The Pot Smoking Friend of George Soros: Meet Peter Lewis–head of Progressive Insurance

Who is Peter Lewis? Well, he’s not John Galt—that’s for sure. In fact, Lewis is the complete opposite of that fictional character from the great novel Atlas Shrugged. If you have Progressive Auto Insurance, which is the third largest in the United States then you are about to become upset if you didn’t know it already. Because Peter Lewis of Cleveland, Ohio has been the CEO of Progressive Insurance Companies and is the poster boy for the kind of man who seeks to destroy traditional America with a progressive philosophy that is true to the name of his insurance company.

I told my wife months ago well before I knew anything about Peter Lewis that I would never get Progressive Auto Insurance because of the name. I joked that I couldn’t stand progressives, and I hated insurance to begin with, so those two things together in the same name spelled double jeopardy. Each time one of those stupid commercials came on I couldn’t help but notice how similar the photography was to the Tides Foundation videos shown in school advocating the evils of capitalism to school children. I thought it was strange that Progressive Insurance seemed to be going out of their way to provide insurance to motorcyclists. The tone of the commercials seemed totally out-of-sink with the kind of people I know who are motorcycle riders. But Progressive seemed to know what they were doing because they were dominating the insurance industry and made enough money to purchase airtime on television continuously.

Unfortunately, my instincts about the name of the insurance company turned out to be true and I am very proud to say that I do not own any Progressive Insurance, and if I did, I would dump it right now. Here’s why—it turns out that Peter Lewis is a big time leftist working hand in hand with George Soros to advance progressive politics in America. Lewis seeks nothing less than the destruction of traditional America. As head of Progressive Insurance, the name of the company is the name of his political philosophy and now that he is worth more than a billion dollars, he gives tremendous amounts of money to progressive causes. Here’s just a few.

Princeton University (A Gehry designed science library, $60 million; the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics, $55 million; arts initiative, $101 million. Total $233 million to date.)
• Case Western Reserve University (The Weatherhead School of Management Peter B. Lewis Building, another Gehry design, $36.9 million, out of $61.7 total building cost)
• Marijuana Policy Project (Donated $3,000,000 to MPP in 2007.)
• The Guggenheim Museum ($50 million)
• America Coming Together and (with George Soros matching his $10 and $2.5 million, respectively)
• American Civil Liberties Union $15m
• The Democratic Party
• Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies-sponsored MDMA/PTSD Research in the US, Switzerland and Israel $750,000 []
• Menorah Park (Peter B. Lewis Aquatic & Therapy Center)
• Traction
• Support of California’s Proposition 19 also known as the Regulate, Control & Tax Cannabis Act (Donation of $159,005 on 10/15/2010)
You can see the reference material for the above at this link:

The looters of government are looking toward “pot” (marijuana) as a way to raise additional tax revenue for their massive government programs, while at the same time dummying down the American population with cannabis infestation. Peter Lewis is himself a pot head, who was arrested in New Zealand for his drug use in the year 2000, and advocates the same boring diatribe of those old hippies from yesteryear. Legalization of marijuana is a progressive dream and these days it is the head of the Progressive Insurance Company who is leading the charge.

My thoughts on marijuana are the same now as they were when I was young. I have always despised the drug and the people who use it. I have lost many friends over my rigid stance against marijuana because I see smoking marijuana as a weakness of character. As a matter of fact, I feel nearly as strong about alcohol as I do marijuana. Seeking to numb the pains of life with chemicals is emotionally weak and is a violation to the individual soul. Anything that is ingested into the lungs through the form of smoke is a bad thing. I cannot see purposely smoking anything, let alone a drug that helps take the edge off pains. I seldom ever take aspirin or any pain killer, and there is no situation that would provoke me into cannabis use to alleviate any kind of pain and I have had just about every kind of pain imaginable. So needless to say I am against the legalization of marijuana, I am against the manufacture of it, I am against the taxation of it, I have never used it, and I will never use it. If I had it my way I’d punish every drug dealer with any means possible. I’d prosecute every drug manufacturer as domestic terrorists. And I would personally challenge any individual user. I have been to rock concerts when I was younger where I have been in massive fights with others who blew the smoke in my face passively. I hate drugs now more than I did when I was younger. It is a weak drug for weak minded people and the people who make it, use it and distribute it are lucky there are laws that protect them from people like me. I won’t break the law to show my anger, but I feel that strongly about drugs to say as much.

I know many people reading this have tried it. I have been friends with people who use it, even while they knew me, but I have never bent my opinion of it. My opinion of people who use the drug is a low one. I leave room for redemption later in life, but I do not respect current users. This makes people like Peter Lewis my mortal enemy, because if he uses his billion dollars from his insurance company to legalize marijuana so that I have to smell pot in public places like Kings Island, or the shopping mall, he is undoing the America that I love in favor of one that I hate.

On top of all this, Lewis is a trustee of Princeton University, so that says a lot about the intentions of that particular education institution. I have said for years that colleges were infested with progressivism, and now this is the proof. A major marijuana advocate and extreme political progressive is one of the leaders of that so-called esteemed university.

So the next time you see a commercial for Progressive Insurance, you are seeing the product of an extreme progressive and if you read here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, Lewis is your mortal enemy. Knowing what I know now about Progressive Insurance, it is every bit as sinister as the name it carries—because they are one in the same. Progressives advocate American counter culture and are a menace to themselves and the values that made America great. Progressives get what they want by being misleading, their foundations are built upon stacks of lies. And they require an audience of non-thinking drug induced fools to follow them. That is why they advocate marijuana use so openly, because they need the masses to hunger for pain relief and non-thinking, because thinking people see through their scam, and despise the attempt.

For those who thought that George Soros was the only one they had to watch out for they are wrong, there is a man in Peter Lewis who is every bit as sinister. The chances are you are giving him money in some way by purchasing his insurance. He then takes that money to help undo America. So if you give Progressive Insurance money, you are helping to destroy your own country. Peter Lewis like the rest of the progressive types use the ACLU and other organizations to transform America into a vision of their pot smoking dreams—a world of peace, love, and drug induced hallucinations. President Obama has bragged about his drug use, and like Peter Lewis, has inhaled frequently. People like Peter Lewis and George Soros have funneled a lot of money into the art community, which includes the film industry to push for the gradual acceptance of marijuana among our youth. The result is that most young people think smoking dope is cool and that being strong is unfashionable. It is because of people like Peter Lewis that young people aspire to “get wasted” instead of making themselves stronger to endure anything.

The selfish goal of the progressive is to make a slave like society of servants who seek drug use, both alcohol and illegal, to weaken the mind of the population. By robbing the American people of their wits, the progressive leader wishes to rule them from the lofty heights of academia, which to me is simply a scam. Peter Lewis appears to consider himself one of the rulers, and he uses the money he funnels from his insurance company to weaken the resolve of the average American culminating in the climax of a hippie fantasy invented in the 1960’s. Such people are detrimental to the America I wish to live in, and I despise the air they breathe. I actually despise some of each breath I take knowing that a small portion of that air left the lungs of a human being like Peter Lewis, a parasite on American society in the worst of ways, a person who has become rich offering a product to the masses that they trust, then like leading them like cattle to slaughter. He attacks them with the money he made off them. And he will continue to do it so long as people continue to give Progressive Insurance money through their premiums. So think about all this the next time you see one of his stupid commercials come on your TV.

If you doubt what I say here, read this article from the Cleveland Plains Dealer and you’ll learn all you need to know.


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