The Heart of Freedom: How to avoid being a slave

It is sad to see a man wither under the ominous storm clouds of his occupation. In between breaks, he migrates, half-asleep, with one eye fixed on the clock that will liberate him. No longer selling his time, he claims his freedom from the shackles of employment only after the bell rings. Upon such sleepy minds grow the roots of tyranny.

That paragraph is very first lines of exhibition from my new novel Tail of the Dragon. I do not include it here as just a promo for that new book but to articulate an issue that means a great deal to me. In fact, this book is the next logical step in my arguments over why high taxation is irresponsible, encroaching government is dangerous, and the need for human beings to function from their own accord is of paramount importance. Because the crucial issue of our day that is at the crux of the school levy problems, the expansion of government, politicians making deals with other countries in Rio over Agenda 21, Duke Energy and their “smart meters,” a failing economy, racism, and virtually every other modern problem is the idea of modern slavery. In that regard, there is only one other person besides me that I know of who feels virtually the same way about the impact of modern slavery and what the definition of it is as Glenn Beck, seen in the video below.

The purpose of my new book is to put on the table what many people suspect about themselves, but can’t quite get their minds around, the idea that they are modern slaves. In America we have allowed skin color to define the idea of slavery, and that is simply one barbaric form of slavery. The rest of America is enslaved by monetary debt, social expectation, and personal addictions which goes beyond the accepted definitions but are ultimately proper. With so many Americans victims of modern slavery, the idea of freedom is a far-fetched concept so they don’t know how to defend it.

Most people I know do not think they are so far in debt that they can’t even fathom real freedom, but they are. Most of them rely on a spouse for 40 to 50% of their household income which is cutting things too close, because many Americans find they cannot distinguish their inability to make plans for their own lives because they must have their jobs just to provide the basics in living requirements. To compensate for their lack of freedom, most people purchase material items to balance out their lack of options with the illusion of financial purchasing power. But it is just an illusion. The ability to buy a new purse, or go out to eat cannot compensate for the freedoms lost in providing a primary, or secondary income. Unfortunately, these days most Americans have accepted this as a reality.

In my new book the word freedom is used 23 times and I place many scenarios on the table to display how important it is to our every day lives and to what extent people are willing to fight for it. In my book, the characters are already close to freedom in their own lives, so they easily recognize encroachments on it, so they know when it’s time to fight. Most people however are so in debt morally and financially that they view new debt as just one more link in their personal chains, and they don’t take it too seriously.

This is why most people vote in favor of new taxes for schools, or for street cars—or police and fire levies, because people strapped for resources often can be made to feel that voting for tax increases are something they control in their lives, and they feel good to give money away to causes that exist outside of their meager lives. But the situation is the trick of parasites in government, because they are simply taking advantage of people already enslaved who have a tendency out of habit to say, “Yes sir, yes master. I will pay the new tax if it pleases you.” The taxpayer simply puts the new tax on their credit card because they put everything else there. They are already so far in debt morally and physically that one more link in the chain means nothing to them.

This is also why politicians in Rio, Brazil thought nothing of negotiating in favor of regulations in the fulfillment of United Nations Agenda 21 requiring Americans to pawn away more of their freedoms to make it happen. Such things are just a few more links in the chains of slavery and people already enslaved will not have the mental capacity to even comprehend how these impositions into their freedoms will alter their lives, and their children’s lives. It’s very hard for most people to admit that they are modern-day slaves when they have expendable income to go to a baseball game and eat a hot dog, or to visit a strip joint and pay for a lap dance. Most Americans would consider a trip to Las Vegas to be a wonderful vacation, but Vegas is a town of slavery. It requires gamblers to spend $2000 to $10,000 on a chance to break free of their daily slave driven routines in hopes of winning a jackpot. It requires thousands of employees to sell themselves cheaply as entertainers and servers. And it requires prostitution to one degree or another particularly from women. Las Vegas is the home of the modern showgirl, whether she’s a topless dancer, or an escort, sex is a form of human slavery. It’s what a woman who wishes to use the basic primal instinct of men needing physical sex as a way to fund the woman’s life that she selects as her chain. The allure of Vegas is the chance to be superior to other slaves for a change, and a chance to become free by luck—even if it’s just for a few hours. Vegas would not be such a popular destination if most Americans did not see themselves slaves in their own lives. Vegas and gambling in general are symptoms of modern-day slavery.

Slavery is so common today that nobody even considers it as abnormal. Instead, they look jealously at others who demand freedom and they become angry with them. The views in my book are of course the same as my own in relation to what a man’s relationship to his wife should be. In Tail of the Dragon there is a lot of talk about the main characters decision to make it so his wife does not have to work for a living. I have always viewed forcing a wife to work as a weakness of the modern man. If women want to work for their own identities, that’s one thing. But to force a woman to work because the family is too far in debt or because their cell phone packages are expensive, cable bills, dining expectations, and other material needs are ridiculously high, because most women would prefer not to be a part of the rat race. Most people view their jobs as an unhappy daily endeavor, so to compel two parents to such a life is foolish—then to ask public education to cover the emotional gaps that children require is like asking the slave master to raise the child of the slave. Most families make the choice openly, because they don’t know how to say no to family members, to neighbors, to friends, or to politicians.

I have never required my wife to work. She has at a few times in the past, but I never expected her to. I always viewed her as a part of me, so it was always an act of rebellion to know that at least she could wake up in the morning on her own terms, go to the store whenever she wanted and pretty much design her daily schedule anyway she desired. Anyone who raises a family knows how tough it can be to pay a mortgage, car payments, weekly food expenses and the enormous amounts of insurance that are required these days. But it was always my gift to her to keep her as free of that burden as possible.

Of course family members and friends never understood. They always felt they needed to inject themselves into our lives to explain that we were doing it all wrong, and as a woman she needed to have her “own thing.” I would tell them they were dead wrong and out of their minds and often these arguments would cause rifts that would last forever. I was always willing to bend and put on the shackles for the sake of my family, but I was never willing to put my wife through the same ordeal. The basic argument against my wife and my decisions were that the rest of society were doing things a certain way, and as progressive politics intended the destruction of the American family, they wanted the mothers out of the house and busy with chains of their own they could have unfettered access to the children through public education.

If that sounds like a sinister plot from a James Bond movie, that’s because it is—it’s the result of a philosophy that embraces collectivism. No one person comes up with the plan, but in the case of collectivism, it is an unconscious commitment to the destruction of the American family and the indoctrination of the youth into service of the collective whole, much the way oriental cultures are structured that is the real villain. Destruction of the individual for the sake of the collective whole is the goal, and in such a society slavery is not a big deal—because individuals are not important so long as the collective lives. In collectivist societies it is not called slavery, it is called an occupation. The occupation serves the collective society, not the individual performing the task. This is an important distinction.

Most Americans know and feel what I’m saying, but they cannot come to grips with it. They have no definitions in their daily dialogue that articulates their feelings about it. So they go through the motions and do pretty much what they are told—even though they suspect that it’s wrong somehow.

I have always questioned the rationality of this behavior. To me, a government bureaucrat does not have a right to manage my life for me by approving taxes with this collectivist’s mentality. They do not have a right to put a “smart meter” on my home so they can track my energy usage and sell that information to others interested in watching me. They do not have a right to tell me how to educate my children; they do not have a right to approve a new deck I might want to build. They do not have a right to decide from a far away land what I should do to care for the earth. They do not have a right to decide that I should buy insurance of any kind. They do not have a right to pull me over to see if I’m wearing a seat belt. They do not have a right to demand I enslave myself more to pay for the debts they incur with their reckless diatribes. To me I see the slavery clearly because I work every day to not be a slave. I do not spend any of my time trying to figure out what others might think of my behavior, because my entire being is all about not acting as a slave to anyone else. So it’s obvious.

I see the understanding of living free and being a slave as the most important distinction in front of America today. Accepting the $15 trillion-dollar deficit is accepting slavery. Not accepting the debt is to do as I do and that is to write and pick on those who make decisions which attempt to put more shackles on my freedom through their ignorance. Without that basic understanding Americans are just deer in the headlights of the oncoming crash that will pummel them at some point in their lives through their own inaction. To decide to avoid responsibility for one’s own freedom and to willingly put on the shackles of slavery because of laziness is irresponsible and quite tragic. Such types do not have the right to impose upon me or my family their laziness by accepting slavery through collectivism then demanding my participation into their evil acts.

To know if you are a slave or not, think how you feel when you get up in the morning and who decides what you will do and when you will do it. Then look at all those influences in your life that plan entire weekends for you without your input. If the answer is that most of the times you do what others tell you, then you are a modern slave. Asking such people to sympathize and appreciate freedom is a far-fetched stretch that is beyond their comprehension. That is why the concept of freedom is so important to me, and why I discussed it so intensely in my new novel. It’s also why Glenn Beck is one of the only modern commentators who deal with the issue directly—because it’s an obscure concept—freedom. We all talk about it, but few of us actually have it, mostly due to self-imposed tragedies where the chains were put on our legs out of fear and a desire for safety—then we wonder why the government is so big, and arrogant, because we made them that way out of laziness—without defending freedom.

Freedom isn’t about firing off fireworks, or having the option of going shopping whenever one wants. It’s much more complicated, and all-encompassing than that. Freedom is about responsibility, and courage which are required to feed such a mythical creature. Without those two ingredients, freedom dies through neglect and the chains of slavery are attached to its body out of fearful superstition that the individual would ever stop supporting the collective without a sense of guilt, and desire to be removed from the body of unified entities under the umbrella of utopian socialism.


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