What is a “Fair Share”: Being run ragged by goofy politicians

Do you ever wonder why at the end of a week all your time seems consumed? After all you work all week at your job, and when you come home you find out you have obligations to drive your kids to soccer practice to meet the schedule of their coaches. You have dinner obligations that your spouse arranged. You have community meetings that politicians arranged. And on the weekend you have family obligations that your elderly parents arranged along with your siblings on one side of the family on one day, and because your spouse’s family and your biological family do not get along, you have obligations with them on the next day. At the end of the week you discover that all your time has been consumed by other people’s decisions which have directly affected you. They made decisions that cost you time and money in order to meet your relationship parameters with those people.

When looting politicians like Barack Obama declares that you owe your “fair share” of a tax burden, they are essentially signing you up for obligations that you had very little input in, and when you get your pay check, you realize how little money you have left after all the looters have taken portions of your money. Taxes rarely go to programs that you personally use, most often they go to demographic groups that suit the looting politicians. Politicians have gotten used to giving out tax money as gifts to people who vote them into office. They make financial commitments on behalf of the rest of us and traditionally we voted in favor of those financial commitments by not voting out those looting politicians.

For all the reasons you typically say “yes” to every social obligation that comes your way during a week, you say yes to every tax increase the politicians commit on your behalf because you don’t want to appear to be “anti-social” by not participating. So you run yourself ragged to fulfill all your obligations and when you get to be old and near death you find yourself resentful that you never had the courage to tell some of those people no. Often you discover too late that time is precious, and you ran yourself ragged for decades only to find out you could never make everyone completely happy anyway. They used up your personal time, and now you’re at the end of your life and you can’t get that time back—and nobody cares. They may cry a bit at your funeral, but even that goes away in a day or two.

This is what politicians are doing with our tax money and when they declare that we should pay our “fair share” they are stating that they assume we endorse all their goofy programs because we continue to pay for them without question. When Obama says that we must raise taxes on the “rich” he is already attacking the demographic group that pays the most taxes, and is pushing for increased theft of their money, which is appealing to the majority of Americans that pay little or no tax on their incomes. What Obama is doing is taking from the rich and giving to the poor in those types of statements.

When Obama states the necessity of those taxes he is assuming that voters support all the pension deals that politicians have cut in bedroom brokerages with organized labor. Obama assumes that all Americans are content with Medicare, and Social Security stability. Obama assumes that Americans are alright with education services, defense spending, space development, welfare reform, a criminal Department of Justice, a bunch of thieving lunatics in the Senate, corrupt lobby affairs in the House of Representatives, a president who uses Air Force One as his personal taxi service to raise money for another term, which 50% of America are against—yet they are forced to pay their taxes to a president they don’t want.

By declaring that Americans—especially the wealthy—should pay their fair share, Obama and his minions of looters assume that the decisions they have made mandate automatic support from all American people without question. It is assumed that all Americans will pay their taxes for programs they don’t want—to feed people we see as parasites to society—and we are required by social contract to give away every last dime of our hard earned money to the obligations these idiots have created for us.

Many of you reading this look for coupons to save money at the grocery, you eat out when you see there’s a two for one special, and you wait in line on Black Friday to get special deals on expensive electronics to save money. But you also pay your taxes without question when looting politicians continue to ask for more, and more, and more. It never ends, yet you don’t question it. You treat them the way you do family and friends who demand all of your time that they can get access to—running you ragged to no end. And you let them do it, for the same reasons that you let politicians take your money and spend it on programs you don’t support.

Does any of this make sense? I don’t know about you, but I don’t spend my money on services that I don’t like. I don’t see movies that I think are too expensive for the quality of what’s on the screen, I don’t eat at a restaurant if I suspect I’ll get bad service, and I don’t take long trips if gas prices are too high. If charges on my cell phone creep up too much, I cancel the service. If my cable company does not give me the channels I want I drop it in favor of a satellite service. I exercise my options to find the cheapest service at the best price. With Obama and his gang, I do not get a good service for the money I spend and I do not want to give them more money. I do not feel obligated to meet the goals they set for me, because they are idiots and I have no value for them. I do not approve of their Social Security program, their Medicare program, and their decision to cut space exploration in favor of giving more money to the United Nations. I do not support participation in the United Nations with tax payer money. I do not support the criminal behavior of many government branches, particularly the DOJ under Eric Holder. I do not support the current border policy; I do not support the work of our EPA since it is infected with environmental radicals without any sense in their heads. I could go on and on, but in short, why should I support something with higher taxes that I think is a bad product? I shouldn’t. And I say no—often.

In my personal life, I say NO to 80% of all the attempts of family members and friends to get me to show up someplace to do things I do not want to do. I do not let people run me ragged with obligations they’ve committed me to. It’s no offense to them, but I come first, and if I feel stretched too thin, I give myself some time. So it is easy for me to say no to Obama and his thugs. The statement that tax obligations created by politicians somehow mandate my participation is laughable. If more people learned to say no to all the time and money eating activities that the looters of government throw our way, people would discover they had much better lives. They’d have more time to do the things they want to do, and they’d have more money to do them. Government is responsible for much of the misery our society is suffering from. For many who have not learned to say no, they run themselves ragged trying to meet all the social obligations fools like Obama create for them, and they spend their lives slaves to the ignorance of others. That is what Obama means when he says people need to pay their “fair share.” He is stating that tax payers are required to blindly pay money to the programs that looters like him created for their own behalf, to buy votes and pad their own pockets with lavish lifestyles. They are of course totally out-of-line. The lives of many people would be dramatically improved if they’d just learn to say no to looters like Obama and his clan of money grabbing, chaos driven malcontents whose time isn’t worth the money they are demanding.

The problems are the same, the inability to manage our personal times week by week, and the bottomless pit of tax requests by politicians who are never happy and will forever take more than they are given. The more they are given, the more they give away to buy votes so they can stay in power. The heart of the problem is in most of us who want to be polite and make everyone but ourselves happy. It is that nature in ourselves that Obama speaks to when he creates demands of our time and money to service his imperial interests. And he’s wrong—completely wrong.

For confirmation on Obama and those like him as outlined in this article, make plans to see the movie 2016, coming to a theater near you. At that film you will discover just how serious the situation involving politicians like Obama truly are.



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