How To Remove a School Levy: Taking tax money back from the schools

The Cincinnati Enquirer recently announced that Lakota Schools had lost nearly half of all their school principals due to the financial struggles of three failed school levies. These Lakota principals have jumped off the ship citing upon their exit that they are uncertain about their financial futures and are either retiring or seeking employment elsewhere. That information is of course contrary to what they say in school levy campaigns, which is that everything they do is for the children. The mass exodus of these administrators to school districts they believe will continue their premium salaries and benefits should be an insult to the surrounding schools, and reveals what the true feelings are from these school employees. Administrators are essentially saying that they would rather leave behind the children who count on them because the district is attempting to solve their financial difficulties in favor of districts that are still throwing money at their public employees like there is no tomorrow.

One of the downsides to the Lakota School District deciding not to put a levy on the ballot in 2012 is that I will not get to attempt what the taxpayers in the Westerville School District are doing. For many years, those of us who have fought against tax increases have felt like victims of an organized political plot arranged between local politicians on school boards, and the radical teachers unions who have created for themselves gold plated benefits and wages at the expense of the tax payer. I have often complained that the average wage for the Lakota employee is $63K per year, but in Westerville, in Central Ohio, their average wage is $65K per year and trending towards $80,000 by the 2014/2015 school years. The spending was not stopped at Westerville as it was at Lakota because voters there approved by a narrow margin a 51% to 49% passage of a 6.71 mil tax.

See video of the repeal move against this levy at this link:

Usually, the story ends there, as it did recently in Southern Ohio in districts like Fairfield, Lebanon, and Little Miami who barely passed their tax levies with the help of huge apartment dweller votes, and serious organized labor rhetoric. Many voters once they approve for levy passage and see how the schools spent the money on teacher raises and other employee costs often regret their decision. And that’s what’s happening in Westerville.

With the help of the 1851 Center as their legal representation tax fighters have began to collect signatures to place on the ballot a roll back of that recently approved levy which is a tremendous act. Westerville is doing what all school districts who fight higher taxes are doing, and that is utilize the philosophy of the “best defense is a great offense.” Don’t wait for the radical union elements to push for further tax increases. Go after the tax increases already wrestled and manipulated by the educrats in organized labor, and rob it back to give to the tax payers who had it stolen to begin with. Such a move means that no longer on Election Day can organized labor put levy after levy on a ballot till it passes, then roll their naked bodies in the piles of money once they’ve legally stolen it without recourse. The 1851 Center led by Maurice Thompson has revealed a little known section of Ohio Revised Code that makes what Westerville is doing possible for every school district in Ohio who has suffered a similar fate. Read more about Westerville here:

I had a chance recently to speak with Maurice Thomson for a bit and he let me know that a few Southern Ohio tax fighters had contacted him but did not follow through, and he was still waiting to hear from them. I was surprised because I know the people involved and it seemed like the kind of thing that they would pounce on. Thompson is the Executive Director at the 1851 Center and directed the Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions. Previously Thompson served as an attorney for the Sam Adams Foundation in Chicago and practiced privately in Ohio and Illinois. His legal fees on these education matters are free. He has successfully litigated cases in the Supreme Court of Ohio as well as intermediate courts of appeal and courts of common pleas throughout Ohio on issues such as property rights, regulation taxation, corporate welfare, search and seizures and smoking bans. He’s also the author of Presuming Liberty: Using Ohio’s Constitution to Limit Government, Defending Liberty in Ohio: A Roadmap for Protecting Freedom and Limiting Government with the State Constitution, and he wrote the forward for the current pocket copy of Ohio’s Constitution. You can contact Thompson at the following website:

Maurice Thompson has actually written a citizens guide to reducing school district tax burden that can be found at the 1851 Center site. Basically, what Thompson is advocating is that there is a very little utilized R.C. 5705 and R.C. 5748 that allows tax payers to reduce or eliminate most types of school district property and income taxes enacted through local levy elections. Specifically it is R.C. 5705.261 that permits Ohioans to use local initiatives to win the reduction or repeal of qualifying tax levies. Some of the rules for reduce or repeal of a tax is the voters must have approved the levy. The levy must not expire, and there can only be one attempt every five years. Read it for yourself here:

So for those who want to attempt this, be sure to take a page out of the union playbook and collect the ballot signatures during the summer while all the school employees are on their Caribbean cruises and vacationing at Disney World so that they can’t match your signatures with an attempt of their own to reduce their own levies with a ballot attempt of .000001 mil just to keep residents from being able to strike back at them, since another attempt would have to wait 5 years before trying again.

The sum of these matters is this—tax payers do not have to be passive victims always waiting for a school district to attack them with never ending tax increases. There are measures right now in place to strike back at the labor union methods of placing levy after levy, after levy on a ballot until it passes—then attempting to put it on in the summer like they did in Pickerington to stack the votes in favor of the school employees since school was off everyone’s mind. That district finally passed their levy after several attempts. Lawyers at the 1851 Center like Maurice Thompson are licking their chops for an opportunity to help right the wrongs that are going on in Ohio Schools at the expense of children for the gain of extremely self centered public employees who are out-of-touch and just plain greedy. But people have to call them, and let them help. Tax fighters have to be willing to collect signatures, but most of the people I know who fight these things have done all this activity before, so it isn’t difficult. I plan to call Maurice if Lakota ever manages to sneak one by in my district. But for those who have had them sneak by, like Lebanon, like Fairfield, like Forest Hills, like Little Miami, I recommend you call Maurice today and begin the process of removing those levies and showing the school boards that the tax payers of your districts are not going to take it.

We do not have to sit around waiting for school districts to keep pushing and pushing and pushing a tax until they get it passed, forcing taxpayers to just endure the higher tax grudgingly for the next 4 to 5 years until they try to raise taxes again in order to pay for the extraordinary salaries of their public employees. Now taxpayers can strike back, and do so in a huge way. And the way is being paved in Westerville with the help of Maurice Thompson at the 1851 Center. The wave of the future is not in tax increases initiated by bloated school districts but in the removal of them by the citizens who refuse to take the initiatives lying down. Such vigilance is the best way to bring fiscal responsibility to school districts by forcing changes that the schools will not enact upon themselves because of the radicalism of the unions that infect them.

As for Lakota, they will learn that they can succeed quite well without those middle manager principals, and that all along many of those administrators were just useless positions that could easily have been picked up by the assistant principals or a promoted teacher. The urgency at Lakota is only because the residents have taken the effort to manage our costs by saying no to tax increases. But for the other districts around Ohio who have been unfortunate in having taxes raised behind their backs after intense struggles—such as Little Miami who put their levy on the ballot 9 times—there is now a tool that tax payers can use to shut down those levy increases so that there will soon be no place for the bandits to escape to, forcing them as public employees to deal with the facts of reality.


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Glenn Beck Gives Birth to a Nation: “COWARDS” a truly sexual experience

Because I’m in the process of doing the work with my own publisher of putting my second book into book stores and going about the task of obtaining blurbs and reviews prior to the book’s release, I was in Barnes and Noble about the time that Glenn Beck’s new book COWARDS was being stacked on the shelf. I had to take a minute to admire what Glenn Beck has done in America because in spite of what political opponents of Beck think about the popularity of his radio show and his TV work at CNN, Fox News, and now his revolutionary GBTV series, Beck’s real influence is elsewhere. They miss the power of Beck and what he’s been able to accomplish in just one decade of very hard work. Beck will go down in history for what he has done in the book publishing industry. His work as an author is tremendous but his work as a publisher will be imposing. I was impressed to hold his new book in my hand and examine the quality of it, and consider the cost of manufacture, the pricing, the ability to impact so many distribution outlets so quickly, but more than that—to fill the incredible demand for his books that sell in the millions.

I had spent three years preparing my latest book, and this sales phase that I’m in now is very time-consuming, and laborious, so I appreciate what it takes to deliver a book like COWARDS to book stores—how many advance sales must be generated, how much advertising is spent upon the book’s release, and all the people who are involved. Beck these days has many employees to help him get his message out, and much to his credit, he has not become complacent, or egotistical in his ability to deliver his message, but it wasn’t always that way. Beck wrote his first book in 2003, and has consistently produced books every year since. These days he puts out two books a year and now COWARDS follows his very good book Being George Washington. Glenn Beck’s books are wonderfully written and make complicated information accessible to the average person, so they sell like hot cakes.

Beck is close to my age, so I can speak authentically about the conditions that brought about the current revolution that is occurring which I credit primarily on Glenn Beck’s books. When books sell to millions of readers, the author will affect the culture of civilization and no author currently sells as well as Glenn Beck does, which truly must infuriate the political left. For many years the left through their penetration of the publishing industry, domination of television, and the film industry have been able to control the messages and take America in directions the majority didn’t want to go. But because many intelligent people in America liked to read, watch TV, and see movies, they filtered out the socialist propaganda as best they could, but yearned for entertainment that spoke about their concerns. The entertainment industry and other media outlets denied Americans what they hungered for.

I know many, many people my age who have been screaming at the top of their lungs for two decades now for the kind of material Glenn Beck is putting out. Back then there was nobody to listen. Media outlets would ignore press releases. Manuscripts were shoved into closets. Screenplays were rejected because they didn’t match the progressive vision of modern Hollywood, and nobody would book a public speaker with a conservative message. The progressive media outlets educated in the university system shaped by the modern socialists looked down their noses at anyone who spoke about traditional American values.

What Glenn Beck has done is give life to a movement that was long suppressed. The best way I can think to articulate the situation is to compare it to sex. I have often felt that the fight to penetrate that egg of American value of which the progressive institutions protected so furiously was like the egg inside a female body seeking to be penetrated by a sperm and seeded with the second half of what it needed to make a human being. In sex it takes millions of sperm to swarm around the egg and only one typically penetrates so that pregnancy can occur. The rest will fall short even if they reach the outer shell of the egg. For many years this has been the frustration. We would get to the egg, and find it nearly impossible to penetrate.

Progressives just like in sex would seek to use birth control to keep the sperm from ever getting to the egg. Instead the freedom fighters of tradition would find themselves caught in the end of a rubber condom to be thrown away uneventfully, or progressives would seek to keep an egg from even arriving, so that pregnancy could not occur. Glenn Beck from a Tampa radio station was one of the first to fully penetrate the egg in modern American culture. Before him a few got through, but the pregnancy did not take fully. With Beck, the egg became a much more complicated entity, and within a fairly short time, birth has been given to a new day in America. Traditional American values now have a voice and it is learning to talk, walk, and fight.

The growth of this movement is being fed by Glenn Beck’s books, and it’s very hungry. Progressives truly hoped that by denying food it would starve to death. But Beck through a combination of luck, and talent has used his abilities to his maximum range to create a new life for America.

Now that the new birth in America has occurred, those voices who have tried for so long to break through are suddenly finding they can penetrate eggs of their own. I know many freedom fighters now that are writing books, giving speeches around the country, and doing their own version of what Beck achieved. They are not copies of Beck, but simply following like angry warriors through the crack in the wall exposed by Beck’s penetration into the marketplace dominated by progressive politics.

By doing the math, the political left will not survive. That does not mean everyone can go back to sleep. The battles still have to be fought. But the amount of material that is pouring into book stores and media outlets are now beginning to overwhelm the sad little messages of socialism that progressives have been advocating against the conscious will of most Americans. Beck’s books would not sell if Americans rejected their message, and what has happened is like a hungry fetus, Americans were starving for what Beck had to say, and they buy his books by the truckload. No progressive entertainer has been able to achieve the same impact. No college professor, no rock star, no scandalous actress, no left leaning politician, no left leaning radio host, nobody. The reason is the message of the progressive is weak, and Beck’s material contains a truth that most people always suspected, but were denied by the controls within the media culture.

In 2004 when I released my book The Symposium of Justice, I had a God awful time getting it even made, let alone put into a book store. I had to self-publish it because no publisher in their right mind would attempt to place it on a book shelf or put their name behind it. Nobody would publicly say they liked it even though privately they spoke very highly of it. TV would not cover it, radio didn’t know how to discuss it, and industry professionals would proclaim that it was out of step with the “mood of the nation.” What they meant was that is wasn’t progressive enough. So I spent my own money and put it out myself, which was a good decision. It took enormous work to get that far, and because of it, to this very day it’s still available to people who have slowly taken to it—which I knew would be the case.

My new novel Tail of the Dragon was accepted by American Publishing as one of their 80 titles out of several thousand they are producing in 2012. As they sent me the contract, I realized that times had changed in America. Just 6 years prior a publisher wouldn’t even consider such a manuscript as mine that features a rebellious journey against the growing public sector, advocating smaller government–and even had a Spirit of 76 flag painted on top of the protagonist’s car to reflect his patriotic values. The acceptance of Tail of the Dragon by a legitimate publisher comes from a publishing industry that sees how Glenn Beck has changed the business of publishing, and book stores are learning what big business traditional literature is for a public hungry for it.

At a recent meeting I attended I held in my hand the 2009 book by Matt Meyer called Homeland Security and Federalism: Protecting America from Outside the Beltway. I had serious doubts that a very statistical book like that one could have been published much earlier than it was, because Matt is one of those freedom fighters that I share a lot in common. He had been knocking around for a long time trying to get into the egg only to find himself one of the many who were directed away from fertilization due to many opposing forces. Matt is important to me because it was his data at The Buckeye Institute that I used to combat the Lakota School Levy issues over the last couple of years, because Matt made the numbers accessible for others to analyze and act upon. Prior to The Buckeye Institute the information was much more difficult to get. Matt Meyer is part of a new group of freedom fighters that are filling the voids that Beck has not been able to cover–the individual statewide issues throughout the country. But he’s not alone. It is my opinion that because of Glenn Beck fertilizing that egg protected by progressive politics, America has a new defender in the form of a growing movement and it desires to be fed by Glenn Beck books and the fresh work by people like Matt Meyer, and Nick Gillespie of Reason Magazine, and Matt Kibbe of Freedom Works, who now boast over a million members. Before Beck’s astounding success, those voices were stuffed into the end of a condom and suppressed uneventfully, but they did not give up. They kept swimming, and trying to escape, and kept pushing away at the walls of progressive politics, and finally those walls are caving in.

Glenn Beck’s book COWARDS looks like it will have the same type of impact that his book BROKE had, which put on the table the crises of the national deficit well before time has run out. As Europe flounders in emergency status because of their commitments to socialism, America has a chance to turn things around primarily because Glenn Beck put the issue on the table with that wonderful book BROKE. Within a year of that book’s release congress put forward the Ryan Plan to seriously take a stab at solving the American debt crises—which is still a long way from being solved. But Beck’s books have a continuing impact on America and the people of our nation that truly deserves celebration.

Progressives have figured out how to manipulate voting by catering to women bloc groups, Hispanics and other minorities, along with civil rights issues to twist the desires of the average American into electing the kind of politicians they desire. But Americans truly vote when they plop their money down for a new book. And these days, most of the time the books that leave a book store are those written and published by Glenn Beck—and that is a very good thing. Because that is the indication of what the true feelings are in America, and what they still value in spite of 100 years of progressive undermining with prevention of cultural penetration. The penetration happened anyway, and now there’s no stopping it. The progressive way of life will be rejected by the masses of American culture, and our nation will recover much to the disappointment of the utopians who will wonder how their condom broke and they found themselves pregnant with a life they did not intend.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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