Karl Marx: The evil advocate of individual destruction

I do not believe that Karl Marx intended to deliver the most evil political philosophy known to the human mind on purpose. It would appear that Marx, being the helpless, poverty-stricken despot that he was, wished to become powerful as he looked about Europe and saw the classes of those above him. He knew he would never reach any lofty social heights in his lifetime without stealing some of that influence from the bourgeoisie class. Marx did not have the benefit of living in America where the closest form of a socially classless society existed. If he did live in America, he might not have died with only 11 mourners at his funeral leaving behind a wife, and life of extreme poverty. Yet Marx and his writing were discovered by the intellectual elite, and even newspaper editors in America were giving voice to Marx and his writing partner on The Communist Manifesto Friedrich Engels because they sensed correctly that the plight of the poor and down trodden was the path to power. The intellectual elite knew they were too weak for actual battle and sought to utilize a mob of peasants to capture political control from the kings, queens, and the nobility of Europe. Intellectuals for centuries had been looking for a philosophy to bring about the utopian vision of a society created by Sir Thomas More in his book Utopia published in 1516. Marx, with all the foolish innocence of a beggar placed ideas to paper and the intellectual classes used him to gain power over Europe in the middle 1850’s. What followed was a century of death, destruction, and the near eradication of human innovation globally. Marx brought to the world decay in the form of his political philosophy called Marxism, which morphed into socialism maturing into communism, and all the gains made in America advancing the spirit of the human species had found its destroyer.

Today Presidents like Obama do not call themselves Marxists, socialists, or communists—they term it progressives. School teachers, politicians of both parties, many media personalities, actors, actresses, producers, music industry tycoons, and even Wall Street Bankers consider themselves “progressive” yet have their roots directly tied to the work of Karl Marx. To see the evidence, all one has to do is look in their neighborhoods and the evidence of “collectivism” will be seen in great abundance. Collectivism is an evil of thoughtless enterprise. No one brain controls this evil, its methods of destruction are generated from a collective belief that all participants are moved by a “will” that transcends thought, so mob will rules through democratic participation. Marx sought the complete eradication of private property so that every member of society could work according to their capacities and consume according to their needs. To his way of thinking, this was the only way to prevent the rich from living at the expense of the poor. Since he was so terribly poor, he was concerned about “leveling” the playing field so people like him could have a say in his fate. After all, he could not afford property of his own, and he obviously lacked the will to obtain it himself. So he built a philosophy that allowed for the legal theft of other people’s property so that at least they would not have more than he did. Communism became the philosophy of the lazy; those who would rather take from others so that they could not have more than the communists did as if such a thing could justify the communist’s lack of ambition.

I saw communism in full bloom just the other day as I was on my way to the Kings Island Amusement Park in Mason, Ohio. A large complex of apartments had sprung up out of the only ground left in Mason from which to build called The Palmera. These are high-end, luxury apartments which would be expected in Mason, perfectly located to take advantage of the excellent Mason Schools, local shopping, and highway access. At first glance it would seem nice to offer renters a chance to move into the community of Mason at a fraction of the cost property would garner of the same quality, but that is until one thinks about election time. Apartment dwellers are notoriously vociferous to pass school levies when a public school asks for higher taxes, because the apartment dweller does not directly pay the taxes, the apartment owner does, yet the apartment dweller does get to send their child to school for free. So they almost always vote in favor of school levies, because they don’t have to pay the tax increase directly—someone else does. This is the Marx idea of forcing on society “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” Since the apartment owner is rich enough to build an apartment complex, they are rich enough to pay the taxes required by the “needs” of the community.

Nobody involved in this scam would call themselves a communist, and most of them probably never read Karl Marx. But over time, the education elite who did read Marx gradually encouraged all involved to just accept these communist ideas as a reality. The school is doing its part in destroying private property by gradually increasing taxes to the point of discouraging ownership. Administers of the community through regulation control the owners of the apartment dwelling allowing them to participate in the upper class of district management so long as they generate taxes without question, and the tax payers have learned not to question anything for fear that the IRS might audit them, so they keep a low profile and allow communism to spread gradually replacing capitalism as the economic engine of The United States.

Marx’s basic premise is that socio-economic statuses for different groups, the proletariat and the bourgeois ruling classes are defined by their relationship to private property and the means of production. Marx believed as many long-haired, dirty, grimy, tree hugging hippies believe to this very day that by eradicating this relationship of property that peace on earth will finally be realized. It’s an excessively naive view of the world, and has failed time and time again due to the fact that such a society always requires administrators, and those administrators always attempt to rule through dictatorship. In the case of the Palmera Apartments in Mason, the apartment dweller, (the non-owners) gain enormous voting power because of their sheer numbers. The bureaucrats of Mason City government get to impose fees on the developer of the apartment and keep a leash on their control of their own property so to best serve the apartment dwellers. These fees pay their administrative costs, but also keep the developer from gaining too much personal power.

Governments in general all have a tendency toward socialism, because they function as a collective, not as individuals responsible for their own thoughts and action. The blob mentality of no property ownership, no ownership of ideas, or even of personal relationships are destroying the human race, and it can all be hung presently on the gutter bum, Karl Marx and his legions of leeching intellectuals. In The United States the government sued Microsoft for having a monopoly, to gain control of a company becoming too big and powerful. Today, that company is only a fraction of what it once was. And now Facebook has been artificially propped up by government so that it can tear it down again and take away from people the freedom enjoyed there. Facebook as I’m writing this is being attacked by government to level the playing field for others, and to gain control of the business. The behavior is more reminiscent of communism than capitalism, because the administrators of our economy are tampering with the ownership of assets in order to facilitate who does what according to their abilities, and who needs what according to their needs. Those determinations are made by the “collective,” by the mobs of the masses and it is sheer evil. Evil because the mob can determine what someone else does with their property. In the case of the Palmera Apartments the building code administrators and local school will decide the costs of the project. Up front the code people do. But after the apartments are built, the schools can increase their cost by raising taxes at the will of the mob. The owner will then have to decide to absorb the cost increase of the taxes, or raise their rental rates, which might push out the apartment dwellers because the apartments will then become too expensive. The intent of the mob is that by using communism, the apartment owner is forced to surrender their profits, their means of production, to the “collective.”

Marx wrote “In place of religious and political illusions, the bourgeoisie had substituted naked, shameless, direct, brutal exploitation. Charter that had once protected people’s freedom had been cast aside for one unconscionable freedom—free trade.” Those are the words of a man with no products in his mind to sell, and possessing the lack of will to work in order to do so. Those are the words of a beggar on the side of a street with his hat out in hopes of a hand out. You can hear the same types of words today as communism comes from the mouth of President Obama. One of his biggest knocks on Mitt Romney is that Romney made money at Bain Capital and is a “rich guy.” This comment only has merit in the context of thousands of voters who have been trained to be communists in their public educations by teachers who embraced Karl Marx with passion—because as we know—those who can’t do in real life teach. So they seek communism to disguise their lack of talent and personal ambition. This was the path of Obama, a dope smoking, fatherless youth looking for answers in an unfair world. As a college kid he hung out with Marxist lovers and ministers who looked with envious eyes at those who they considered their betters. These parasites schemed ways of using the collective to bring down those who towered above them by using the communism of Karl Marx. Obama who has no experience in making money of any kind, and has become wealthy by looting as a public official can only give jobs away that the American taxpayer creates. Romney actually created jobs in the private sector, but to the communist that is a sin, because the private sector means, “ownership,” which to them is the ultimate evil. They think in this fashion because they have been seduced by communism.

Another one of Karl Marx’s famous quotes is that “the abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for real happiness.” Communists in our own country working at first through the ACLU and labor unions sought to remove any content of religion from our schools and courtrooms, out of dedication to that Marx quote. Even though many of them would not consider themselves communists, their behavior as a collective dictates the will by the mob, which is the foundation of communism. Just by functioning as a collective, they function as a communist.

Karl Marx is far more prevalent in the life of the average American than they’d like to believe. Communism has many spokesman, many more than capitalism, because in capitalism it is the will of the individual that it serves, and thus all individuals prosper. But in communism, it is the collective will of the mob that rules and the individuals are consumed within its destructive fires to become advocates of doom believing they are freedom fighters. But the only freedom they are fighting is the freedom to think, do, and own property as one may wish. The collectivists of communism are seeking to eradicate freedom all together in a utopian pursuit of peace on earth, even if it means killing the people who stand in their way of peace.

Every time I hear a person of supposedly high intellect profess that they believe that Karl Marx was a genius, I instantly see before me a lazy slob who is afraid of their own shadow, a social parasite of the highest order. I see a destroyer of mankind. I see a would be slave master as they would just as soon put on the shackles of serfdom in order to save the lives of the masses with a complacent slow death putting out the fires of personal liberty in exchange for mass sacrifice to mother earth. The attempt to slowly warm Americans up to communism is in 2012 an unbridled sickness.

Cincinnati’s mayor Mark Malory has been heavily involved with communist Chinese governments and even my district school of Lakota has been working with Chinese schools to bridge the gaps in understanding between the two countries. China has no intention on bending its communist philosophies more than they have with the 1997 inclusion of Hong Kong back to the motherland—a capitalist city being reintroduced to the communist mainland. The attempts by modern China to work with American political leaders and public schools are to assist in the global process of bringing America into the fold of red communism and away from capitalism entirely. The goal of communist China and communist Russia, and socialist Greece, France, and Spain as well as communist Vietnam, communist North Korea etc., is to bring down the bourgeoisie nation of America as a whole, to level the world’s playing field by mowing down The United States and its powerful economy.

The communist infestation in America has been going on for many years, and many who are reading this right now will want to call me a conspiracy theorists and a right-winged radical. But those names come from the communist in you, which has been bred through your school, your job, your family, your politics, and your fractured economy. It has been bred into you by the enemies of America long ago, before your birth, and they have guided your mind to the work of a bearded, broke fool living in London, England as he wrote his masterwork of communism, Das Kapital influencing the catastrophic economist John Meynard Keynes. It would be Keynesian economics that would put The United States into a spiral of debt and create irrational economic models that would destroy capitalism, create large central planning bureaucracies intent on the spread of Europe’s beloved communism.

Like all parasites communism lays dormant within the culture of it’s pray until the time is right to leap forth and destroy the entity of its feeding. In America, we have for too long fed without knowledge this phantom menace, this prophet of doom known as Karl Marx who planted the seeds of our destruction within our intellectual class, the teacher, the professor, and the media tycoons who grew up listening to the rants of Jane Fonda and her naked body crawling all over our imaginations preaching the seduction of communism. It’s here before us, it’s feeding off of us, and if we don’t put a stop to it, it will destroy us completely with no care for the lives that made up our individual endeavors. We will be sacrificed by communism to the gods of collectivism to serve the blood thirsty desires of a mob intent on its own destruction, thoughtless, blind, and manipulated by lack of personal responsibility toward a great swarm of parasites striving to live for one more moment before their ceaseless hunger consumes itself.

That’s how communists sold socialism to America.


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Rich Hoffman

10 thoughts on “Karl Marx: The evil advocate of individual destruction

  1. I do implore views from all angles but in this case I really think there has been a lot of misinformation here. The first and most worrying point for me personally is the frequent use of Marxism, Communism and Socialism interchangeably. They are three different left leaning political ideals they are not all one blanket term it would be like using fascism and capitalism interchangeably.

    It is true Marx was not always the best advocate for the left, he did bring about a lot of very interesting political ideals but one point that is commonly missed is how he advocates the working class to rise up united. In reality this has not really happened and they have been led by individuals or parties which than shifts the power back to the right wing. “Communist” states like the USSR or China are in fact rather right leaning and the USSR under Stalin was nothing more than a fascist state.

    Many left wing doctrinaires do not advocate free-loading but it is understandable how this view came across. Marx’s goal was to give everyone in life a fair start, this means people should not make millions because they are born into a political or otherwise wealthy family. People should excel due to their own ability and diligence, this is not the case in right winged capitalist ideas generally as money leads all.

    Luckily the Internet has shown a stark rise in recent years and in many cases creates the prefect place for left winged ideals to flourish. It is no longer about needed the capital to make your mark, you only need a good idea. The internet (unrestricted) is the true vision of a left winged society, or at least the closest we are likely to get.

    The idea that the USA separates church from state is laughable to say the least, you just have to look to the dollar bill to realise that this idea was shattered. The founding farthers of America wanted to separate these two entities after the problems it had caused in Europe and set up the country in that way. However over time the two have merged more and more and even though some separation exists it is not really seen to a large extent.

    The left has many good ideas that people on the right could learn from and visa versa. As both sides pull apart our vision on Democracy is born, however in reality we do not exist in the middle, no country does.

    I believe advocating Socialism is the fairest solution to the problems as it removes a lot of the extreme left arguments whilst aiming to serve the people. People always fear the unknown and having news organisations and businesses with so much influence I feel this divisive issue will only become more and more murky.

    When it comes down to it I would rather live in a world that focuses on the people rather than letting huge multinational businesses cheat and steal from the people.


    1. Nice response, but socialism requires collectivism. Socialism is not fair if it requires me to do something for someone else against my free will. An “evil” multinational corporation at least gives me to the chance to work for them to make a few bucks on terms I negotiate. And if I don’t like the deal, I’ll vote with my feet. All three of those “isms” come from the same root, which is Karl Marx, so they are of the same collective family.


    2. Very good post and argument against those screaming “Communism”. If you read the Communist Manifesto, which was written in 1856, it is basically the ideals put down in our own Constitution.Even his “change through revolution” statements were directly referring to the American Revolution. That is what he knew. That is what he saw. Nothing wrong with it.
      A lot of people think of Communism as a Stalinist Marxism. Which I think would make Marx turn over in his grave.
      These guys that scream against Communism are basically Fascists. Trying to keep the people as individuals, rather than one voice. That way, they can be controlled better.


      1. Marx’s failure to understand this concept allowed him to live a life of poverty and for mass collectivists to harvest his philosophy for their selfish gains of power and manipulation. Communism under any form is a terrible idea and a gross failure of the human condition.


    3. Freedom without responsibility is chaos. Responsibility without freedom is slavery. People have a responsibility to provide for their own wants and needs. They do not have a responsibility to provide for the wants and needs of others. That is called charity. When the government forces charity there must be a certain amount of fascism involved. That was the case in Germany, Russia China and virtually every country which has devolved into some degree of a socialist economy. Governments do not create wealth, they are a sop on wealth.


  2. Thanks for your STRONG expression.
    Good exposé of Commie-Hippie Gov’t-Worker-Teacher Mentality .
    Valuable explanation, and examples — of HOW The Mob destroys .

    My Message to Scum Killer Commies:
    “Don’t ever tell ANYONE to “be civil, be polite” in manner of expression — always UNDEFINED —
    after what you (and you know, who you are) have done to the country.
    “Go To HELL” — is only the mildest start, of what I judge you to deserve .”

    Obviously, TRAITORS AND SPIES — and, their supporters/voters — are everywhere .


    1. They are everywhere. And they grew because they lured us to sleep with kindness. They knew we were kind people who were easy to fool, and they took advantage of us to the destruction of our country, and they thought it was funny. Now they expect us to just go back to sleep and let them destroy everything. They expect us not to confront them–but those days are over.

      Good to hear from you by the way.


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