20 Reasons Barack Obama is a Socialist: Welcome to Cincinnati the student of Frank Marshall Davis

Before we get into the 20 reasons Obama is a socialist, here is an early review from the new film “2016: Obama’s America as seen on Rotten Tomatoes.

Saw this last night and loved it. Very gripping. And very fair. The facts are laid out and you make your own conclusions. There is no Obama bashing. Much of the film is in Obama’s own words (from “Dreams From My Father”). See this movie.

Angie Hallimore July 13, 2012

As President Obama lands at CVG airport for his Cincinnati fundraiser bashing the rich and declaring to help the poor, it is important to know who he is. Obama’s use of Air Force 1 for a fundraising trip is a disgrace and I’d feel that way even if the president was a Republican. I don’t worry about it too much for the occasional feel good visit, but with Obama, he has consumed millions of dollars in tax money just in fuel to fly him around the country simply to raise money for his campaign which I do not support. So in an inadvertent way Obama through IRS enforcement is taking some of my tax contributions to fund his campaign which I’m against.

But as I think of Obama I am currently ecstatic over the upcoming release of Dinesh D’Souza’s new film “2016: Obama’s America.” The Hollywood Reporter and The Blaze featured clips of that upcoming film which delves into the past of Barack Obama and explores the relationship of Frank Marshall Davis in the life of the future tax abuser, Barack Obama. The Blaze specifically has a wonderful feature on the new Paul Krengor book, The Communist which goes into great detail about Davis. Read that article at the below link and buy that book on Tuesday, July 17th!


Dinesh’s new film is being produced by Gerald Molen who produced Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Minority Report, and Rain Man and is based on the book The Roots of Obama’s Rage written by D’Souza. If you have not read the book, you should. To get a sneak peek of what the book is about, and what this film will be about, check out this Forbes article.


The movie will be a very hard hitter, and it will be fair—probably fairer than a person like Obama deserves. Based on D’Souza’s writing style and the very good producer credentials of Gerald Molen who has worked very closely with Steven Spielberg—an Obama supporter and someone I think a lot of in spite of his political beliefs, this film will be well done and balanced.

But that does not mean that it won’t reveal that President Obama is the first president in American history that is a representative of Communist Party USA, and he achieved penetration of the highest office in the world through subversive tactics taught to him by Frank Marshall Davis who was a card-carrying communist who set out in 1931 to spread communism all over the world. Davis using the disguise of civil rights activism set the stage for what many on the political left adhere to today particularly in many media outlets utilizing open endorsements of communism—which is the mortal enemy of the American way of life and capitalism in general which is the life blood of the American economy. Obama was introduced to Davis through his grandfather—the only stable male figure in his young life—Stanley Dunham with the intention of mentoring the young Barack Obama into a subversive communist that they could slide under the protective barriers of American society—which they hated—to undo it from within.

Stanley Dunham raised in Barack’s mother a radical leftist who would spend much of her life hopping from man to man on a quest for Marxist radicals, which Barack’s biological father certainly was. Barack’s mother got naked for Davis on several occasions in what has been documented as wild sexual exploits. It says a lot that the most stable figure in Obama’s youth was his grandfather who was drinking buddies with Frank Marshall Davis. It makes you wonder what kind of man Stanley was to let Davis drink with him then embark on wild sexual adventures with his daughter, Barack’s mother, who was old enough to be Davis’s daughter at the time. If a friend of mine came to my house and wanted to seduce my daughter, there would be big trouble for them. But apparently Stanley enjoyed the activity, enough to encourage his grandson Obama to learn all he could.

Davis had a FBI file 600 pages long due to his communist activity with the National Negro Congress—a communist front organization, and the Civil Rights Congress cited by President Harry Truman’s Attorney General as a communist subversive organization. In fact, in a 1950 FBI report states that members of a subversive element in Honolulu were “concentrating their efforts on infiltration of the Democratic Party through control of Precinct Clubs and organization.” Robert M. Kempa was a Communist Party informant who agreed to cooperate with government investigators back when the government itself was not yet infected with communism and stated, “Late in the fall of 1950 I started contacting Frank Marshall Davis in connection with Communist Party matters, and relaying to him information received from my superior contact in the Communist Party. During a portion of 1950, 1951, and part of 1952, I continued contacting Frank Marshall Davis and also transmitted dues from the Communist Party received from him to my contact above. During the period of my contacts with Frank Marshall Davis, he advised me that his wife, Helen was a member of Group #10.” Frank Marshall Davis was the primary contact in Hawaii for subversive communist activity and this is one of the primary influences in Barack Obama’s young life, so much so that Obama would trace the steps of Davis in South Chicago as a community activist many years after Davis had performed the same role in Chicago. It was Davis who started The Star in Chicago, a labor newspaper that was committed to subtle communist propaganda which was very prevalent in the labor unions.

Obama was surrounded by radicals his entire life, so he never had a chance. If he was not President of the United States, I might feel sorry for him and try to help him find his way, but in his role as president he is a subversive seeking to rob from me a way of life I cherish and I personally don’t take that lightly. One of the strategies that subversive communists used which was partially invented by people like Frank Marshall Davis through his newspaper work and literature was to attack anyone who questioned their activity. For the communist the best defense was an aggressive offense, so if anyone questioned their activity, they would publicly ridicule their attacker as a racist, a selfish mean person, a rich out-of-touch socialite, or a stiff. They of course used other words, but in short, nobody wanted to be called names, since it’s a primal desire that many have to receive some sort of social acceptance from their peers. Communist subterfuge experts exploited this tendency to silence America through their communist advancements out of fear from name calling.

Obama’s presidential ascension was designed by people like Davis, and Bill Ayers to penetrate the White House like a Trojan horse and destroy it from within. They avoided the communist designation by calling themselves progressives and hiding behind the Republican commitment to progressivism started by Teddy Roosevelt. People not privy to history do not understand how these games are played. Most people look for obvious signs they can measure actions to. The communist subversive has denied spectators of this evidence using means developed by the KGB to undermine American culture over a long period of time without obvious signs of antagonism. They literally kill you with kindness behind symbols of “peace.” The Soviet Union hoped that America would crumble from inside before they ran out of money in the late 1980’s. Lucky for America, we hired a radical right-winged president in Ronald Reagan to yank America back to its capitalist ways for a short period of time paving the way for one of the greatest growth spirts known in the world.

When I grew up in the 1980’s jobs were plentiful and economic growth was constant. It was the policies created by Reagan that allowed Clinton to balance the budget and bring down the deficit enjoying the economic relief created by Reagan and the destruction of the Communist Soviet Union. But Clinton after 8 years had brought progressive policies back to the national and international stage, and the progressive George Bush and now Barack Obama have restored the communist dreams started by radicals like Frank Marshall Davis back to America.

Most people do not know that they have accepted communism in their lives, which is by design. Communists like Obama have learned to use careful language to hide their true intentions even from themselves. As agents of communism they have had to teach themselves to believe everything they say. Obama’s grandfather and Davis clearly used the young Obama to carry out their dreams of communist radicalism by teaching the young future presidential plant to slowly seduce the masses into accepting anti-capitalist propaganda.

A communist is coming to Cincinnati to raise money for his intended destruction of American society. He comes with a message given to him from Frank Marshall Davis in a plan hatched in the mid 50’s ahead of the book release The Naked Communist. Davis and his FBI file which will be revealed in the movie 2016: Obama’s America will show to what extent communists worked to undo American society. In Hawaii, Davis successfully avoided arrest by the FBI and used a group called The Democratic Revolution to disrupt industry, organize large strikes and oust “white rule” among the plantations and businesses and was successful. His mentorship of the young Barack Obama would take the same attack mode used in The Hawaiian Dock Strike of 1949 to put a communist radical in The White House and bring the imperial nation of America to its knees forever.

These facts cannot be disputed, and the evidence is overwhelming. This is the person who has been president for 4 years and is looking for 4 more—which the nation we all know and love will not survive. Obama in spite of his carefully crafted charm and pleasant demeanor is a created man by radical communists intent on fulfilling the dreams that climaxed in the 1960’s but fizzled short because of the Reagan Presidency. Communists infected the media; they infected movies and television, book publishing, government and to a large extent—public education. Because of those infestations, communism is a big part of the life of most people reading this whether they know it or not. They cannot see it in their day-to-day lives unless they compare their world view of today with those of their own grandparents. It is only then that they can see how far they have fallen, and how effective Davis and his insurgents were in undermining American society. It is to that ignorance that Obama speaks. It is the message of subtle communism hidden within the Democratic Party under the banner of progressive politics that he advocates unconsciously, because he knows of nothing else. It is because of him that today’s America is facing a financial collapse similar to the collapse of the Soviet Union in the late 1980’s, because like those Russians, America is being led by a devout communist personally mentored by Frank Marshall Davis. Because of his actions, Obama is being more and more referred to as a socialist, which is really just Communism Light. But under the tutelage of Davis, it would appear that Obama and his staff is even further to the political left than avid socialists which the video at the start of this article indicates with 20 points. The undercurrent of his political belief is communism as it was advocated by Davis and the radical insurgents of the Soviet Union to end America and its powerful economy being driven by capitalism. The communist goal was to stop the blood from flowing in that economy, killing the nation. By examining the economic conditions of today, the results are obvious as our nation is near death. Obama’s visit to Cincinnati should be viewed as a dysfunctional family member coming to the nation’s death-bed to visit a loved one that is on life support. But Obama doesn’t come with flowers begging for forgiveness for what he has done to put the nation on that death bed. He’s coming to pull the plug.


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