Building a Real Millennium Falcon: At a cost of nearly $15 million dollars

I will admit this one time that during the entire car chase of my upcoming book Tail of the Dragon that I thought of the scene above from The Empire Strikes Back. Although my chase takes place in a car, it is my love of that space ship called The Millennium Falcon which pushed me along to create what I hope to be remembered as the greatest car chase in car chase history. I have been absolutely in love with The Millennium Falcon since I was 9 years old and I don’t think there has been a day in my life where I haven’t thought about it at least once. Because of the article I did yesterday about building a real life U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek and other circumstances of the last couple of days my interest has been renewed for an idea that I have had for many years about building an actual life-sized Millennium Falcon.

My thoughts on these matters are always present, but stronger now that the Star Wars yearly celebration is happening right now at Hollywood Studios in Florida. For a long time I have had in my mind that if I could come up with $15 million dollars extra that I didn’t need, I would build that ship, and for a purpose–to take it every year to the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando and allow it to be toured by the thousands of Star Wars fans who attend every year. My intentions have been to build it as a complete full-scale prop to contain large eye bolts concealed under the armor in the top attached to the frame and to helicopter it from my home to Florida each year.

But that is not my only intention. Years ago I started a company called Cliffhanger Research and Development which was intended to rediscover many of the technologies that we have forgotten from the past. I am of the belief that at some point human beings understood the technology of anti-gravity, and that’s how Baalbek in modern-day Lebanon east of the Litani River was built. No modern scientist in their right mind can rationalize that the tremendous stone foundations of that temple were built by rolling those gigantic stones across logs of timber. It’s simply ludicrous. They might attempt to explain Stone Hinge this way, and even the Great Pyramid in Egypt, but Baalbek would have been impossible. Baalbek is to me evidence that there was a technology on earth that allowed for levitation of rock, which is why many temples and pyramids were built to such extremes, because they could. I believe this technology is hidden right in front of our face and is simply waiting for us to rediscover it. And I started Cliffhanger Research and Development to uncover that kind of technology.

But I found myself in court more than making money and discovered that politics of the current time prohibited such commitment to innovation. It would take a tremendous amount of start-up capital just to pay off the politicians and bureaucrats at the FFA, and other regulatory agencies to get the project off the ground let alone to actually discover it. So I put the idea on hold till some later date when I could return to it more financially viable, and politically able to deal with such a project. Currently one of my old business partners is using the name of Cliffhanger to start a ranch in Southern Virginia. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE. My hatred over government interference has its roots in my personal experiences. And my recent completion of Ayn Rand’s great novel The Fountainhead had me thinking about this all over again prompting me to actually put my thoughts into words. So this little exercise is more for me than for my readers here. It helps to see it on paper so the visualization process can take the next step.

When I obtain the funds I intend to build my own full-scale version of The Millennium Falcon and it will serve as my permanent office as I restart Cliffhanger Research and Development. It will be a moveable office that I can set up and transport anywhere I wish. But there will be a dual purpose. I intend to hire three out-of-the box scientists who are super Star Wars and Star Trek geeks and have a great understanding of quantum mechanics to use the engine room of my Millennium Falcon as their research facility to discover the secrets of anti-gravity levitation making The Millennium Falcon the test vehicle of rediscovered technology. I believe the actual craft shape of The Millennium Falcon is of sufficient size to generate tremendous electromagnetic fields capable of reversing the effects of earth’s gravity, which I believe contains the secret by reversing the polarity of gravity in controllable increments.

This thought matured during a treasured evening with my family on Saturday night and really ignited in me this desire to build a full-scale version of The Millennium Falcon. I raised my daughters on science and dinosaurs more specifically and we all had a wonderful time looking at the full-sized dinosaurs of Kings Island’s Dinosaurs Alive exhibit. I was actually shocked a couple of times during our tour of the exhibit which is the best that I’ve ever seen. For a long time I was very enchanted by the Jurassic Park exhibit at Universal Studios but this set-up at Kings Island just stunned me. One specific dinosaur called Ruyangosaurus was so massive that I couldn’t believe it was real. The Ruyang Yellow River Dinosaur was 72 feet long, 12 feet wide and 40 feet high, and it moved and made noises. Its chest cavity expanded in and out like it was breathing. I stood there for over 15 minutes admiring this wonderful work of art as my family moved on down the path leaving me there to think. A little boy stood next to me aged 7. He had on khaki pants and a little hat that made him look like a scientist. He held a small notebook where he pretended to write down details. He and I had an intelligent conversation about dinosaurs and how he was going to make them some day like in Jurassic Park. As we spoke a group of teenagers 14 to 16 came by and mocked the noises the animal made. I felt sorry for the 7-year-old, because I realized that his school would probably beat out of him this natural curiosity for dinosaurs and make him into those teenagers, where the mysteries of life are taken from them and replaced with biological impulses of primitive sexual ritual. But then my hope came back alive as a young woman aged 22 stood next to me and the boy with tears streaming down her face. “It’s so beautiful.” She was a paleontologist major at the University of Cincinnati waiting to go on a dig to the badlands in South Dakota. My oldest daughter motioned for me to come up the hill, “Dad, you’re going to love this!” I left the two science hopefuls behind and went to see what she was talking about and behold, there was a Tyrannosaurs Rex in full-scale, and abundant glory. I have words to write for every occasion and every circumstance, but I cannot find them to convey my love of that T-Rex dinosaur at the Kings Island exhibit. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

As we walked around the park after that exhibit my mind was racing. I thought of the little boy, the young paleontologist and the feeling my family had over just seeing some mechanical dinosaurs set up in the woods. It helped to see those full-scale dinosaurs and I realized that such an experience for those particular young people would probably advance science just a little bit. When I was a kid, nothing like those animatronics dinosaurs existed, not at the level of sophistication shown at that exhibit. It was worth every bit of $5 a ticket. My family was back there on the trails for over 2 hours, and I could have stayed all day reading everything and just looking at the dinosaurs move.

My family knows when I get that far off look that my mind is active and I don’t remember saying two words for the rest of the night. I’m sure I did, but my mind was on the full-sized Millennium Falcon of my dreams and the renewed idea of giving 3 geniuses the work place inside their dream vehicle the commission to make it come to life—to make it fly. Not to make it fly with nuclear power, or fossil fuels, or aerodynamics requiring thrust and drag to create lift. But to make it fly repealing the earth’s gravity instead of being prisoner to it, by making it fly smoothly through the air using earth’s magnetic field to do so. To have The Millennium Falcon fly from anyplace in the United States and land at Hollywood Studios and the yearly Star Wars Celebration without the aid of a helicopter.

It helps to have a visual reference to frame the mind to a difficult concept. The dinosaur exhibit at Kings Island can certainly do that for scientists who want to see the results of what all that time spent in the dirt have yielded. But for Star Wars fans who are striving to make into reality the thoughts that those films have given their imaginations, there is a strong yearning to make it real, because the mind has thought it, and now the hands want to build it. I think having a full-scale Millennium Falcon would capture the imagination of thousands who are on the edge of great scientific discoveries in a world that laughs at them and mocks their passion, like those teenage boys making fun of the Ruyangosaurus. The world is made up of such second-handlers, but the girl with tears on her face, and the young boy with the notebook and passion to discover the next great thing, I want to hire, and free their minds to change the world. I promise to do it as soon as I can come up with $15 million that I don’t need. Because I think we’re close, and all it will take is the love of an object well-known to be seen, to be touched, to be beheld in every way possible to unleash the unimaginable that will carry mankind to the next great discovery.

Everything starts with an idea, and the passion to make that idea into a reality.


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