Arne Duncan Promises Money in Cincinnati: Another scandal at Lakota pushed under the rug

As Lakota Local Schools attempted to put out the fire of more inappropriate contact between a substitute teacher at Lakota West and a female student, “educrats” from all over The United States gathered in downtown Cincinnati to discuss how to improve education. In Southwestern Ohio a quiet battle has been raging that many didn’t even know had started. Those on the battlefield knew very well what was at stake. Public schools have been underperforming for years leaving children empty shells of propaganda going into their adulthoods and the teachers led by their labor unions have charged too much to do it. Tax payers have began to say no to tax increases on their properties that are losing value faster than nighttime temperatures in Antarctica. Suddenly the entire public education system is being exposed as an industry of looters, a simple service oriented government bureaucracy as useless as an attendant at the license bureau.

Over the last two years there have been many groups that have pushed back against the high cost of these service jobs in education, and have properly pointed out the broken nature of the funding structure which acts like a parasite on property owners. It is disgraceful for tax payers to learn that the teachers and administrators they are employing in their districts are making on average over $60K a year, and getting terrible results among the student population. Then it has been learned that the teachers are having sex with the students in great abundance, the service of the public employees to the public has not been good—it certainly hasn’t been worth $60K per year. In the Cincinnati region the news has been national with the largest and wealthiest districts like Lakota having serious troubles with scandals that have very much damaged the credibility of public education as an institution.

So it came as no surprise that the 2012 Labor Management Conference in downtown Cincinnati focused on transforming the teacher profession with over 600 people from 40 states attending consisting of school superintendents, board presidents, and union representatives to “collectively” unite the teaching profession. Even Arne Duncan the U.S. Education Secretary under Emperor Obama came, and among all those people not a single one was a productive citizen. Every single one of them are parasites to the economy, meaning they live off tax money without directly contributing to the nations GDP. So the essence of the gathering in Cincinnati was to put out the fires that have been raging against public education and to get control of the situation before that fire spreads to the rest of the country.

Of course at this conference all these “professionals” were told that they were critical to the futures of American children by the union leaders–so the educrats were all drinking the Kool-Aid. I know this because I saw the types of key words people use to find my articles and suddenly on Wednesday and Thursday this past week the popular search word, “Rich Hoffman No Lakota” came up over 150 times, and that hasn’t happened since March when the Enquirer story came out blowing open my scandalous comments calling levy supporters “latté sipping prostitutes.” So the buzz was on to deal with the “educator haters” of Southern Ohio, which to the labor representatives present I’m at the top of their list. But that is the “unofficial news” not intended for the papers.

The news that did make the papers in the propaganda arm of the Educrats public relations was that $700 million dollars in federal education grants are coming to the area, which is designed to alleviate the short-falls happening by local funding refusals of property tax increases and cuts of state contributions to districts. This is supposed to be a good announcement, as though the federal government was going to swing in and save public education from itself, and their high employee costs. All the participants of this conference are social parasites of tax money and they forget that the money coming from the federal government is tax money too, still provided by the people of the states. It’s simply a shuffling around of money to make the labor leaders happy and willing to work with the school superintendents for a couple of years while the anger toward public schools calms down.

To help promote districts of the area that are struggling, like Cincinnati Public Schools, which is suffering from declining enrollment, yet there are plans to go for another tax increase in November of 2012, public recognition was given. CPS was lauded for its ability to “collaborate” with union leadership and school administration. Arne Duncan stated, “unions and school leaders are getting along better these days, in part because they realize that American schools need to ramp up education or risk losing economic and political standing in the world.” The trouble with Arne’s statement is that his concern is in fulfilling the requirements of his boss Emperor Obama and the commitment to Agenda 21 for the United Nations, so global standards are the context of the statement. But for the people of Cincinnati, the parents of the 33,000 students at CPS just want their children to have a job—a real job. Not a government created job like the 600 people at the Labor Management Conference. Those aren’t real jobs; they are service jobs like a waiter at a restaurant, or a bagger at the grocery store. Real jobs make the food that is served or placed in the bags. The service job simply mediates between the product and the consumer. The focus of the 600 attendees of the labor conference presided by Duncan is to create more service oriented employees as products of their schools, and figuring out a way to consume more tax money to get it.

The climax of this Conference was the announcement that 50 parents, teachers and community leaders in Cincinnati will head to Columbus on May 30th to protest Ohio’s unconstitutional school funding system. When I first heard this news, I thought addressing the unconstitutional funding structure in Ohio sounded like a good idea, until I learned who was behind the announcement. A group called Prepare the Future of Southwest Ohio is paying for the 58 seat bus transporting protestors to Columbus and a group called Strive Partnership is supplying the food. These groups are working with Progress Ohio, the progressive political organization of Ohio, and the Ohio Federation of Teachers. So the attempt is a show of force by organized labor to extort more tax money from the state because local communities are refusing to increase taxes on themselves.

The trouble with “properly” funding education positions, and the reason these public employees and their minions of parental supporters are taking these measures is because they have seen the future and if the states leave the funding to the local school districts voters are going to force down the cost of education and these progressive “educrats” know that voters will reject more and more tax increases when it comes directly out of their property value. So the parasites at the 2012 Labor Management Conference know they are doomed with school funding unless they can get the money for their extraordinary pay checks out of the state where tax payers can’t see so clearly how the money is spent. When Scott Sloan asked me on 700 WLW why I don’t join up with these types of groups to solve the school funding problem I answered that these employees aren’t interested in the same thing that I am. I want to see education become cheaper. I want to drive down the cost per pupil. These educrats simply want to maintain the wage structure they were promised when they moved into an education profession, where they could be paid on average over $60K per year, cash in their personal days, work 9 months out of the year and have all holidays off, then retire at 55 only to be rehired the day after to become a double-dipper. They wish to maintain the scam. I wish to fix it for good by driving out all the looters of education. By my definition every one of the 600 attendees of the 2012 Labor Management Conference are parasites to the rest of America, and every one of them could be removed from their jobs because they could afford to spend two days in Cincinnati talking about nothing, to achieve nothing, and intend nothing but smoke and mirrors with an attempt to reframe their social argument.

That is why I will not go to Columbus with these educrats to speak in their favor to legislators in order to obtain for them more loot allocated toward public education. The $700 million that Arne Duncan is throwing at these labor leaders and administrators is equivalent to throwing some bloody meat to a pack of wolves. It will only appease the parasites for a short time before they are hungry for more. By then, Arne and his education employees across the nation hope that society goes back to sleep and forgets about the scam they are attempting to perform in broad daylight right in front of all our faces. But it won’t work, because just like them, the opposition is recalibrating our message as well, and they won’t like the result.

So no matter how much protesting they do, or how many meetings they indulge in, people like me will continue to report every scandal, every accounting error, every fault they perform with the intention of driving out the weak leaving behind only the strong and employable. The way to end consumption by a parasite is to take away what the parasite eats, and in the big business of public education, they eat money. And according to police in West Chester, the substitute teacher’s inappropriate contact between him and the female student was not sexual or criminal, and has been turned over to the school to deal with. So we’ll see what they do about it, even though they will surely attempt to keep it under the carpet. But they won’t be able to, because the public owns the carpet, and I’ll make sure we pull it up so we can see what’s underneath. And we’ll do it while all the educrats are at meetings patting themselves on the back and planning how to save the world—using our money to do it.


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