Happy “Dependence Day”: The social parasites who play the slot machine of government

It was refreshing to hear deep into the night on July 4th 2012 fireworks sounding off from thousands of potential American rebels. Ohio had a ban on firing off “illegal” fireworks due to the very dry conditions and there were threats of enforcement by police and fire marshals “concerned” about the public safety. By the level of hoopla made about how dry things have been by those public employees I was actually surprised to wake up on July 5, 2012 to find that the state had not burned to the ground. According to the safety addicts, one smoldering ember would have set homes and properties ablaze requiring the police and fire departments to swoop in for the rescue. Of course their warnings were subtle reminders to the taxpaying public how “needed” they were which was just self promotion the local media was happy to broadcast with urgency hoping to incite panic among the veal raising parents who happily pass school levies so their children can become the next Einstein. For the most part, those warnings on July 4th were ignored, people fired off their fireworks, and the state did not burn into smoldering dust.

This left me to wonder why those same people did not behave with the same tenacity every other day of the year, which was the topic of Darryl Parks at 700 WLW during his July 4th broadcast. He brought to question the same issue I have been pondering—especially in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling over healthcare—many of the same people who have professed they want American Independence with a lot less socialism are at the same time asking the government to provide Social Security, Medicare, healthcare, food stamps, Pell Grants, government backed workman’s compensation, extended unemployment benefits, the list goes on and on and on. Darryl does a great job in the broadcast below in putting some numbers out about just how serious the situation is regarding the average American desiring to take money from the government to alleviate their personal ailments.

When viewed with reality, Americans are far away from truly being free, and they have no real desire to become free. They line up with their hand out looking for the government to give them something, and that something comes from the tax money we all throw into the pot.

I was invited to be in several parades on July 4th, which I thought was nice for the organizers to ask. But my personal decision on July 4th was to celebrate independence and I didn’t want to meet with any politicians on a much deserved day off. I want to be “independent” of them and did not feel like being nice to anybody just out of the act of being polite. Politicians at every single level have made their livings from the beginning of America to the present by giving away things that are not theirs to people who elect them into power.

If you take the time to consider the weight of that statement, it points directly to the heart of every major problem being dealt with in America right now. Politicians gaining the power of office give away things to the people who keep them in those positions. It could be a current president who wishes to loosen up illegal immigration policies pandering to the Latino vote, the congressman who embeds an earmark deep into a bill to make a lobbyist happy, or a local trustee who pushed for a zoning restriction to pander to their election campaigns. Our political system is corrupt to its very core with this notion of giving away things to people in order to buy votes, even if its just a $5,000 sidewalk in Beckett Ridge. 

If you listen carefully to all politicians, particularly in presidential politics, virtually everything they say they are going to do in office is to give away things to the people who elect them. But what people often don’t take the time to consider is that the things the politicians are giving away are the things that the voting population has given the politician to begin with. The politician didn’t make or create anything. All they can do is manage the resources provided to them. This is the danger of a democracy composed by a society of weak veal. The thing the politician should say in America is “elect me so that I can get government out of your life.” But Americans have become used to getting more than they put into the tax pot as if they were at a casino and playing the slots, where they put in their dollar and pull the lever through politicians at the voting booth, and suddenly out comes a jackpot collected there from other such players. The person receiving the jackpot thinks they have struck it rich, while the previous players scorn the system for not providing them with the jackpot—because they put their money in too.

Well, I don’t gamble. I never put my money in a slot machine, or on a black jack table—never. I work too hard for my money to throw it away on chance. And in politics I feel the same way. I see paying my taxes as a kind of casino game and I don’t wish to play. In my entire life I have never collected a workman’s comp claim and I have had injuries on the job that pierced skin through one side of my body and came out the other. I have worked through broken bones. I have worked through major back pain. I have worked through torn ligaments. I have been so financially strapped at times in the past that I could only afford one car that I gave to my wife so she could drive our children to school—to keep them from having to ride a school bus. I rode a bicycle instead 12 miles each way to one of my two jobs at the time as my only mode of transportation. After working 10 hours at my main job, I rode to my second job working another 8. So I have no sympathy for weaklings who take government money, or force their employers to compensate them for time off. I have no sympathy for the person who says they can’t get to work because they don’t have a car. I have no sympathy to the person who says they can’t afford to pay their cable bill (which is a luxury), their cell phone bill (which is a luxury), or pay for their internet. My first question to them is, “how many hours do you work a day?” Usually the answer is eight. I often respond that I’ve worked up to 18 hours per day, sometimes 7 days per week to give my family, and myself what I needed. Why can’t you do the same?

Politicians have created a handout culture where they take from people like me and give it to people I consider parasites, because they are too lazy, too weak minded, and physically weak to do for themselves. I am told that I should be compassionate. I am also told that I didn’t need to work through all my injuries, that I could have taken time off work, I could have insisted on government transportation, government food, government medicine, government housing, government education, government—government—government everything! I am told I could have used those services just like everyone else—but it was my freedom to choose not to.

Well, my answer is that I expect people to do as I do, but there is no incentive because government makes it so that the majority of Americans can take the easy way out, by taking advantage of government programs created by pandering politicians for the sake of getting elected, and they did it with my money that they forced from me through increased taxation—legalized theft. And to a person like me, it is stolen money because I do not participate in the slot machine of government. I do not pull the lever in hopes of getting back more than I put in like most other people do.

This is why I think it is appropriate the day after July 4th to celebrate that day as “Dependence Day” because it is for all those people who have corrupted our nation with a political system focused on pandering instead of managing. Because of the collectivism that has contaminated the American Dream, those who have their hands out—which is virtually everyone–has made slaves out of every other person who puts their money into the government machine hoping to get back more than they put in. Those are the kind of people who have made a scam of our government and of our nation, and they should be ashamed of themselves. It was nice on July 4th to hear that many of them fired off their fireworks defying the law. That tells me there is still something of America still in them. But on July 5th, “DEPENDENCE DAY” they were back to the grindstone with their hand out looking for an easy break from a politician who has no right to give it to them. It is because of each and every one of those veal producing parasites that America is a declining nation like the fireworks blown up on the Fourth of July to only become a distant memory the day after.


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