France Will Fail Economically Within a Year: How to detect a socialist

Over the past weekend France had their elections and it was the Socialist Party behind President Francois Hollande who won the majority in the parliamentary elections. The first statements made from Hollande’s Socialist Party upon the news was that they plan immediately to raise taxes on big banks and oil companies, levy a 75-percent tax on incomes higher than $1 million Euro’s and hire 60,000 more teachers. Sound familiar?

Here in The United States, it is not a coincidence that Democrats specifically support almost identical measures. That is because raising taxes on the rich, and expanding the public sector with mindless contributions to the field of education are policies of socialists, so even though union leaders and politicians who call themselves progressives and Democrats laugh at the notion that they are socialists—their behavior identifies them as one. Their denial of their commitment to socialism is a conscious one. For many years they have attempted to sell communism to the American people by changing its name.

A similar comparison would be to declare that they are not football players because they actually play baseball. The commitment to a particular sport is the difference in the title. To those individual players the difference between the two is worlds apart. But to the spectators who attend football and baseball games we might consider all the players of both games under the designation of “athletes.”

In politics if a government believes that the playing field must be leveled so the creators serve the workers, we would call them socialists. Within socialist circles there are of course variations that have specific roles for specific games within politics, such as Democrats, progressives, Marxists, communists and so on. It is easy to become confused when left leaning politicians and political philosophers show different variations and differ from one another on the political left. Bertrand Russell for instance believed that all human beings should work a four-hour day and that managers of industry should not make more money than the workers who do the labor. He actually disagreed with Karl Marx on many points, almost as many points as he disagreed with capitalism. William Du Bois, the famous advocate of the civil rights movement was in many ways a rational pragmatist that I personally agree with on many issues, but then he would stick his foot in his mouth with tremendous praise for Soviet dictator Josef Stalin upon the death of that mass murderer. Noam Chomsky at times as a modern philosopher for the left advocates openly for complete anarchy and is the voice behind the current Occupy Movement. His comments easily betray the desires of presidents like Francois Hollande or Obama. Obama without question is a socialist. He may very well be a hard-core Marxist. He may be as extreme as an open communist. That is to say that if he were playing sports, he’d be a baseball player, a basketball player, and a football player. He’d be a jock in sports, an athlete of the highest order. In politics Obama plays all the sports, bits of Marxism, bits of socialism, bits of communism, all the while calling himself a Progressive Democrat.

What socialists always error in is their blanket assumption that a name plate position will execute the results of their desires. For instance, as in France, they intend to create 60,000 teachers. It is the belief of socialists that school teachers are important in expanding the desires of their philosophers such as Bertrand Russell who was born in Wales and taught at Cambridge University and influenced many of the current minds occupying the French Parliament as socialists. Russell was the big advocate that working less contributed to more human happiness, and used the Great Depression as a platform to attack capitalism and advance his cause. He had great influence on most of Europe at the time which migrated across the Atlantic to FDR’s ears. It is largely Russell’s ideas that shaped the modern European concept of such early retirement, which are bankrupting Greece, Italy and Spain with France soon to follow. Germany just rose their retirement age to 67 and they are currently the most stable of the countries in the European Union because of decisions like that. Yet all of Europe currently are looking at Germany to bail them out of their financial woes because somebody has to pay for all those benefits due to non productive citizens who are living till age 70 and 80 yet retiring at age 55 and 62. The math just doesn’t work out and rather than admit that their social engineering gods were wrong from the halls of the great Cambridge University, they would rather steal the money from their neighbors to balance their budget resulting from their failed philosophies.

In The United States Obama’s commitment to socialism has pushed the national debt to nearly $16 trillion dollars before the conclusion of his first term. He has blamed everyone but himself of course, because he is fundamentally flawed in his thinking. His Marxist teachers at the University of Chicago and at Harvard lied to him, and he can’t come to grips with it. Obama coming from a broken home looked to education as a stabilizing force in his wrecked life, and the tragedy for a person like him is the same as finding out that a dad is not superman, or a mom an angel. For too many evenings Barack Obama smoked dope with his Marxist college students and professors discussing the merit of philosophers like Marx, Russell, Du Bois, and Chomsky.

But the theories have fallen apart under practice, and a lack of emphasis on quality has destroyed even the basic premise of socialism. We have learned here in America that hiring 60,000 more teachers or spending $200 million more on education will not improve the intelligence of our youth. Because quality is not the emphasis, most of the teachers will be proven to be complete failures who shouldn’t teach a turtle to walk let alone help shape the fragile mind of a child. Yet politicians like Obama will say that his plan for saving the American economy is to “create” more government jobs and that will somehow fix everything.

Socialists forget that somebody has to create the things that they give away to the lazy, the stupid, and the diabolically lackluster. If all the money the rich make is stolen from them and given to a bunch of lazy loafers, then what incentive is there for a job creator to take a chance at creating something if they cannot reap the benefit of their labor? Socialist because of writers like Russell believe that the rich land owners and managers of enterprise are exploiting the workers unjustly by living lavish lifestyles off the backs of the oppressed while they live sumptuous lifestyles with beautiful women, fur coats and exotic cars. But the truth is, the rich person created something which gave a job to those who lacked that ability, and they deserve the benefits of ownership.

Socialists miss the entire concept of ownership, and without that ownership their utopian society fails 100% of the time. France will bankrupt themselves within the year and it won’t take long for them to be worse off than Greece, because the government philosophy they are functioning under is a failure. It’s a flash in the pan that was over before it ever got started. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that people will have a tendency to irresponsibly vote themselves gifts, and that is what happened in France. The French people want their guaranteed vacations, their early retirements at 62 years old, and their medical coverage. But they don’t care where the money comes from. They are counting on bailouts from Germany or even The United States if their country can’t balance their budget because now that all of Europe is in a union together nobody is incentivized to lead themselves. This is why socialism fails. Without personal incentive, countries, governments, and people will fail without exception, because their lives are built on the premise of looting from others who do the work, so that they can loaf in the comfort of collectivism.

A socialist can always been identified by their blind commitment to education, and a belief in shared sacrifice. Their mentality is a disease upon the face of the planet and there is no question that there are some in a neighborhood near you. Because socialism is the political philosophy of the weak, and timid pacifist, and those are not the type who create jobs—so their commitment to socialism costs them nothing. All they have to do is sit back, vote in favor of socialism and miraculously food falls into their mouths without their effort to obtain it. This is why any society that commits to such a preposterous concept will eliminate themselves from the economical game of life.


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