The Drumbeat of an Addict: Running with the bulls in Spain.

The picture shown here is from a Lakota school levy attempt 8 years ago and was taken in Keener Park during a pumpkin festival. Back then, when there was no organized tax increase opposition, the pro levy advocates roamed the neighborhoods of West Chester and Liberty Twp., with immunity. In this case Joan Powell, and Jamie Green were in the back of the van and poured out upon arrival to the park. Ushering in these school board members seeking election was a small army of pro levy advocates who immediately set up a make-shift booth to pass out pro-levy material for the school. These volunteers worked directly with these pro levy school board members and are evidence from the past of how school board members of today are stacked by pro tax factions to always seek tax increases instead of proper management of financial resources.

This is an important distinction because Joan Powell until Christmas of 2011 was the school board president who helped usher in the 5th levy attempt during her tenure with the Lakota school system within a decade. And Jamie Green had run again to be on the Lakota School Board during the November 2011 elections, but luckily did not get voted in since she was and still is a pro tax increase advocate. For many who have lived in the Lakota district for a long time, like myself, I remember vividly the tricks of the past, and have watched how these people have attempted to use time and distance to suppress their true intentions, which is to serve the local teacher union interest with blind obedience. In Joan’s case, who works as a real estate agent, passing school levies mean easy home sales since most agents use “good schools” and “levy passage” as selling points to new home buyers with young children moving into a district. But the real villains in these cases are not the school board members looking for an edge to their livelihoods, it’s the well-intentioned pro levy advocate who believes with every cell in their bodies that they are truly doing what is right for the children of their community—which is to throw money at public education without end to fill the voids they lack as parents.

I have watched these people behave for a long time, and it is time to properly identify the type of pro levy supporter that these radical tax increase advocates are so we can guard against them. In Lakota we do not have to worry about a levy for a while, but other districts around Ohio will, and they need to know what they are dealing with so they can combat the efforts of the pro levy advocate.

Typically, the parents who volunteer with such extreme vigor as those who pass out pro levy literature are selfish individuals lacking self-esteem. They seek redemption for their ineffective lives by extracting from the collective their resources so the levy advocate can then pass those resources on to education professionals. The levy advocate believes inaccurately that they are helping children with these actions, so they pursue the action with vigor. But their effort is the same as those who claim to be on a diet yet order high calorie meals rationalized with a diet soda. They are lying to themselves.

As I say this the new Superintendent at Mason Schools Kist-Kline, wife of the recently departed Principal of Lakota East Keith Kline, was running with the bulls in Spain recently. Life is tough for professional educators who have all summer off, and have the six figure salaries to participate in such activities while only working 9 months out of the year. Also, Monroe Schools Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli has warned that if their levy fails in August the district will sink down a black hole to oblivion. Of course the August levy attempt is an old trick that hopes only the radical levy volunteers through their door to door antics can get out more voters than those who oppose the higher taxes, because they are too busy with their lives to even know there’s an August election. The levy addicts hope that there is a low voter turnout in August while the public employees and their minions of fearful propaganda get out the vote from their side.

The pro levy addict ignores the fact that these schools have dug themselves into a financial hole with outrageous salary demands, and benefit packages. The reality of these public employees is grossly distorted. The levy addict does not question why Kist-Kline is vacationing in Spain with her six figure salary while her husband now in West-Clermont is also making a six figure salary as an assistant superintend, so as a family they are raking in the tax payer dollars for positions that are next to useless. But this is the education culture we are talking about, where the employees through their labor unions have given themselves raises by propping up school board members who eat out of their hand like what has happened at Lakota with Joan Powell and Jamie Green for most of the last decade. Those school board members worked with the levy addicts to push for tax increases, and they caused the financial problems they currently are experiencing by not managing their finances along the way. Monroe is pretending to be concerned about their finances by suing their previous treasurer for leaving the district in terrible debt, but the reality is Monroe allowed the situation to get out of control by not managing their labor salaries along the way.

The education employees gleefully position themselves behind the neurotic levy advocate who believes they are saving the world by advocating blind financial contributions to children. The levy addict is most often a failed person in their own regard and seeks redemption through their children, which the child of course resents. The arrogance of the levy advocate is seen by all yet they take the message of “voting for tax increases for the children” to the ballot box because it is the levy addict whose message is heard loudest and most often even if inside the person behind the message is a laughing-stock measured by credibility.

Often from these levy advocates the mantra is “save the children” but what they really men is “save me.” They are in need of saving because of their worthless existences, and like the politician they seek immortality and life meaning by seeing their name on some worthless legislation to prove that they once roamed the planet and fought on behalf of children. But the levee addict knows nothing of children other than how to pour orange juice or provide basic commands. The children of these addicts laugh inwardly at the behavior and will grow up to resent their personal embarrassments known as parents. The kids know what the parents do not—and that is a scholarship to play sports in college is simply another entertainer in the gladiator pit of American sports. The mob will watch the games with mild amusement while they eat nachos and drink soda. The meaning of the work is worthless, yet the levee addict holds these options in the highest esteem because their own lives are so void of meaning that they require public acceptance in the form of institutional merit to measure their soiled lives since inner guidance has left their minds for as long as they can remember.

If the path to hell was paved with good intentions, it is the levee addict who drives the steam roller. All other parties get behind the steam roller and follow on their way to those fiery lands of Satan’s folly, all the while singing church songs such as “Onward Christian Soldiers.” It starts by passing out the levy support buttons. Then it continues with pamphlets, flyers, and bumper stickers. “Save the children, vote for your local school levee.” Behind that message of panic driven mucus the looters of government rely, and plan their vacations to socialist countries like Spain, and France, just like the out-of-touch actor who has the disposable income to travel the world, then brings back to America envious questions as to why our nation cannot be as “enlightened” as their vacation destinations. They don’t see the underside of those socialist countries because they have not been forced to see it, since they have built their wealthy lives on the backs of the levee addicts need for a “social high,” for another “hit” of public acceptance, for the false belief that one more hour of public school, or one more elective can save their children from a life of doom that they are already sentenced to just from being born of the levy addicts body. The poor children are condemned for all time to mimic their parents and will surely become addicts themselves when they grow up and put the rebellions of youth behind them.

Many drunken orgies and the honor of many young women were taken or given away by the desire for children to distance themselves from their levy addict parents—in a hope that they will live their own lives their way. What the children discover too late is that little piece of their soul they give up in those epic failures of social embarrassment so cheerfully surrendered with a desire for public acceptance that was the gateway drug and took them on a similar path as their levy addict parents. They too will become levy addicts when they have children of their own, and thousands of social parasites will move in behind their efforts to collect the gold that falls from their overflowing pockets.

It’s not wrong to visit Spain, or France or any other country and participate in some dangerous activity there in hopes the Enquirer reporter will improve the public image of a particular school with a good story because its superintendent ran with the bulls—so to erase from the public’s mind the scandal the previous superintendent hid from the public. The thing such readers should decipher from the publicity stunt of “running with the bulls” in Spain is the extent that the looting public employees will go to hide their crimes. And one of those shields from reality is the levy addict, the tax junkie who is just as corrosive to positive development as a drug dealer because the motivations behind the tax addict helps create the demand for actual drug use.

So beware of those smiling, levy addicts who have crammed their bodies into those pants that are two sizes too small, and hand out buttons, bumper stickers, and flyers promoting tax increases. It’s not the children they are trying to save, it’s themselves. The levy addict’s lives are so blank and meaningless they need a social act of fulfillment to redeem all the miserable failures they have committed in their pre-child bearing lives. The newspapers barely hanging on financially will write emotional stories as the propaganda arm of these levy addicts hoping to sell newspapers to other levy addicts in other districts since the newspaper reporters have made the failure of writing leftist articles for a society that is generally conservative in their beliefs. This is why newspapers have lost their credibility and their revenue, because society has found other sources beyond the liberal advancement of the levy addicts and sports scores. The levy addict and all the parasites who feed from their antics are one of the highest forms of modern evil but they can be stopped. They can be put in their place once and for all.

By taking away the money they seek, it forces the levy addict to look at reality. The way to beat the levy addict and actually save your community and the children who attend those schools is to take the drug away from the addicts, so the truth of their behavior can be seen by all. It is in that act of denial that the most is given to children, who desperately need to hear the word, “NO.” By throwing money at the levy addict, you only give them a “high” for a year or two, and they will be back looking for another “hit.” I have watched this process in my home district for many years now, and all it achieves are easy real estate sales for real estate agents. The neurotic levy addict seeks out clients who are also levy addicts and they sell their properties the easy way, by pretending there is wide community support for “free school” for the home buyer’s children. The message to the home buyer is they need not save their money for private education, they can purchase at age 28 a home that is a quarter to a half million dollars—because the “community” will pick up the tab for the education bill. And beating the drum at the front of the front of the movement is the levy addict and their sinister aims of personal meaning at the expense of the collective whole, while actually riding the backs of children to their own personal redemptions.


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