American Families Lost 40% of their Wealth: The little bits of socialism in West Chester

I received a Twitter feed the other day indicating American families had lost 40% of their wealth during the recession (depression) that occurred from 2007 to 2010. The same people who are scratching their heads now wondering how this has happened are still not talking about the obvious problem in Europe where similar numbers are being reported. The common problem that permeates all the economies involved in this world-wide recession is a global commitment to socialism that has caused these losses, yet nobody will call it out by name.

The depression of 2007 to present has been caused by socialism and the commitment to Keynesian economics. For the same reason that academics have been reluctant to reveal scientific discoveries that shatter their previously published studies, academics have been very reluctant to take responsibility for their commitment to socialism and communism in our public schools. Millions of college students have went through communism basic training in college, and are now expected to function in a capitalist economy, and they don’t know how—so the American economy is failing, because education failed The United States population, just as it has the people of Europe. European socialists actually expect to retire at age 55 only to become leeches for the second half of their lives off their collective societies.

To provide an example of how socialism has impacted our local economy I’ll repeat a story I heard from a business owner while having lunch the other day. The owner complained to me that he had advertised for his business in his parking lot on Sundays, just like many of his neighboring businesses have; only he was stunned to find that one of the zoning employees for the Township of West Chester cited him for the infraction. The owner asked why he was being picked on instead of the other businesses, and there wasn’t a good answer, because it is a commitment to socialism that the young zoning employees are committed to, not capitalism, and this particular business was being targeted because two of the three trustees of West Chester do not like the kind of people who come to this particular business, so regulation is used to make the act of doing business difficult. The politicians involved hope that the owner will eventually give up and go out of business. So in this way, local politics can pick winners and losers and those who want to stay in business learn that if they want to play ball, they have to grease some squeaky wheels in politics.

There are 5 zoning employees in West Chester, most of them hired during the building boom of the last decade. Many of them are no longer needed, but because they are government employees, they are nearly impossible to get rid of, so now they have nothing to do but create needless regulation and enforce those regulations on the businesses they see their bosses—the trustees—do not approve of, so they can maintain their jobs and appear to be effective. In this case none of the individual players are evil. But the system they are functioning under is socialism, and the collective nature of that philosophy is evil, because it allows a hierarchy class to pick winners and losers. In the case of the business owner I was having lunch with, he was being punished for being the “wrong” kind of business as determined by the hierarchy of two out of three West Chester trustees and the zoning employees were using regulation to decide what kind of business succeeds or fails in West Chester.

This isn’t just isolated to West Chester where zoning employees use regulation to control the flow of business. Just to the north in Liberty Twp, a Frisch’s restaurant that is due to open in August of 2012 experienced similar harassment. That restaurant almost didn’t happen because the builders were at odds with the zoning employee in Liberty Twp over whether or not that particular restaurant could have the famous Big Boy statue in front of their store. A regulation created by Jonathan West who is heavily petitioned against by several builders to be removed from power because of his open abuse of building investment in the region prevented the construction of the new Frisch’s for well over a year basically due to the issue of the famous statue. This same Liberty Twp zoning employee has went to great trouble going around the township harassing businesses in the same way that West Chester zoning employees have.

I’ve spoke to non business residents about these zoning issues and they almost always say to me, “but if it wasn’t for zoning, those greedy builders could do whatever they want and would only get richer.” And there you have it. That is the cause of the 40% loss in American wealth—the American people have been taught to distrust businessmen and business women, corporations, builders, developers, inventors, anyone who is rich—they are all targets from all the little socialists who seek government jobs and a lifetime of justifying their jobs with coercion sucking up to the political class. In the case of the zoning employees, it is the majority rule on the Township trustee boards who decides what businesses will be heavily regulated and which will not just like cops pull over sports cars with young 25-year-old men more often than the middle-aged tax payer in a “family car,” because the regulation is a “nudge” created by the collective to help shape society into the vision of the political class. The trustees have to show the community that they are doing tasks the voters can see, so they use regulation to give themselves performance measures and they use those same regulations to pick successful businesses and failed businesses. The zoning people just like the police “enforce” the law of politicians so that socialism can grow.

None of this is intentional. Human beings do what they are taught, and unfortunately for more than 40 years, socialism has been taught to the American people, and they have accepted it thinking they were being patriotic American citizens. They did not see the red flag of the Soviet Union, or China, so they did not think they were advocating socialism on a clear path to communism when they embraced the tyrannical polices of township trustees and their zoning employees. But it is socialism that makes the cost of doing business either prohibitive or conducive, and if a business is out of favor with the “political class” even in a conservative area like West Chester or Liberty Twp they will be put out of business with excessive court costs and fines. There is simply too much government that have their hands in too many businesses, and there are too many people who believe that regulation protects them from “greedy” rich people who just want to make money.

Schools have taught generations of young people who “making money” is a bad, evil act. Yet the world is shocked when they learn that socialism in Europe is bankrupting the Eurozone and America has lost 40% of it’s wealth in just 4 short years. Lack of wealth creation is the natural byproduct of having an anti-wealth creation mentality in society, and most Americans are just a little bit guilty of accepting socialism without realizing they are accepting a parasitic political philosophy that is inadvertently destroying their lives. But the guiltiest of this serious crime are those who know better, but advance socialism anyway because they consider themselves good little Democrats, progressives, ex-hippies, or civil rights crusaders. They refuse to admit to themselves that it is their political philosophy that is ruining the world, and they deny the fact to themselves. They are no different from the overweight person who claims to be on a diet and orders a tremendous amount of fattening food at a restaurant but justifies their diet by ordering a “diet” soda. Those same types of people claim they are committed to capitalism, yet they want huge government employee expansion, wonderful federal pensions, and short—nonproductive work hours—then they wonder why no wealth has been created and businesses are failing. They also wonder why nobody is stepping forward to start a business when they have zoned land to attract such development. The reason is socialism. More often than not, the zoning administrator who drives around on a Sunday afternoon picking on businesses who break their zoning regulations are making more money than the owners of such businesses by the time the business owner follows all the federal regulations, state regulations, and community regulations, then pays for their accountants, their attorney fees and pads the pockets of the local politicians by donating tremendous amounts of money to the charities in fashion at the time. It is the little socialist government zoning worker who sits at their desk all day maintaining their Facebook accounts and little else who make much more money at the end of the day while the business owner worries each night before he goes to bed how he can stay open for one more day, or one more week.

Hmmmmm, I wonder why America is losing its wealth?


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