Why Obama is a Marxist: Being jealous of the rich and stealing their money

To understand why Barack Obama is a Marxist all that is required is to understand his position on the Bush Tax Cuts. What I am about to say is not a scathing endorsement of Mitt Romney. I will be voting for Mitt. I think he’s a clean-cut guy who will do the right things for the most part. But he’s also rich, and because of that, he knows how to make money. So news flash for those who are struggling to find a job, or want a crack at the American dream—you want people who understand wealth creation to hold political offices. You certainly don’t want confused ex-college professors who spent too much time reading Karl Marx in college while smoking large quantities of dope with other Marxist teachers at the University of Chicago.

What Obama means when he says he wants to keep the tax rate steady for the “middle class,” while raising it for the “wealthy,” he is stating that he’s following the philosophy of Karl Marx in his two books, The Communist Manifesto, and Das Kapital. For a full review of my opinion of Karl Marx, CLICK HERE. In the work of Marx he divides up all of society into two classes—the proletariat and the bourgeois. In Obama’s world, the proletariat is the middle-class. His aim as a president and world leader is to pull up all the poor of the world into the middle class, and to beat down all the wealthy into the middle class by taking their wealth through redistribution. President Obama is all about creating one class of people and making sure they all stay in the middle. This is the essence of his entire life—it’s what he stands for most as a human being. He believes himself to be the great human equalizer.

However, the problem with President Obama’s view is that it is pure Marxism as that philosophy developed in an actual Europe which contained an oppressive bourgeois class of princes and nobility. In America, unknown to Marx at the time, capitalism was breaking down the class structure much more effectively than his communist musings. In America anyone who wanted to could become rich by simply coming up with a better way of doing something. The threat of this concept insulted the nobility of Europe to no end. To them the thought of a mere peasant become a member of the bourgeois class was preposterous. But in America, it was happening in what was becoming known as the “rags to riches” stories that are unique to the American experience.

The educated elite in Europe through schools like Cambridge saw themselves in Marx’s work as the elite who could manage a vast society of the proletariat, so they put their support behind Marxism and began embracing economic models that reflected this philosophy such as Keynesian. This is why Obama believes he is one of these educated elite and has a right to by-pass congress, and write executive orders whenever he feels like it, is because he was taught through Marxism that as an educator he would be an educated ruler of the proletariat.

Obama because he is a Marxist sees anyone who possesses wealth—unless they wish to surrender it to the proletariat–to be member of the bourgeois class which according to Marx, must be over thrown. This is why Obama wants to tax the rich. The money raised by a tax increase on the wealthy is but a tear drop in the ocean relating to the national debt. That is not Obama’s intention. His intention is to eliminate the so-called wealthy in America, then give that money to the poor, so that all of America is in the middle-class with the rest of his union supporters and social miscreants.

In America no individual should be happy being in the middle class. Every American should have a shot at becoming wealthy if they have an idea and wish to develop it. That is part of what the American Dream is all about. No American should look at the wealthy and hiss at them, declaring that the wealthy should be robed by the government and the money should be distributed to the middle and lower classes equalizing everyone on earth to be herded around by the education elite.

Americans should look at the wealthy and strive to be more like them—to watch what they did, and put their own variation into action in an attempt at the American Dream which centers on property ownership. Obama has failed as a president and he will always fail as a human being because he is simply a glorified looter. He makes his living stealing from those who have, and giving it to those who haven’t. When he says in his speeches that he is a “wealthy guy” like Steve Jobs, George Lucas, or even Richard Branson, he is sadly mistaken. Those people went out and created things from nothing, and their wealth is the result of their innovations. Instead Obama is a “wealthy guy” like the drunken casino winner who just happened to hit a jackpot because he was standing with a joint in one hand at the right spot at the right time. The Democrats needed a man of color to run for president, so they picked Barack, because they knew that was the only way they could win the presidency and advance their socialism, was by playing the race card. Little Barack Obama, the foreign student from Indonesia had hit the jackpot.

Obama showed up where they told him to, and said what was on his teleprompter while he rolled around in the money that people from an actual bourgeois class of education elite threw at him. The education elite wanted Obama to push them into power over a society of sheep happy to live contently in the middle-class. Obama didn’t invent anything, or run a successful company anywhere making anything. He hasn’t even run a lemonade stand during his checkered past.

Romney became rich because he understands what makes wealth, which President Obama jealously does not understand. So he attacks Romney and any other rich Republican as members of a bourgeois class because his hero Karl Marx taught him to hate wealth, innovation, and productivity in a foolish dedication to the proletariat—the modern day middle-class. Obama and his kind have made their livings lying to themselves, so they have no trouble lying to the public at large. When Obama says that he is not a socialist, or a Marxist intending to take the nation into full-fledged communism, he is lying or he does not understand the definitions for which he lives. Obama is a Marxist in the purest sense of the word, and he arrived there by reading the wrong books and hanging out with the wrong people who took him on a quest that molded him into a common thief. His looter lifestyle has been made acceptable because he has a degree in law, and wears a business suit, and has managed to convince the foolish, and mentally challenged that he is their savior if they’ll only pay more in taxes, or steal it from those who have too much according to the creed of Marxism.

The Marxist believes that economic production such as land, raw materials, factories, tools, and people should become common property, so that every member of society could work according to their capacities and consume according to their needs. To the Marxist this is the only way to prevent the rich from living at the expense of the poor. And that statement defines the Presidency of Barack Obama. It is his belief in this Marxist idea that makes him consider that he has a right to raise taxes on the rich, while supplementing the poor, and maintaining the middle-class because the goal is complete destruction of the rich to expand the middle-class. It is for these reasons, and this specific definition when matched to the behavior of Barack Obama that indicates without any question that Obama is the first open Marxist to ever sit in The White House.


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