Mt. Healthy’s Class of 2012: Punishing parents for loving their children

When a Mt. Healthy star football player recently graduated his family cheered extensively, according to the Mt. Healthy superintendent. The young man’s family cheered so much that the ceremony was held up by the superintendent untill the cheering stopped. You can see in the clip below how the superintendent purposely stopped the next name from being read off till the arena was once again silent as she had instructed prior to the graduation ceremony. The Mt. Healthy superintendent was working from a political agenda that is spreading across the country in 2012 and the threat of keeping the student’s graduation certification for not following the school rules is not an isolated case in Mt Healthy, Ohio. The superintendent could have allowed the next name to be read, and everyone would have heard, but she purposely stopped the ceremony so she could enforce the nationwide agenda circulating around Department of Education under the leadership of Emperor Obama.

The school for that small display of fanfare from the graduating student’s family felt it had the community authority to enforce twenty hours of community service for not following the school rules. The superintendent of Mt. Healthy and her staff are of course insane in their beliefs, and way out of line. The school even if they did have students sign a document before the ceremony taking responsibility for any outlandish behavior do not have the right to enforce such a measure. The school of Mt. Healthy has forgotten that they are but employees of the parents and students, not a governmental ENFORCER of bureaucratic policies! The effort of the Mt. Healthy superintendent is further proof that public schools are progressive institutions intent on destroying individuality with subtle messages of communism. The Mt. Healthy school district has no authority to force the young graduate or his family to perform any community service as reported by Channel 9 News, yet they did anyway and audaciously proclaimed themselves judge, jury, and executioner.

This behavior exhibits how far reaching public schools see their roles in the modern family, and the intention is to prevent exhibitions of this kind that highlight the efforts of individuals. All the students as mandated by the Obama Department of Education are to be treated equally whether they are black or white, boys or girls, tall or short, skinny or fat, straight or gay, fast or slow, all sounds wonderful taken at face value. But the real intention is not “equality” and “fairness,” but rather selling collectivism by stamping out individuals by discouraging solitary endeavors. This is the same policy that allows progressive politicians to use the so-called “civil rights” movement or “war on woman” to manipulate mass groups of voting blocs to achieve communist aims that are revealed behind the proclamations if looked upon closely. Individual praise is frowned upon in these crusades. It is only sacrifice of the individual for the sake of the collective that they highlight for the good of the masses.

The message sent to the Class of 2012 at Mt. Healthy is not fairness for the next student to be called after all the cheering, but to let every member of the arena know that individual Excepetionalism will not be tolerated. I listened to the Mt. Healthy superintendent give a few interviews defending her position, and the reporters of course pandered to her crimes, but attempting to sell the far-reaching authority of the Mt. Healthy school district on behalf of fairness and maintaining order for future graduations is rather pathetic. This action by the school district of Mt. Healthy is simply a disguise for the real intention, destruction of individual endeavor. At the Mt. Healthy graduation ceremony cheers for the collective Class of 2012 was acceptable. Cheers for individuals as regulated by the Gestapo superintendent of Mt. Healthy are not.

This trend in public education advocated by the teachers and administrators, many of whom function under socialist leaning philosophy to begin with, is to show that individualism is to be scorned, and collectivism embraced. The message that no one child is special is the common mantra of our day–it is the essence of public education. Educators are less concerned about math scores and knowledge of history. Their primary concern is to make sure that students do not believe they are special in any way unless they play a sport that unites the pride of the school in the community. Individuals are not embraced unless they serve the collective institution. Public education through their government monopoly status and big labor unions are pursuing progressive policies at the cost of the local tax payers. In Mt. Healthy the superintendent there attempted to obtain a tax increase the day after a recent failure by sending a message to the community that they will continue to see tax increases bi-annually forever unless they break down and approve the tax hike. School districts like Mt. Healthy behave like this because they do not view individual families as sacred, but simply as part of the collective blob that makes up their district. So they see no reason why everyone should not support their efforts with tax increases as it is the school district that sets the law in communities. That’s why the Mt. Healthy superintendent thinks she has a right to enforce “community service” on the parents of a graduate if the student doesn’t wish to do it.

Tax payers were always told that if they loved their child, they’d vote for a school levy, because public education is essential to creating a well rounded adult. But what we we’re learning is that public education is truly a process of destroying individual identities so that adults will cast away any notions they may have of growing up uniquely. For the proof and a very audacious example of this public education strategy listen to this administrator tell his class of 2012 that the students in the ceremony are “not special” but are in fact much the same. If you take the time to watch through the first couple of minutes you’ll hear this educrat profess that there is a reason all the student’s caps and gowns make them all uniform—because the intent is for them all to be seen collectively, not individually.

The push for collectivism comes from governments desire to live. So long as society is made up of a collective whole, and not a bunch of free thinking individuals, school teachers, tax auditors, and Washington educrats will have jobs serving the collective blob of people lacking individual identity. Individuals who can do for themselves may find they have no use for government, or the silly socialist schools of public education. Government workers at all levels find themselves promoting collectivism instead of the American principles of individualism because that’s the only way they can keep their very lucrative jobs under the monopoly of government schools, is by keeping people from asking any questions and blindly following orders no matter how ridiculous.

The situation in Mt. Healthy is not the only one of its kind, but it deserves special notice, as the parents of the popular student have refused to do the “community service” demanded by the school. The school revealed too much of their real intentions at the graduation ceremony for the Mt. Healthy Class of 2012. And thank goodness they did, so tax payers can really see what they are paying for. Public schools no matter what the community are teaching open socialism with tax payer dollars, and they will continue to do so until communities demand to put a stop to it. These teaching methods come from the Federal Department of Education, so are not alone the work of the Mt Healthy superintendent. But the responsibility to refuse unjust mandates does fall on the individual families who find themselves attacked by these government schools as they attempt to hold the diploma hostage from students in order to force social change upon the community. This tactic by the superintendent at Mt. Healthy is no different than creating pay-for-play sports to push for levy increases, or cutting busing to punish parents for failing a school levy. Or teachers who march on their school boards with threats of strikes to drive up their wage costs. This time, it is the superintendent who seeks to carry out the Obama platform of progressive education which if given the proper name would be called red communism in full bloom. Communism is all about destroying the individual in favor of the collective, and this is what is going on at graduations all over The United States in 2012. And it will continue until communities stop taking it, and decide to push back, like the parents of the student in Mt. Healthy have done. It is parents like those that make America the greatest country on earth. The rest of the world would take the punishment without question, but not in America. And not in Mt. Healthy. As long as parents like that produce children like that star football player, America will be just fine—and the socialism that the schools intend will perish, one school at a time by simply saying “NO” to the authority of the school, “NO” to the mandates from the DOE, and “NO” to more tax increases which promise to bring more of this behavior with more socialist teachers and their ideologies of individual destruction.


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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

9 thoughts on “Mt. Healthy’s Class of 2012: Punishing parents for loving their children

  1. Normally I am in total agreement with much of what you write, but I’ve heard several stories lately about the lack on cooperation and truly rude behavior at graduations across the country. I believe if the school made their expectations clear, and also explained that the excessive yelling, ringing of cowbells, etc can drown out the name of the graduates being read out after them, and that such behavior is unacceptable on such a special day, that any parent or family member who didn’t agree with it did not have to attend. I am one of those parents whose child’s name was drowned out by other inconsiderates, and quite honestly, we hope our kids are learning to live and co-exist in this world, and in my opinion this is not a great example for parents to show their kids. We don’t always have to agree with rules, but at work and in life it is often the right thing to do to follow them.


  2. I have to disagree with you on this one, Rich. I don’t think you are aware of what graduation “ceremonies” have become. I teach upperclassmen, but I have avoided our graduation ceremony for several years because of the rude, raucous, inconsiderate, self-involved behavior of many families who have absolutely no respect for tradition, decorum or the feelings of others. Doesn’t matter if the kid being cheered walks on water or just walks–family and friends begin yelling, blowing horns, giving shout outs, all while other young people are also walking across the stage. And as soon as it starts, it progressively gets worse. I attended this year because several of my students wanted me there, but I held my nose (figuratively), and so did every other teacher in the church. It was deplorable. And the entire time I was steaming because not one administrator or school board member lifted a finger to maintain control or remind the audience that each child deserved his or her special moment of recognition without surrounding noise that was unpleasant and disrespectful. Whether you believe it’s a waste of time or not, it is a longstanding tradition. Many parents who love and support their kids take great pride in that “walk,” and they also sit quietly so that others can enjoy hearing their kids’ names being called as they, too, walk across the stage. It is a cultural downshift, a metaphor for so much rude, discourteous behavior that contaminates our society today. And it is wrong.


    1. Thanks for the comments. The last one I went to was one for my nephew in Florida some years back. I didn’t see the point. I think kids should skip it, but the whole point of the thing is a celebration. The authority of the school should not extend into community service, as though the parents could be sent to detention. The implication is that the administrators are superior to the family.


  3. I didn’t attend my college graduation. I didn’t feel the need to validate my education by walking down an aisle and have my diploma handed to me by some educrat. I guess Rich and I are probably in the minority on things like this. As Mary said, many people in society take pride in seeing their children walk the aisle.

    Still, I can see both sides of this one. One camp says to “act like you’ve been there before”, show some class and civility, and recognize the achievement of the graduates. The other camp is made up of people that find any excuse to party and get rowdy, people that drink on St. Patrick’s Day just because they can, and people that deep down never really expected the student to graduate- like it was a huge achievement, maybe a first in their family. They have very low standards for themselves and their children.

    I know my kids are expected to graduate high school, and college if they choose to follow mom and dad’s footsteps and be an engineer or chemist or other occupation. On that day I won’t be the one whooping and hollering and disrupting those around me like I was a drunk at an NFL game.

    Having said that, I am with Rich 100% on the lack of authority of the school to withhold diplomas or impose community service for the said “crimes”. I’d like to see where it’s written that they can do that. If they’ve met the criteria to graduate, they should get the diploma.

    Mary’s right. It does point to a lack of civility that has been growing in the culture for the last 50 years. We’ve went from a relatively polite society to a “if it feels good, do it!” mentality. If you want to see more evidence of this, just go to any little league sports event on the weekend, especially baseball. What goes on there by the parents is just as deplorable as the antics at the graduation ceremony if not more so. You could not pay me enough to referee one of those games.


    1. Well said Phil-I did not attend my college or post graduate ceremonies–but my high school graduation was important to me for many reasons–all my friends were there, and my father was handing out diplomas, which made for a great Kodak moment as you can imagine.
      But in today’s climate of “anything goes”, I wouldn’t bother.


      1. On the way home from my ceremony I threw a beer can at the car of the superintendent and there was nothing but a civil charge he could level at me and I knew it. But he didn’t press charges because he was just happy to get rid of me. My wife skipped her’s all together. Ironically, out of the members of my immediate family I am the only one who attended my graduation, which seems strange. Because I’m the one who hates rules the most.


  4. LOL that is strange. But you know, you are quite the rebel, but you certainly work very hard at your job and follow the rules enough to command a lot of respect. So you follow the rules that you need to, and that’s perfectly fine.


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