lacked strength to see through the scare tactics to the truth, because they were afraid of the truth. They were afraid of the double-sided coin because they knew they would lose. Yet all they had to do was vote to keep the law, and they didn’t even have the courage to vote. They stayed home and let others vote, and those others were the labor backers, the communist dreamers, the compassionate weaklings who get stuck on their own roof tops. Now there are lay offs and law suits……the situation the lawyers wanted all along. An opportunity to make money on other peoples misery.


      1. As I’ve told Rich before, on the day of the SB5/Issue 2 vote I was working in Butler County, much of the day in Lakota. As I drove by school after school, I saw the same thing time and again: firefighters outside the schools, wearing their fire gear, handing out candy to the kids and literature opposing Issue 2 to the parents. I wonder how many of these firefighters were “on the clock” full-time employees.


        1. We pay them to manipulate us, because they have all that “free time” in the firehouse to think of the methods. I haven’t talked about it here before but I was involed in a “political” problem with a local county commissioner whose now in jail from about 10 years ago. This person saw me as being in their way, so they put a lot of pressure on me by various means. When that didn’t work, the fire department followed my wife all over town, at the grocery store, the mall, just about everywhere she went. The message was open harrassment, to get to me through her. It was the fire department who chose to suck up to a local politician to remove my vocal opposition to what was happening. And I had to put a stop to it. I don’t see the fire department as “protectors” even though they do good things around the community. I see them as arms of political influence, which we saw on election day. They have the time and political backing to carry out the kinds of acts that the mob might hire out in a “hit man” but their hits are political, not literal. That feeling comes from first hand experience.


  2. That’s what people need to understand…you said it very well above: “What does “international” have to do with Sycamore?” Your neighbor who is a firefighter might be great guy, a good father and husband and dedicated to his job, but when your fire department aligns itself with an international union it’s a whole different ballgame. Once you let collectivism in the door communities are torn apart. The big labor unions are extremely good at turning neighbor against neighbor with the union being the only winner in the end. You’re no longer talking to “your neighbor”, you’re talking to “a member of Local 1139”. Unions are very good at getting you to subordinate your personality and skills to the group. They make people feel insecure about their own talent and ability to make it own their own, and replace it with “The Union got you your high wages and benefits. You need us. You’re nothing without us”.

    Just try to work harder than the guy next to you and prove or better yourself. You will be threatened by other union members and stewards to “Not work so hard and make the other guy look bad”.

    It’s worse than the Borg on Star Trek. “Resistance is futile. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.” is pretty much the same as “Sign this union card. From now on, no matter how hard you work, you will be paid the same as the slacker next to you. No more and no less. Every three years we will bargain for higher wages for you with your company. We’re sorry, this is the best offer we could get… a 1% raise with your health care copay going up 30%. Don’t even think about leaving the Union. You can’t do better than this on your own.” You don’t realize that the “hard bargaining” Union and company agreed to the paltry 1% raise (wink wink, nod nod, kickbacks exchanged) because they know you’re not leaving the union, you’re going to vote “yes” on the contract because you need that job and striking is not an option with your family situation in this economy. The union takes your membership for granted..all they want is your union dues to skim some off the top and give the rest to the Democrat party.


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