S.E. Cupp versus Larry Flynt: The real story behind Hustler Magazine

If a professional athlete wears an Under Armor muscle shirt in the world of progressive politics they are considered heroes. If I wear the same exact shirt during my whip video titled A Whip Trick to Save America I am called a “wife beater” because the shirt is offensive and reminiscent of the strong types of men who are against feminism and therefore an enemy to the progressive feminists. The term “wife beater” and “woman hater,” are thrown in my direction because I stand in the way of the feminist agenda. When it became known to me that progressive advocates were at my local grocery store surveying people, “what do you think of Rich Hoffman,” in an attempt to harm my reputation I responded by calling them “latté sipping prostitutes.” They responded by pushing the buttons of every media source in the city of Cincinnati to their cause in an attempt to derail me by turning all the women of West Chester against me in one collective blob of bloc voting, in a campaign to paint me as a “woman hater.”

It was the first time I’ve seen the scam of the so-called “war on women” up close, where progressive politicians like President Obama and school board superintendents like Lakota’s Karen Mantia use women as a bloc voting group playing on their emotions to advance private progressive policies. Unlike most conservative commentators, I do not fear the “wrath of the women” as my counterparts do, because I have admitted to myself that the entire movement is a scam, and deserves an eye for an eye. I’m tired of seeing conservatives apologize for being right and being ridiculed as insensitive or called other derogatory names to force them out of the public light leaving the progressive blob unopposed on the battlefield of ideas.

Once again, and quite audaciously the progressive mob has struck again, most notably against the GBTV commentator and conservative author S.E. Cupp. Cupp is a very talented young lady who is extremely strong in her political ideas and personal beliefs. If all women thought as she did, The United States of America would be so much better off as a society. She reminds me of the types of female characters that were popularized by the great novels of Ayn Rand who is another enemy of the feminist movement. Ayn Rand was a strong female author whose philosophy offers a real fix to American ideology. If the feminist movement was truly about strengthening the power of women in the world, women like Ayn Rand and S.E. Cupp would be placed on a pedestal and not attacked as profusely as they are. That is because feminism is not about strengthening women; it’s about weakening them and making them collectively dependent on government services therefore carrying out the desires for socialism in progressive politics.

Cupp was attacked most recently by one of Obama’s biggest supporters Hustler publisher Larry Flynt in a recent fantasy edition where they took images of S.E. Cupp and PhotoShopped in a sexual act to plant in the mind of their readers a deflowered, diminished woman fallen from grace. This isn’t the first time Flynt has done this. He often offers rewards to mistresses of conservative politicians to accomplish the same effect, so Flynt’s role in politics is as an attack dog for the movement. You will not see feminist groups protesting Flynt over the attack on Cupp, because they are on Flynt’s team, even though the most ardent progressives of our day think the attack against Cupp went too far.

I waited to cover this story because I wanted to see if Obama would offer any comment as he did for the woman called a prostitute by Rush Limbaugh. It was that incident that gave the progressive women who push excessive school levies in my community the idea to come after me. They figured it worked against Rush Limbaugh so it would work against Rich Hoffman. Nobody ever asks why these progressive goof balls can’t argue any facts. They can only call people names because their ideas are fundamentally flawed and emotionally based. In Cupp’s case, she’s young, strong, attractive, smart and is virtually unstoppable in a one on one debate. She doesn’t have the easy flaws to attack as progressives did against Sarah Palin when they went against her accent on Saturday Night Live with a vigor. Bill Maher painted Palin as a street walking parasite and just about every publication went after every aspect of her family attacking her children with a fury. The vicious nature of these attacks was covered by Ayn Rand in her novel The Fountainhead. Rand spelled it out in great detail what the progressives were up to in that book written way back in 1943. Cupp is simply the most recent target, and the intention is to frighten her into hiding in the masses, to strip her down and beat her into submission. All these attacks are aspects of mob rule against the mind of the individual and the hypocrisy is more evident when the attacks are against other women by so-called women supporters than when the attacks come at me, or someone like Rush Limbaugh.

S.E. Cupp is a danger to progressive politics because she can punch holes in their ridiculous collectivists’ arguments; she is young and can fill the minds of that demographic group in ways that terrify progressives, because they want empty minds that they can fill with their pornography, just as they don’t won’t women strong and independent, but pregnant and on welfare—dependent on “daddy” government. Progressives don’t want S.E. Cupp, or Ayn Rand–strong women who actually think for themselves and can stand on their own against the world. The progressive’s biggest fear is that these women from the past and present will undo the fear they are attempting to unleash upon the world, a sickness of collectivism driven by the insecurities of the masses.

Progressives like Larry Flynt, and Barack Obama wish to see personalities broken down and crying in a gutter, that is why people like Cupp are made to suffer, to destroy their confidence so they will admit they need the collective body of society. They would place higher in their minds the sluts of Hustler who will undress for money and allow their sanctity tarnished forever because the women yield their honor as deflowered beings who will never challenge the established order, because they sold themselves short. When a personality like S.E. Cupp does not take off her cloths for some scandalous photo shoot, or gets caught drunk and passed out behind a college fraternity house gang rapped by a bunch of drunken fools tarnishing forever a young women, or taking off her top on spring break cheapening herself to thousands of gawking eyes, there is not much one can do to tear down such a person emotionally. The progressive seeks stories of weakness, and doing such things are signs of human weakness, which the progressive seeks out like a plant strives for sunlight. The progressive needs corruption and foolishness to grow and survive. In the case of Larry Flynt, if he can’t get it legitimately, he’ll make it up, as he did with S.E. Cupp. President Obama will not come to the defense of S.E. Cupp as he did the target of Rush Limbaugh’s comments because the standard is assuredly a double one.

The same people who call me a “wife beater” because of a muscle shirt I wore, or Rush Limbaugh as a “woman hater” because of his comments attempt to paint Sarah Palin as “unsophisticated” and Ayn Rand as a “right winged-radical.” These same minds would rather tear down a fantastic young mind like S.E. Cupp into a diminished porn queen because only then can they relate to a woman so virtuous. Now my critics know why I called them “latté sipping prostitutes” because they are all too willing to sell their souls away to public schools to disguise their horrible parenting skills, or their value of money is non-existent because they do not value themselves. True, I could have been gentler with my wording than I was, but I didn’t want to, because I choose not to turn the other cheek from this treacherous behavior. As Hustler explained in their article of Cupp and the pornographic images they created of her:

“S.E. Cupp is a lovely young lady who read too much Ayn Rand in high school and ended up going the dark side. Cupp, an author and media commentator, who often shows up on Fox News programs, is undeniably cute. But her hotness is diminished when she espouses dumb ideas like defunding Planned Parenthood. Perhaps the method pictured here is Ms. Cupp’s suggestion for avoiding an unwanted pregnancy.”

S.E. Cupp is the kind of young woman I raised my daughters to be, self-reliant, strong, and vastly independent. These are the kind of women who should be held up in society as the goals of all women. But Hustler feels it must defame them in a way to lower the bar for the masses so the collective does not feel bad about themselves and the terrible decisions they’ve made in their lives. So far, Cupp has made excellent decisions and she deserves the merit of those decisions. She does not deserve the implication of collective salvation attempted against her sanctity. But the intention of all involved is clear, Hustler, a pornographic magazine headed by a so-called champion of the 1st Amendment Larry Flynt highlighted in the movie The People vs. Larry Flynt starring Lebanon, Ohio’s own Woody Harrelson is on a political torpedo mission against the American way of life.

Larry Flynt himself started right here in Cincinnati, Ohio where he ran a dirty go-go club downtown. To get more customers to come to his club, he published a newsletter that became Hustler Magazine. His magazine took off when he published pictures of Jackie Kennedy in the nude—the former first lady of The United States. Larry Flynt lost his smut peddling case in Cincinnati and narrowly escaped jail time but became a national celebrity in the process. Many years later in Monroe, Ohio right down the road from Woody Harrelson’s boyhood home, Larry opened a Hustler of Hollywood store to rub his “free speech” in the face of the same type of conservatives who attempted to jail him so many years ago. He has made his living tearing down others and is the ultimate political looter. He exploits the weak nature of his audience by peddling sex on the cheapest scale making it easy for all to indulge in their most explicit fantasies. Hustler of Hollywood, which is right down the road from my house is busy at all hours of the day all days of the week, and is filled with pro-government school levy supporters and social degenerates. The average political knowledge of the typical customer is approximately equivalent to a gold-fish. It is these customers who will enjoy the images of S.E. Cupp with erotic joy even though the images are completely made up and falsified by the owner of Hustler Magazine who seeks to smear goodness under the banner of free speech granted to him by his victory with the Supreme Court. The merit of S.E. Cupp’s Hustler picture is the same of progressive politics in general—it’s a complete fantasy of the mind and has nothing to do with reality.

In that fashion, Flynt has become a hero to the progressive community who use his strategies to this very day to eradicate goodness from the face of the planet. And when a person dares to stick their head above the collective masses, they use Larry Flynt’s court battles and naked women as the battle cry to deflower the entire human race so everyone in society is just as disgusting as they are—so the image they see in the mirror does not make the progressive feel guilty in comparison.

S.E. Cupp deserves an apology from President Obama, from Larry Flynt, from every porn lover who reads the Hustler Magazine and visits his Hollywood Hustler store—my friends and neighbors. It was the kind of evil being seen now that people like Sherriff Simon Leis tried to fight back in the 70’s because they could see what was happening even if everyone else chose to turn a blind eye. Progressives like Flynt and Harrelson who came from broken deranged families and were jealous of those who were morally intact and valued themselves went to war against everything that is good in the world.

Cupp will never get an apology because the intention was to destroy her. Progressives do not want to look at her, they don’t want to hear her, and they just want her to go away. They are so vitriolic about their hatred of goodness that they will do anything to remove it from their eyes. But lucky for all of us, S.E. Cupp is not afraid; in fact it looks like she is feeding off it. Because of this episode of Hustler Magazine against S.E. Cupp it is likely that we are seeing the modern version of Howard Roark about to crush all his enemies with his simple will and goodness that occurred in the Ayn Rand classic The Fountainhead. Because the playbook of the progressive is open for all of us to see and it’s full of hypocrites. Not a one of them in progressive politics be it your local teacher, superintendent, politician, actor, porn peddler, president, union leader, or feminist, want individuals like S.E. Cupp to be all they can be. They don’t want freedom for all women at all. They want enslavement and the evidence is in the silence from Obama and his legions of goons, his backers at Hustler Magazine, the latté sipping prostitutes, his “educrats” who are teaching children to have sex in the fourth grade so they are future customers of Larry Flynt’s store and on their third marriages before they are aged 30. Progressives want the complete destruction of individualism and goodness in the world, and they will attempt to destroy anyone to have it, even if it’s a nice, young, attractive lady like S.E. Cupp who is wholesome and full of virtue.

As for Larry Flynt I was watching the below footage and I can’t tell the difference between him and Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars.

To me they look just the same.


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Rich Hoffman

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