The Moai of Easter Island HAVE BODIES: More unlocked mysteries for the human race

For many years the mysterious statues of Easter Island have been shrouded in secrecy. Over 1000 Easter Island statues litter the tiny island completely devoid of trees and life. These statues have been best known to be giant heads sitting on the surface of the island and defied logic because many of them were so large they would have required thousands of human beings to maneuver the giant statues.

The pictures shown here are from the Easter Island Statue Project website, where they have managed to excavate two of those giant statues and discovered that the only part of the statues seen were not just heads sitting haphazardly across the surface of Easter Island, but that the heads had bodies with torsos over 7 m tall. This is an astonishing archeological discovery. It is further evidence that life in the ancient South Pacific was not a primitive one, but a very sophisticated society capable of great technology, sophisticated religion, and multicultural cooperation. For more information see my article on Malden Island. CLICK HERE.

As archeologists excavated these giant statues they found that the tall bodies actually rested on a kind of pavement many feet below the earth’s surface, and many theories of the Eastern Island people were shattered. We were to believe that a primitive people left South America in canoes traveling 2,300 miles off the coast of Chile across the Pacific Ocean to arrive at a tiny island that could be missed easily with an airplane. To find such an island with a boat is an extraordinary feat, but to find it and begin erecting these giant statues for no particular reason defies logic. The revelation that most of these statues have been buried beneath more than 15 feet of soil indicates a truly spectacular geological disaster that would have covered the island with sediment on a scale that was epic. But in so doing, it preserved a lifestyle that might have otherwise been wiped away from the earth forever with natural erosion.

This archeological discovery is just more proof that much of what we believe we have achieved in human science, has not yet began to scratch the surface. The statues on Easter Island have been available for study for over 100 years, yet it is only now that we have discovered that they have these vast complicated bodies submerged below the ground of the island. The question begs to be answered, if such large statues were ignored for over 100 years under heavy scientific scrutiny, and the terrain was so easily altered upon which the sculpture of the Eastern Island statues existed, then what lost relics exist upon the earth that are completely lost to human eyes and have yet to be discovered?

As I look at the photos of these statues that I have gazed upon all my life, and I note that what I saw was only a fraction of the overall statue, as most existed under the surface it serves as a metaphor for our infantile science that is only scratching the possibilities of understanding that await mankind. The statues themselves are situated on the triangular-shaped island upon the rim of a volcano of which the island has three, Rano Kau, Maunga Terevaka and Katiki. Easter Island once bestowed lush vegetation and timber, but today that is all but gone. Seeing how the statues are buried now makes me think that one of the three volcanoes erupted violently killing all life on the island including the vegetation. The soil compositions burying the statues so deeply are probably the result of many volcanic eruptions and tsunamis that rushed into the craters of the dead volcanoes and flooded them.

Now that archeologists have dug to the bottom of these statues to the original plaza of these temples which apparently housed these statues geologists should be able to properly date the Easter Island culture, which I predict will now be several thousand years old instead of the original date somewhere between AD 400 to AD 690. The statues were called moai and range in weight from 20 tons to 90 tons. Some are up to 32 ft tall. The complexity of the statues are odd for such a remote island, but if taken in the context of the nearby Malden Island appear to be a part of a very vast and complicated network of Polynesian societies that were far more advanced than previously thought.

Once the Eastern Island culture was destroyed centuries of new settlers made the island home, some of which were cannibals, and it would appear that European travelers encountering Easter Island for the first time assumed that it was a version of the cannibals who had built the Easter Island statues. The statues seen in the photographs here are from the quarry at Rano Raraku. It cannot be ignored how these seemingly primitive groups of human beings were so obsessed with moving vast stone works. Such a mystery was difficult to imagine before it was revealed that the statues were much larger than originally thought. Now the prospect is simply mind bending.

A similar assumption was made at Serpent Mound, Ohio where early archeology quick to report findings for their universities, and thus validate their scientific funding determined that it was the Adena Indians who had built the strange mound structure on the rim of a cryptoexplosion dating 248 million to 286 million years ago. Cryptoexplosions are extremely rare on planet earth and are debated to be caused by meteor impacts or volcanic forces from under the earth’s crust. The builders of Serpent Mound appeared to understand in a primitive time where no society could have known what happened more than 200 million years ago, that the ground upon which mound was built was very unique. More archeological research has been conducted over the last couple of decades and Serpent Mound appears to be much older than originally thought, well into the thousands of years ago. The Adena Indians simply did as apparently the cannibals of Easter Island did, they settled the area long after the original builders had left or been destroyed and were given credit for being the descendents of the original culture.

There is a yearning to display the learned power and command over natural resources that just is not evident in primitive, collective societies at the Easter Island archeological site at Rano Raraku. The ability to find a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and build these tremendous standing statues is the work of more than nomads or hunters and gatherers. The recent discoveries at Easter Island is further proof that we are simply on page one in understanding the vast history of the human race that has been hidden by education monopolies, religious insistence, and human impatience to quickly smash the world’s facts into the meat grinder of domestic understanding. Ultimately the answer was always right in front of us, as it usually is. But it took someone to actually do some digging to get “to the bottom of it” so to speak, and discover that there is much more to the story than we ever thought, or conceived.


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14 thoughts on “The Moai of Easter Island HAVE BODIES: More unlocked mysteries for the human race

  1. I read the book kon tiki years ago by thor hyedall in the early 50 and he stated the easter isle heads had bodies AND huge hats out of red rock.


      1. actually thor’s party fugured out how the transported and set them upright as well. also know a lot of the civil war there with the “long ears” and what happened to all the trees, and proved how tribes navigated to the island and ocean currents.


      2. by, “brains” I mean in the simpliest terms. such as: “my cat has brains enough to cover her poop after relieving herself”


      1. LOL, that’s funny. Actually, that isn’t the case. They don’t have the votes, and they know it. The numbers are much worse than they were one year ago. But I’m glad they decided to represent the majority for a change.


    1. THIS is WHY.. Easter Island + its statues, the ENTIRE island is a giant 3d ideogram…A ring of volcanic statues some dormant some with red erupting tops,,,, sitting within the Pacific Ring of Fire…a ring of volcanoes…some dormant some with red erupting tops…they spoke “pictionary” they created Easter to teach us they knew volcanology….with that key one could then solve the others…Giza pyramid is also a 3d ideogram…add back the mirrors missing from the super pyramid + you have VOLCANIC MIRROR the science of super volcanoes + volcanic solar reflectivity “aerosols” cools earth + saves from solar flare…They sent visual message because they knew not what language the future would speak but we would all SEE the same…ANY languages, lands, nationalities can SEE the messages…google easter island ring of fire…or see my fb pages or youtube vids….PROOF? you can SEE them.


  2. This is an amazing discovery. Think of the many “scientists” that received millions of dollars in grants and federal subsidies for research and credited with non-existent expertise on various subjects. We see lists of research grants for obnoxious studies such as the effect of “gas” expulsion from bovines on global warming. I was thinking recently of the “NOVA: series and the research there when we really don’t know much about our own planet. Little is known about the oceans. China is restoring the many clay soldiers
    burried there. They are restoring them to their original colors by recreating the paints that were used.
    The fact is we are not really sure how Native Americans arrived in North America. I read in National Geographic several years ago that ancient bones were found in Oregan that were not what we consider Native American. These bones were not allowed to be researched because of the lobby of various Tribes that benefit from their Native American designation. So many things have been decided, obfuscated and denied because of the politically correct society.

    The discovery on Easter Island is proof positive that many experts are not experts at all.


    1. What is strange is that some of the rituals involving the “bird men” of Easter Island are very close to the “bird man” of Cahokia just outside of St. Louis. A lot of people don’t know that the so-called Native Americans had a city with pyramids and 30,000 residents in a time that many “experts” thought they could barely rub sticks together. It would seem human beings go through endless cycles of expansion, then contraction once they become too altruistic, similar to what is happening to us right now.


  3. For what it’s worth, a friend of mine from New Zealand has always referred to herself and her people as Maoi… pernounced (mow-EE). We as a modern race of man place purpose and reason in everything that we do, but imagine a time where life each day was as simple as merely waking up and falling asleep. Agriculture existed just the same… Hunting a few wild creatures as a hunting party in a small encampment could easily yield a week or two worth of food… and meanwhile children, women, and the rest of the men – including the hunters when their food supply was full… had nothing but time on their hands. To produce, out of stone a megalithic work is easily understood as a pass-time, much like carving dolls or artistic, fun items out of wood. To place purpose on it is impossible… The site’s location on easter-island, the sporadic way in which they are separated… So many conjectures and so little understanding throughout the centuries. You’d think the ‘locals’ would have some sort of legend surrounding it’s existence passed down through the ages – which without we’ll never be able to know with absolute certainty. I think the most accurate statement herein, is that science is much too full of itself; but even if re-established, is hindered greatly by man’s need to place purpose on everything we do! I want my damned jet pack! I wish I had more to offer on the topic, but it’s tough to know anything for certain about them. The first video is wonderful xD… but those last 5, that guy, like most… just seems far too confident given his ignorance. In a scientific place of authority, that’s a very dangerous portrayal. Hinders growth and forces us to backtrack through any progress made from that point forward. LoL and as for the moving methods used… the island is surrounded by water =P Think greek – (hydraulics anyone?)


  4. I so enjoy every time I watch a new video about Easter Island. I never knew they actually made a maoi and actually moved and placed it upright! Love NOVA and PBS, also. Thanks for the remarkable story!!


  5. With all respect to the research group working on Easter Island, it should be remembered that Easter Island is not far from the Easter Micro Tectonic Plate where three plates join together along the often described “ring of fire”. It begs the question how many times has Easter Island with its four extinct volcanoes has suffered either a off shore slope collapse or underwater “land” slide, or suffered from great tsunami waves from when the Easter plate “lost” in its strike/slip or subduction battle with the Nazca plate.
    As you folks might know a far size tsunami wave struck Easter Island in May of 1960. That wave knocked 15 ton Tongariki Ahu statues 640 meters inland. It doesn’t take much of an imagination having seen the devestation from the recent Tsunami in the Pacific to suggest that the reason why the population or society collapsed on Easter Island, or the massive forrests of palm trees disappeared was they were swept clean by tsunami activity in the years before the Europeans showed up and took the remaining people slaves and decimated the rest with all the diseases given the other poor native folks around the world. ‘Nuf said.


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