The Evil of Obamacare: Insurance actuaries conduct a parasitic symphony

The reality of Obamacare is not that it will help poor people have health insurance even though that’s the way it was sold. It’s about creating more government jobs at the IRS. It’s about creating more college degree positions as insurance actuaries. And it’s about giving near monopoly power to insurance companies. To hear the numbers for yourself listen to Nathan Bachrach from the show Simply Money on 55 KRC speaking with Darryl Parks on 700 WLW.

Government healthcare is about job creation and using tax money to create those jobs. It has nothing to do with healing the sick, but in keeping more people sick longer so that the medical profession can profit off that sickness. Insurance actuaries are one of the fastest growing professions in the United States right now. By looking at the link below it can be seen what they are projected to make each year, and the year to year growth of that industry. The reason for the growth is the government takeover of healthcare or rather the threat of it over the last 20 years.

I personally seldom claim against my insurance. When I get a cut on my skin, I fix it myself. When a tree falls on my house, I take care of it. When my cars are in accidents, I most of the time handle it myself. I do not go to the doctor unless something is really wrong, and I seldom ever get sick. To an insurance actuary I am a gift to the insurance company because I never use it, yet I pay for the service. Insurance companies make most of their money off people like me. Insurance works by having more people pay into a service than they actually use. If more than 25% of the contributors file claims, the insurance company has some serious problems since the payout often well exceeds what individuals have contributed unless they’ve participated in the insurance for a decade or more.

Insurance actuaries help the insurance companies assess these risks so that they can hedge their finances and make a profit. If the insurance provider has too many customers who are high risk, the insurance company will go out of business. When government gets involved such as they did in the 80’s when they mandated car insurance for all drivers, they did not do it for the good of the people, but for the job security of the insurance actuaries who were concerned that the risk of driving a car placed numerous unforeseen statistics into their equations and made profit nearly impossible for the insurance companies who had to compete with other companies in the free market for business. To compete insurance companies had to lower their rates to dangerous levels that did not give the insurance actuaries much to work with on profit forecasts. A good driver could randomly be hit by a bad driver, which completely wrecks the work of the insurance actuary with unpredictability.

Government mandated that all drivers who wished to have the “privilege” of driving in their state purchase insurance so that insurance companies would no longer have to drive down their prices to compete with each other to lure customers. Insurance companies were given an oligopoly of power by state and federal government to guarantee insurance companies a share of all drivers on the roadways so insurance actuaries would have stable numbers to work with in their statistics analysts.

Because the insurance was mandated by the state, insurance companies were able to charge whatever they needed through their oligopoly power. If a high portion of the drivers on the roadways had too many accidents then insurance rates could increase collectively upon the advice of their insurance actuaries to maintain their profits. One insurance company did not have an advantage over another because they were all guaranteed a portion of a state’s driving population. This made life predictable and profitable for insurance companies, and the state governments were also able to make money through their court system by imposing fines (taxes) they otherwise wouldn’t have had—such as the DUI laws designed to generate so much revenue from the courts. All this was the result of extensive lobby power in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. The original villain was insurance actuaries attempting to get stable statistics for the companies they worked for.

Now, as to healthcare, government through public sector unions already has their hands in the nursing profession. They already use Medicaid and Medicare to inject money into the system that it might not have through natural competition which has artificially propped up the level of medical activity. Because of Medicaid and Medicare people use medical services because they can, which really screws up the life of the insurance actuary by wrecking statistic models. On top of that, doctors have been involved with false billing that has really put stress on Medicaid and Medicare since the money is easy to get through the government bureaucracy.

Government has went to a lot of trouble to encourage citizens to take up occupations in the medical industry such as nurses, doctors and everything in between through the university system set up by the Department of Education, and government now has to guarantee that there are jobs for all those people even though it would appear that medicine is moving away from the traditional pharmaceutical treatments and more to regenerative health. Insurance actuators do not like that prospect. They need people to use their service and regenerative health would mean that high cost medical treatments might be a thing of the past. After all, doctors need to have patients, and nurses must care for the sick, otherwise there isn’t any job for those people to do. So insurance actuators aware of this situation have informed their company CEO’s of the danger, and those CEO’s have lobbied congress on K-Street to help bring stability to their industry in these changing times. After all, with the avalanche of an aging United States population coming, they want to keep traditional medicine rolling along to support the financial empires they’ve built the industry into. So they want government to do what they did for auto insurance—they want the government to bring stability to the market for their benefit—so their actuaries will have stable numbers. Once the entire population is mandated to have health insurance, the actuaries will have real numbers to access risk and will be able to adjust their rates according to the demand.

Obamacare is essentially about manipulating the market with “crony” capitalism which is a long way off from the pure capitalism that I talk about all the time. It’s about creating more government jobs that are propped up with tax dollars those jobs would not have access to any other way. And it destroys competition by creating powerful oligopolies in the insurance industry. Insurance companies have traded their independence from government for financial stability and a guaranteed portion of the future business of the aging nation in America. And it all started with insurance actuaries, then lobby power in Washington to manipulate the situation to their advantage using government to do it.

Progressives like Obama have a goal of global government control so the deal works out well for them. By the time the government power is out-of-control within the decade; the people who operate these insurance companies will have taken their money and ran, leaving the mess to the next generation. And it will be done on the backs of people like me who despise insurance, never use insurance, and act out of self-reliance by using preventative medicine that does not require the current medical system who will pay the most.

Obamacare is a scam that takes away competition, takes away innovation, and will create a society of dependent drug induced derelicts seeking to fulfill their prescriptions at Walgreens in massive herds. Obamacare was created by the pharmaceutical lobby in Washington while holding hands with the insurance industry. And greedy politicians seeing a power grab bit down on the trap enslaving the rest of us for centuries to come, all because of the inadvertent evil conducted in the cubical of insurance companies all across America from the computers of the insurance actuary and their desire for safety, security, and “clean” statistics.

Yet again the path to hell is paved with good intentions and a desire for “safety” to help sell to the American population a concept that will ultimately lead to the destruction of everything we value. Insurance is a collective money racket that kills freedom and forces collective salvation. It hides the grim reality that if none of us were forced to purchase insurance of any kind, or pay for Social Security, or Medicare, that we would more than double our yearly incomes and gain the ability to pay cash for those tragedies that come our way instead of relying on predatory insurance companies to do it for us, which is simply a cleverly disguised form of social contract that attaches the weakest of society to the work of the strongest in a vain attempt at utopia leaving us all victims to the very greedy.


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