Joe Biden Bails on Coming to Butler County, Ohio: Buying votes with the promise of easy jobs

The number one problem with politics was displayed vividly for all to see when it was learned that Vice President Joe Biden planned to visit Hamilton, Ohio on Monday June 25th to rally his base of public sector workers, firemen, police, and teachers by reminding them of their accomplishment a year ago to remove the law that would have reformed collective bargaining in Ohio. When the media announced the VP visit every single article proudly framed the story as though the people of Butler County were privileged that a member of the royal elite were actually going to pay attention to “little ol’” Hamilton in the scheme of global politics. The political left is such a convoluted entity that they actually celebrate activity which prevents the management of tax money.

Yes, it’s true; if Biden had visited as planned to Hamilton he would have brought jobs with him. Think of all the police officers who would be on staff that to shut down the roads so the tax payers could not use them, to make way for Biden’s motorcade. Think of all the teachers and firefighters who would be paid to stand around Biden to pose for pictures and video cameras. At least the teachers would be off for the summer, because they only work 9 months out of the year, but the rest of the public workers whom Biden sought to pander would be assembled by our tax dollars to make way for a self-serving political speech on behalf of the Obama campaign. During Biden’s visit if I desired to go to the auto store to get a new oil filter for one of my cars, I wouldn’t be able to because the public employee cops would have shut down all the roads for another public employee in Biden to simply make a campaign stop that serves him and his boss all of which is completely paid for by the tax payer, including the transportation that brought Biden to Hamilton in the first place. I would say that my need to get to the auto store is far more important than the speech of just another public servant.

But too many people think of Washington as a faraway place where the “big people” do all the wheeling and dealing in America, and when one of them comes near our homes, we feel privileged to be so near those nameplate gods. Such hero-worship is terribly misplaced and all who relish such thoughts are delusional voters that are a menace to our republic. The reality of Biden’s visit is that he is playing Chicago style politics set by the Obama administration. I mentioned this weeks ago when Team Obama set up their office in Mason, Ohio. They are showing the country that they are going to attack the very heart of the Republican Party by campaigning in one of the most conservative areas in the entire world, Butler and Warren County, Ohio. They are going to attack the turf of John Boehner who lives within miles of where Biden would be speaking, to let John know they are going to hit him where he lives. And it’s well known all over the country what the situation at Lakota Schools is and progressive groups everywhere are seeking to protect their public sector utopian plans. These progressive groups are terrified of the type of reforms we are forcing here because if the dominos start falling in public education in Butler County, they will fall all over the nation. So Biden planned to remind the public workers of their small victory last year when they managed to gather enough signatures to repeal Issue 2, otherwise known as Senate Bill 5 ending John Kasich’s work as governor before it ever got started.

Biden like his boss Obama know that normal people are not dumb enough to continue to vote for them, so that is why they are pushing for more illegal immigration, and targeting minorities who are hungry for government checks—otherwise known as “Obama money.” The Obama camp knows that if they do not give people things, nobody will vote for their ridiculous political philosophy so they aim to always expand government by creating more government jobs. That is their idea of creating jobs, adding more teachers that will only raise our taxes, adding more firemen who will spend most of their days playing Medal of Honor at the firehouse on Xbox, or cops that sit on the side of the road giving out citations for seatbelt infractions and we pay those positions nearly six figure salaries to do such simple jobs.

Biden knows that nobody will listen to his message unless he pays them, which is what would be going on at his little speech. In Butler County there are 51,000 registered Republicans and only 13,000 registered Democrats. Without question many of those Democrats are public workers, which are why they will vote for Obama no matter what crimes are committed at The White House, because they want some of that “Obama Money.”

The problem with Senate Bill 5 was not that over a million public worker and their mommies signed the petition, it was that the Republic Party was split over the issue; otherwise the repeal would have never made it. In a state of over 11 million people it was only 2 million who voted for the repeal. Most of the Republicans stayed home because of the infighting that went on over whether or not “collective bargaining” was fair. It was internal dilemmas that won the repeal, not the effort of the public sector workers.

But in Butler County unlike the rest of Ohio there is no confusion. There are five major Tea Party groups within 20 miles of where Biden planned to speak, and there is a very strong 9/12 presence. Butler County has one of the strongest tax fighting groups in the country standing up to public education and of course, Speaker of the House John Boehner has his home in Butler County. Most of the people I know moved to this region because we don’t like high taxes, we don’t like government housing; we don’t like big government of any kind, so we certainly don’t have a desire to pander to excessive amounts of government workers like teachers, firefighters, and cops. We’re happy to pay for what we need, but we don’t want a lot of them, because they tend to vote for tree hugging hippie, gun grabbing Democrats, and that is not a welcome sight in Butler County.

I truly hope Obama plans to continue to use his resources on trying to show that he is not afraid to campaign in John Boehner’s hometown. Because I personally want to the opportunity to rob from Obama what he seeks to accomplish. There are a lot of “Joe the Plumbers” in Butler County who could catch fire nationally and cause severe problems for the Obama camp in his election bid if he chooses to continue this strategy, and that prospect has many of us who find Obama repulsive salivating for a chance to knock him down a few more pegs.

I was disappointed to read that Biden cancelled his visit. I already had a press release ready to send to media all the way to Columbus offering comments in defense of Senate Bill 5 and attacking the Biden visit. Just last night I made sure I had my contacts right at MSNBC, CNN, and FOX News so we could get on camera opposite Biden’s visit to dispute his comments. Because campaigning in Butler County for Obama and his minions will not be a taken lightly. Speaking for myself, I take the intention of the visit the way Obama intends it, as a shot at conservative America. I see it as talking smack on the basketball court and that kind of dialogue will be answered, be assured of that. And the answer will not be protests along the presidential motorcade that can easily be edited out of the media coverage. Rather counterpoint opinion will be offered on all the major networks and any ground gained by pandering to the public workers will be undone 20 times over by pointing out in the media what the real intent of the Obama camp is—to purchase votes at tax payer expense by creating more government jobs that will vote for embarrassments like Obama not because they agree with the Obama philosophy of socialism, but because they want some of that “Obama Money.”

Even though they cancelled this time, the Obama people are looking at Butler County with lust in their eyes because the radical Obama knows that within a year of today he will be cast out of office, and will be a has been that won’t be able to order a bell boy to carry his luggage. So he’s taking his shot at conservative America now while he can, and when he comes—we’ll be ready to make him regret it.

As to why Biden cancelled his trip—it would seem that the Obama people forgot that most of the public workers in Butler County were off for the summer, so there wouldn’t be anybody they could gather up on such short notice to stick in front of the cameras at Biden’s speech. But when school starts back in August, and all the government school teachers come back from their summer long vacations, look for team Obama to try several more times as their minions of looting public sector employees show up with their mouths open and their hands out looking for more “free” money freshly looted from the pockets of the tax payers.


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