Jerry Sandusky Trial: The pain of doing the right thing

Over the years I have gotten into a lot of trouble righting wrongs that in my view were pure evil. Sometimes in these conflicts the other side does not survive the worst case scenarios and sometimes the decimation of the wrong doer’s public persona is worse than death to them, because they care so much what others think. Sometimes the wrong doers are single advocates of terror, and sometimes the terrorist is a large organization. But as I reflect back on my life at this moment I can honestly say that even with all the pain it’s caused, with all the conflict, with all the broken hearts that follow—I am proud to have never turned away from a situation like Mike McQueary did when he walked in on Jerry Sandusky raping a young boy in a shower. McQueary did what the law says you should do, and that is report the incident to a higher authority. The trouble is, when our world is laced with massive amounts of self-serving corruption, and weaklings of spirit, such authority cannot be trusted. No, in reality by the rules of the human race, McQueary had an obligation to that little boy to save him from the domination of a much older man—but he didn’t. He took the weak way out and left the responsibility of justice to the mob of collective campus politics where it was swept under the rug at Penn State.

Of all the adults I know, most talk tough one on one over lunch, or at the local pub, but when it comes to action, they are often afraid to act on their knowledge of justice just as McQueary did. Only Darryl Parks at 700 WLW seems to have as much conviction over the Jerry Sandusky trial as I do. I believe what Darryl says in this broadcast seen below from his Saturday show because Darryl has taken a similar stand on school levies, which exploit children to pad the pockets of public employees, and he often goes on bold crusades against wrong doers calling them out by name on the 50,000 watt flamethrower known all over the Eastern United States as the Big One. He does those things because often it’s the right thing to do, and these days very few people feel secure enough with themselves to take a stand of any kind. And this has led to the kind of evil that occurred at Penn State for a very long time where hundreds, probably thousands turned away from justice in blind servitude to the might of Penn State as an institution. Listen to what Darryl has to say on the matter.

Right now, there are children who are desperately looking for adults to emulate, to show them that becoming a man or a woman is not a cheap suit of depravity. When a child is being abused and it is well known, yet good people turn away from the situation then evil is allowed to rule and goodness has lost. It does not matter if it is a beloved sports franchise, a business, a neighbor, a boss, even a parent. If evil is allowed to rule without being challenged, then the word “good” has no meaning.

Darryl is right. Mike McQueary should have beaten the living shit out of Sandusky on the spot when the rape was occurring. McQueary should have turned Sandusky into a bag of broken bones, which he could have done. Without question McQueary probably would have lost his job, he would have been sued; he would have been castigated in the sports community and may not have found another coaching job. But he would have saved that little boy and perhaps many others over the years. He had a moral obligation to that child, and he turned away from it trusting “the system” to do the right thing for him—which of course did not happen. Everyone in “the system” chose purposely to do the wrong thing to save themselves and their careers. In the sporting world, every person that knew about Jerry Sandusky’s rape of children is guilty. And many did know, because as Darryl pointed out, nobody offered Jerry Sandusky a job after he left Penn State, because they didn’t want the baggage. Nobody will ever admit it in the light of day, but they knew which was revealed in their silence.

I’m sure Mike McQueary like many people in his position wish they could go back and do it all again. I’m sure he’s played it out in his mind thousands of times what he “should have” done, but didn’t. When people ask me why I’ve taken the positions I have, or said the things I have, or done the things I’ve done to people who have done wrong and accuse me of being extreme, and over-the-top, I would point to issues like this situation at Penn State. I will not have on my conscience the kind of torture Mike McQueary has experienced. Lucky for me, I’ve had court judges who think of these matters similar as I do, and could have put me in jail many times over, but didn’t because they recognized the situations for what they were. But that doesn’t always happen, and some of those old judges from my past are long retired and have been replaced by lifetime ambulance chasing lawyers just looking for steady work, and have very little ethics. So it is possible they might throw the book at a freedom fighter just because they can, so they don’t have to feel the guilt of their own decrepit lives by equal measure.

Right now, many reading this know of some little tyranny in their own lives that they are doing nothing about, and they are letting down the innocent with their inaction. They eat, they watch too much television, they rent too many movies in a hope to push those thoughts from their minds, but it doesn’t work—does it? No amount of alcohol or any other drug can fully push it from the mind once the imprint of a coward makes its mark. And that makes them diminished human beings incapable of running their own lives, raising children, running businesses or serving as politicians. In fact, my hatred of most politicians is over this very issue. Most of them are cowards who are seeking to redeem some little Mike McQueary moment in their lives by serving on a school board, or becoming a township trustee. But what they bring with them to the table is more of their cowardly behavior and they seek to make deals with other cowards because like minds think the same, and soon they have made victims of thousands instead of just a few leaving behind destruction and psychological mayhem in their wake. No amount of tax money stolen from the tax payers can purchase their ticket into heaven making up for the sins of their past. There isn’t enough money in all of human potential that can erase the sins of inaction once they’ve happened.

I won’t lie to you dear reader, life is much easier if you just turn away from the tortured children of the world, or avoid the punks, the losers, the dirty politicians who at every turn seek to make a new victim at the hands of their aggression. But in the act of turning away, your mind records it, and you will never forget the pieces of you that are lost by each transgression. It is not just depleted cellular growth that makes people old; it’s the pieces that fall away as we must remember all the times we’ve turned away from evil to save our own skins leaving another to perish at the hands of a monster. So personally speaking, there is much less damage in kicking the shit out the monster right then and there and letting the chips fall wherever, because the inaction will cost you more in the long run.


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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

6 thoughts on “Jerry Sandusky Trial: The pain of doing the right thing

  1. How well you know the pain of doing the right thing, Rich Hoffman. We were there that very day you were being savaged by the public, not too long ago.I dont believe you could live with yourself being any other way, and I belive thats why the friendships you have are so true and so strong. We all need to speak out more, and worry less about what others think.


  2. I read the transcripts on Darryl’s web site and got sick to my stomach. It is even worse reading it than hearing the reports from the trial. I have watched the reporters coming out of the trial on “in Session” and they are sick too. Sandusky is an animal. A brut and satan incarnate. Like many of our institutions, including the Catholic Church and schools people get away with evil and nothing is done. There is always a coverup to protect the institution. the child is always discreditied and demeaned to the point that the parents hate to put them through a trial. A trial where he will be persecuted by the “defense attorney.”

    When I see Sandusky with that evil, smirky smile on his face going in to the trial, it is obvious he feels no remorese or guilt. He did what he wanted and it made him feel even more important. To think that he ran that Second Mile organization with millions of dollars of donations He groomed his victims from the poor kids that went there for help. I wonder how many others groomed kids in the same manner. There have been rumors that more people were involved.

    Darryl is right, they protected the image of Penn State. How often have we heard the same attitude with our local school districts. I notice that the “Dance of the Lemons” is in full swing. Many administrators moving to other districts. Sad that they move around for more and more money. No penalty when they are reported for bad ethics (at least). It is so disgusting that the public continues to read the PR put out by the Pulse. Mantia has her own column now and I suspect that the highly paid PR person writes it for her.
    She also rehired two assistant superintendents, called consultants, which she says at “no cost to the district.” Who in the hell does she think pays the freight at the Butler County Educational Service Center? Does she thinks this money drops down from heaven? Or maybe she thinks the property owners pick $100.00 dollar bills off of trees that they grow in their yards. Mr. Spurlock retired and is rehired at the rate of $440.00 per day as a consultant. I know people that live on less than that per week. Can’t Mantia perform her job? With all of the money changing and account moves she has the audacity to tell the public that she saved the district $49,700 through July, 2012. Just how stupid does she think we are? Her numbers never jibe. I expect more smoke screems from the Lakota upper caste. Drive by the schools and the board office. You’ll be amazed just how few cars are sitting there. Remember the central staff is paid on a year – round contract. Of course there are no time clocks for them. I doubt that any little secretary would take a chance and tell how often they aren’t in the office. Hair appointments, pedicures, etc. are a possibility. Luncheon dates and of course that all time favorite, running the business on school time.

    I’m glad to hear that Rich and a few others still believe in doing the right thing.


    1. Also remember when the board hired Mantia they had to buy out all her benefits and give more- the woman has something like 65 sick days.,,,,what will she do now that there is no levy coming up? Shes going to havevto act like she really cares for the community.


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