Scott Walker WINS!: Standing up to the communists of the labor movement

I did a rather extensive article that will follow this one on Karl Marx for one primary reason, to show why the battle between Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin and the labor unions is the battle of our age between communism and capitalism. What Bill Clinton and Walker’s rival are talking about below is disguised socialism. Labor unions are an invention of communism, and for every union member who professes otherwise, they do not know the roots of the movement or why it came to be. Labor unions are movements toward outright communism created in the mind of Karl Marx. The middle class talked about below is the code word in communist circles as the proletariat Marx attempted to push into the bourgeoisie class to knock them out of power. The attempt here is to paint Walker as a man of the rich, “the bourgeoisie” from The Communist Manifesto. The speech below is pure communism that Lenin might have made in the early days of The Soviet Union and this is what the fight in this country now is all about.

I know many people will think that calling the union labor movement a communist movement may sound extreme to many, but that’s what it is. Communism with softer versions of socialism disguised under the flag of progressive politics is what Bill Clinton and Barack Obama want for America and on the night before the recall election millions of labor union leaders and members are silent, because they know that this recall election is a fight for American idealism.

Scott Walker has been one of the few men in this country who has had the guts to stand up to the union thugs. In Ohio, where John Kasich appeared to have the same type of guts, he has now caved under the pressure and is now a defeated man. I saw it in his face the night before the Issue 2 election even though he spoke well. In the months that followed, he quietly attempted to reach across the political aisle and repair his party relationships. Personally in the local Tea Parties many took me aside and told me not to support anti union attempts during an election year, because Kasich had to carry the state for the Republican nominee. My response was to go my own way because I will not grant labor unions a seat at the table that demands my tax money. I do not support them, and that’s all there is to it. The labor unions and the communism they represent needs to be eradicated from the American dream. It needs to be pushed back to Europe where it belongs in the bankrupt countries there; because that’s where The Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx leads countries. It is because of Karl Marx that Greece is failing and Spain is going to pieces economically. As of now it is Sweden, the only former socialist country of Europe that has made a complete reversal of political philosophy rejecting Marx and the Keynesian economics that followed in favor of capitalism–for proof, look at the marketing position of the store IKEA. They finally figured it out.

In Ohio the labor unions petitioned to remove collective bargaining reform from the law, and the unions won. Kasich now has the legacy of loss behind him without the courage to fight again. But in Wisconsin the labor unions have tried to completely remove Scott Walker as governor, because of his reforms on “collective bargaining.”

In Ohio, there were many Rhino Republicans who had without knowing it embraced socialism in America. Many of them were making great livings off it as attorneys, so when they realized the extent of “collective bargaining” reform and what it would do to a world they helped build on the foundations of communism, they did not back Kasich, and left him out to dry, which was a tragic mistake.

But in Wisconsin, the Republicans have held together, and Scott Walker has not backed down from the fight in any way. That’s why he’s going to win tomorrow, and that will be a wonderful thing. It will be a tremendous step for The United States to take a bold step away from socialism and move back toward an economic system that is dedicated to capitalism. Walker will win because the union is out of money, out of ideas and nationally at sites like this one and many others, people are starting to fight back against the communism of labor unions. Popular opinion is moving away from labor unions because people are finally starting to figure out what they’ve always been.

When a politician talks about the “working man” they are talking about the type of middle class peasant addressed in Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto. The labor unions in America are not American concepts at all. They are ideas of Karl Marx and for every firefighter, police officer and socialist leaning school teacher who attempts to fly the American flag to cover their European envy they deserve all the ridicule and tears that fall from losing a way of life they have forced on the American people with “FORCE.” The labor unions got where they are today not with peaceful exchange, or “working together” with politics from the other side. They did it with coercion, and mass numbers all serving the needs of the “collective,” and until Scott Walker came along, along with Chris Christie, nobody stood up to the organized labor who have operated like the mob of public sector employment for years.

I have a lot of Wisconsin readers here at the OW. Walker will win, but do not take it for granted. The communist labor unions will all show up to vote, so you must also. You must show up and take your state and your country back from these maniacal bandits–these looters of the public treasury, and you must do it boldly. Tomorrow night, when the results come in, then celebrate that you were the first to do what nobody in America has had the guts to do, and that is to stand up to the big labor unions, and face everything they can throw, and still prevail. The Scott Walker victory tomorrow will be a tremendous win for The United States in a fight to preserve capitalism in a nation filled with the cockroaches of communism embodying the labor movement. But victory is not victory until the last vote is read, and the final numbers are released. Take nothing for granted until that moment, and prepare to pop off the head of the great beast called communism.


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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior


    1. The will to kill does not grant permission, only the intention. We know how thugs think and this White House is a group of thugs. But what they say in their little mob of looters are simply wishes. They do not designate reality.


      1. Excellent reply.
        The thugs must lose today. We’re watching and praying. Hard.
        I hate what drives that engine. Hate like I’ve never known. Evil is showing it’s face and that’s hard to see..but see we do.



      1. Thank you! I like the sound of that………….”wordsmith.” Words are more powerful than guns, because when I was younger, I was a gunsmith. I learned that nothing fires harder than a well placed word. : )


  1. No.. Vicious.. we will not swing the blade that will be the final ruin of the those who have DESTROYED America… that final blow will be at the HAND of the Almighty… mark my words….
    LO IRA>>>


  2. I saw the progressive’s next move on the news this morning: “Scott Walker wins…and is now the object of two separate investigations of malfeasance in office….”


    1. You have to be kidding??? Gawd.
      Man, you just can’t blink these days.
      Well as Nancy says.. I also believe the Almighty has the final say, but looks like the communists (lets call them what they are), will finish themselves off with more desperate stunts. And who will pay for those investigations? Surely there must be someone in charge who would see this as the final nail. Hey I’m not complaining. Bring it on. It’s the 15.7 trillion mile an hour train wreck you can’t turn away from. Enjoy the show.


    2. Proof that they are all thugs with nothing in their tank but lies and manipulation. Regardless, they are on their way down because for the first time in my lifetime, people are actually talking about this kind of stuff openly, instead of amongst themselves.


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