ObamaCare Tyranny: The Supreme Court Lets America Down and PUNTS

Speaker Boehner instructed the Republican Party members not to spike the ball at the Supreme Court ruling on Obama Care. But it wasn’t the Republicans who had the ball; it’s was the looters of the Democratic Party starting with Obama given to them by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the individual mandate for that tyrannical legislation under the ability of congress to tax American citizens, so the ball is now in the court of congress where it should be repealed.

The ruling by the Supreme Court shows just how dangerous it is to allow members of congress to act as activists as they did under the congress of Nancy Pelosi, to the marching orders of Barack Obama. Because the Supreme Court passed the responsibility to congress they have essentially stated that the people of our nation have a responsibility to vote in favor of the law or to strike it down, and that must come from the upcoming election in 2012.

Right now the Republicans could repeal the entire law, but the Senate which is still controlled by power grabbing progressive Democrats will not allow the repeal to go through. So that means that the type of politicians, typically Republicans, who will vote Obama Care down must gain a majority in the House and Senate in the elections of 2012 otherwise Obama Care will impact our society in a major way by the year 2014. The Supreme Court ruling of June 28, 2012 puts the responsibility completely on the quality of the American people to decide what kind of government they want.

Progressives of course desire an America that is made up of stupid, half-witted, lazy, drooling mouthed Neanderthals who will mindlessly bobble head yes to anything the power grabbing reformers of our Constitution like President Obama wish to impose. This is why no matter what the President does, almost half of the American people will say yes because they are lazy, welfare yielding sloths that seek to live their lives at the expense of the economic activity of others. Half the nation has been bred in the American public education system to be mindless drones sitting in the nest of mother government waiting for a worm to be fed into their mouths. The other half still rebels against that imposing mother and those are the ones who are outraged at this Supreme Court ruling that will have lasting consequences.

This is the danger of electing lawyers as President. This is also the danger of electing Constitutional teachers who are Marxist activists who bend the rules of the Constitution to fit their radical agenda. The Supreme Court elected not to have an opinion on the wisdom of such a law as they stated that it is Congress, the body of government that is supposed to directly represent the people of the United States who have the responsibility to either keep or repeal Obama Care.

It is a very dangerous slope that we are currently on, because under the law, lawyers have demonstrated that they can manipulate any line of dialogue in a law to mean anything they wish it to. By upholding the individual mandate the Supreme Court has empowered generations of power grabbing presidents yet to appear to attempt the same type of activism that Obama and his cronies endeavored to pass ObamaCare through strong-arm tactics and massive public manipulation. The Supreme Court has just allowed my unborn grandson to become a victim before he’s even born. He must buy government health insurance just because he lives. The moment my daughter delivers him into the world, he will become obligated upon adulthood to buy healthcare by mandate of a tyrannical president, and a progressive congress of thieves who desire to steal from him so that those who do not have the ambition to care for themselves can have health care.

Obama and his minions are simply drug pushers who seek the weak and downtrodden to buy into their addictive services of government servitude, and under ObamaCare they have now been given a free pass by the Supreme Court to force the strong and productive to care for those who lack ambition. Obama and his aggressive activists have crossed the line. The Supreme Court was our last defense on the rule of law, and they chose to pass—which is fine. They put the burden on the people to pass or fail ObamaCare based on the elections of 2012.

If Americans want ObamaCare, then vote for a hippie tree hugging, boot licking, globalist Democrat. If you want ObamaCare repealed vote for anyone with a party affiliation of Republican. Government will continue to grow if people continue to feed it, and by voting for politicians like the looter Obama. Politicians who get elected by promising to give away free stuff will be more of a threat in the future than they ever have now that the “individual mandate” has been upheld by the Supreme Court. Their lack of decision means that the quality of our politicians must go up dramatically. America cannot allow congress to be filled with the kind of looters that it has traditionally. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT KIND OF CONGRESSMEN ARE CURRENTLY IN GOVERNMENT. It is truly frightening that the Supreme Court has put the fate of our nation in the hands of those people. But that is the situation and we must deal with it as a nation.

I had less faith in the nation and the legal system at the end of the day than I did at the beginning. I think the system is irrevocably broken and is driven by the worst kind of people in the human race—the politician. My opinion mirrors Justice Kennedy. It was Justice Roberts who was appointed by President Bush, which made the deciding ruling. Bush was a progressive just as Obama is now. Now America can see how dangerous it is to allow activist presidents like Obama and Bush to place into the Supreme Court weak willed legal annalists. It was Roberts who should have been the vote that repealed ObamaCare, and that did not happen. Now we have a tragedy of epic proportions and the American people will have to clean it up.

The first step to improving our government will be on the Fast and Furious Contempt vote that extends into the Congress over Eric Holder. With the evidence being so overwhelming that the Obama gang is the modern version of Al Capone’s Chicago only without the open murders, Congress can begin by showing they have a backbone by sending some people to jail for their open crimes against American society. If the people do not support Congress in these actions, then the game is already over. At that point it would indicate that there are too many Obama addicts with their hands out, and the democratic process of our republic no longer functions, and new measures will have to be enacted. The Supreme Court declared today that they cannot rescue America through legislation. Only the American people can by starting at the voting booth. And if that doesn’t work, then more severe measures will be required. Because I will not personally leave a society to my grand kids that requires them to pay others just for the act of breathing—that will not happen on my watch.

As to health care, to learn more about how the entire industry is changing, CLICK HERE. ObamaCare will stop this progress. The free market will speed it up. And the success or failure of that progress will determine directly whether you live or die. That is what’s at stake.


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