The Mind of James Holmes: Looking for the keys in the darkness

It is obvious that the general American population is only comfortable speculating on the evil of James Holmes and the shooting that took place in Aurora, Colorado within a certain safe zone of opinion. I would liken this approach to looking for lost car keys thought to have been dropped in a large parking lot at night, but the only place anyone looks for the keys are under the parking lot lights. The keys probably aren’t lost under the few lights there are, but somewhere out in the vast darkness of the parking lot and will only be found with a flashlight, or waiting till daylight breaks over the horizon. The keys will not be found in only the places where they can be seen. If it was that easy, they probably wouldn’t be lost in the first place.

When the answer to bizarre social behavior falls outside the realm of the obvious, society in general has a difficult time seeing the cause of the behavior. Mainstream news at all levels only wants to assume that something snapped in James Holmes and this is why he shot up a movie theater. They do not want to consider that the situation may be a “false flag” operation or even more serious terrorism fantasies. The same handicap is currently creating havoc in our own government that has been infiltrated by radical Muslim elements intent on spreading Islamic rule over the entire planet, as they believe they are instructed to do. People like John Boehner and John McCain scoff at Michelle Bachman’s accusations that the Muslim Brotherhood is a threat to America. As politicians, they are looking for the keys under the light metaphorically speaking, and the keys are not there, but elsewhere where it’s not so easy to see.

To understand this basic human behavior all you must do dear reader is consider what you have done in the past to be a member of the cool kids, or the cool group. Whose ass did you kiss to play golf with a select group of people, or the bowling league you wanted to join—or the country club you wanted to become a member of. What about the fraternity and the hazing that go along with those memberships? People will compromise often their beliefs to become accepted in group behavior. And if that group is the leadership structure of anarchists, or even extreme fans of movies, the desire to be accepted among a group of peers is a very strong motivator in directing behavior.

The “false flag” portion of this shooting is difficult to explain to people who don’t allow themselves to see the world except under the parking lot lights. In my book The Symposium of Justice I went to some great measure to explain how “false flags” are created by the government even in local law enforcement situations by releasing known rapists into a community that is strictly traditional middle-class and safe from crime. Law enforcement might become convinced they need to promote this kind of activity among their ranks to create panic in their community and a desire for more police officers if a police levy is up for a renewal or increase. They typically don’t wish harm on the general population, but they do intend to scare the population into believing they need to vote for a levy approval. So if you want to know more, I’d suggest reading the scenario in my book Symposium. Even though it appears scientifically extreme, it is quite valid. School districts play this same game attempting to build public consensus using fear to motivate community unity on tax increases. Their methods are less direct. School districts use the fear that children will have a hampered development to direct the actions of a community who wants to be a member of the cool group—the pro school group—which is direct manipulation that is very similar to the antics the government uses to create “false flags” in order to accept United Nation proposals, pending legislation, and political stump speeches. The sum of the behavior by government entities whether it be local government or federal government is to use fear to collectively unify society into accepting things they would normally not accept if fear for their lives were not present in the decision-making process.

With James Holmes I don’t believe he was a lone wolf, as it is typically defined. I believe he was arrogantly brilliant, and that he loves the Batman films, as millions of people do—because the Batman films are good movies. So what I’m about to write is my personal theory conceived through speculative fiction as to what I think is going on in the mind of James Holmes if he were a fictional character. This is my way of looking for the keys in the middle of the parking lot where there are no lights before the sun raises only to reveal that under the cover of darkness, the keys were stolen by the instigators of the “false flag.”

Fictional first person perspective of James Holmesfacing a mundane life of working crummy jobs for crummy people society will always fail to grasp my brilliance. Yes that science researcher from Princeton who I had lunch with in April of 2012 “gets it.” (the researcher is the false flag instigator.) The Joker from Batman The Dark Knight was the key to making that film so great. It was not Batman who was the star of that film, it was The Joker. The Joker defines Batman. Without the Joker, there is no Batman. It took a psychopathic, schizophrenic mass murdering clown with zero compassion to bring about the heroics of Batman, and to take the wonderful Harvey Dent into the perilous depths of Two Face. The Joker devises ingenious situations that force Batman, Commissioner Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent to make impossible ethical decisions and it is in those decisions that defined the success of the Batman films.

After the plight of the Occupy Movement, the rule of the world by the big bankers, the corrupt hiding behind facades of goodness, where are the Batman’s—where are the heroes that will restore society? We won’t find them in a movie theater looking at fantasies on the silver screen. We must have them in real life.

The researcher was right–I wish I remembered to ask for his name–That was a very smart man. Society needs a Joker so it can have a reason to challenge itself and find its soul. It needs tragedy to discover its courage. Without a Joker, there are no Batmen in society. So I will give them one.

I can do that. I’m more intelligent than any of the people who could prosecute me. I can be the Joker in real life that society needs for its identity. After I’ve given them their death—given them their villain, they will be forced to confront themselves. I will do more for society as the Joker than as a neuroscientists.

But do I have the courage to go that far down the rabbit hole? Could I be arrested, convicted, and locked away in an insane asylum as the Joker was and still survive? Can I do it? Yes—yes I can. After all, John Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity after he fell in love with Jodi Foster after the film Taxi Driver. Just 30 years later he is able to visit his parents outside of institutional control for weeks at a time. He will eventually go free soon and still have time to live his life.

I am only 24; I could spend 30 years behind bars and still have time to live my life. I’d still be a young man when I left custody. The weak parasites of the establishment won’t let my brilliance go to waste. Once they realize I’m scientifically sound, they’ll use me in a lab even if it is behind bars. What’s the difference? If I’m behind bars, I won’t be troubled with making a living. I won’t have to worry about employment and grants.

But how do I go about it? Well, I must show a break with reality, a definite change of behavior that others will testify to in my trial. It will have to even involve my parents. I must deceive them all. I’ll try to join a gun club, and I’ll make the owner so uncomfortable that he’ll testify to my erratic behavior. My neighbors will say that I was disturbed, and became increasingly isolated in my behavior. Maybe I’ll even mail a copy of my plans to one of my college professors so they’ll think I was trying to reach out for help. My past of peace and my current violent actions will show that I was two people, and that it was a slip of reality that pushed reality beyond my grasp. I’ve studied mental health patients, so I know how to duplicate the behavior. This is the story of Harvey Dent. This is the story of the Joker. Good people going bad as they collapse under their own genius.

But my crime would have to be so bad that it would stop the entire world and force changes. It would have to be epic in its destruction. It would have to be unfathomable by a sane mind. And as the researcher said in our lunch meeting, Batman is about a rich guy who saves society. It’s anti “occupy,” its pro capitalism. The hero is not Batman; it’s the Joker, its Bane. That must be made clear otherwise millions will take away the wrong messages in this upcoming film. I must stop that.

When I’m arrested I’ll warn the police that my apartment is booby-trapped. It will confuse everyone, and they will think that they have found an act of compassion in me, and it will be that hint of compassion that keeps them from putting me to death, even though they should. It will keep them from locking me away forever to be hidden from view. They will seek to loot my mind once they can convince themselves that I can be saved. They will save me because they want what’s in my head. And I will outlast them. I will show them that I can hide myself behind a mask of insanity, and at a time far from now after the acts of my brutality have played out and brought peace to the world, after I have brought out the best of what humanity has, I can be free to live in a world of my own making. I will have planted the seeds of life with acts of evil.

The joke will be on those who thought they could maintain the social illusions of greed, and cruelty on the backs of my generation. They will write books about me, they will make movies about me, and slowly I will bring to a whole new generation the “real Joker.” And in the end, I will beat them, because they don’t even know what game they are playing.

If that is indeed how Holmes views the situation, nobody but him can know for sure. It can only be speculated based on observed conditions, and through the exercise of creative writing can we begin to get our minds around the depth of evil it took to gun down a movie theater full of people. Clearly the thing to do would be to not allow James Holmes to get away with this crime by allowing him to disguise his true intentions behind a mask of insanity. If he is truly insane, then he won’t know the difference. But if he’s acting in the way described above, he will make fools of our American justice system, which is what the character of the Joker from the films was doing. We don’t need Batman to save our society from corruption, or from the Joker’s who wish harm to bring about their own forms of social justice. We just need to have the courage to look evil in the eye and spit in it—and remove evil from our concerns when the task is upon us.

If I had to place a bet that James Holmes calculated society would not have the fortitude to take a stand against him he would make that bet based on our history. Human beings are not able to process too many things at one time. They will need one or two major points to fixate on in order to determine the evil intentions of the terrorist actions. Holmes knew that if he presented a layered offensive that worked at many different levels, that he would defy prosecution. It’s up to American society to prove him otherwise.

As to the “false flag” I do not believe the intention was to create more aggressive gun legislation in front of the United Nations Small Arms Treaty that is coming our way. Those kinds of things would be bonus objectives in the world of subversion. They would not be the primary. The primary in this case is the obvious pro capitalist leanings of this Batman story coming out in a time where the socialism/capitalism argument is at its greatest. For many decades there have been saboteurs who have helped create a very compliant American society, and they know well what the power of a good story is. The Batman films under the direction of Christopher Nolan are powerful, and have the ability to communicate important, and complicated political themes to a mass audience. The “false flag” in this case was a desire to place on the entire Batman franchise the memory of murder and carnage. The intention is to make Batman appear as sinister on the minds of America as the World Trade Center has been. It is a message to the mass marketing of Warner Brothers and all other film studios not to make films with themes as powerful as what are in Dark Knight Rises, themes that stand behind capitalism and calls into question the merit of the Occupy Movement, and promotes individualism over collectivism. The hope of using a film fan genius as the real life Joker is to taint forever the mere speech of the name and the film franchise from American film heritage. It is to drive away the chance of Academy Awards, and box office receipts to be given to a very deserving film.

There are saboteurs who are very unhappy with the way young people are taking to films like Iron Man, and these new Batman films. They are radical enough to perform the unthinkable once they realize society is moving in a direction they don’t like. It is difficult to get the mind around the unthinkable, but we must in order to guard ourselves from the aggression that has now attempted to attack us in our living rooms through the influence of popular culture. The good message of Batman Dark Knight Rises was cut short by a young man claiming to be the Joker through a terrorist act that is beyond comprehension. But we must comprehend his evil so that we can see beyond the violence to the intended result. And we must make sure that intended result does not play out as planned, by denying the Joker the punch line he intended.

For more on ‘false flags,’ from a very reasonable examination check out this link:


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3 thoughts on “The Mind of James Holmes: Looking for the keys in the darkness

  1. Your fictional theory of what is going through the mind of James Holmes is brilliant. I listen to the news and the top-of-the-hour reports of “What motivated James Holmes to kill all those people? Will we ever know? He’s just not talking. If only he would talk we could understand him and the healing could begin.” and just laugh. Many people, especially liberals and the “feelers”, are obsessed with understanding what motivates people to take actions such as these.

    It’s laughable because many people will never truly understand what motivates actions such as these because their minds will not allow them to comprehend it…to protect themselves from the actual truth that evil and true horrors exists in the world. They are in denial every bit as much as Holocaust deniers. To admit that humans have the capacity for evil such as this is to admit that THEY also have such capacity down deep in their souls too. Therefore, there must have been some external force that caused poor James to murder these people- violent movies, angst over his lack of health insurance, being spanked as a child…anything but the truth.

    Your fictional account of James Holmes’ thoughts is a very plausible theory. I believe it is much more likely than the idea that his actions were paid for and sanctioned by the Federal government to spark new gun control legislation…although the “no crisis go to waste” folks are of course already trying to ban guns and violent movies using the incident as fuel for the fire.

    Also, as far as the actual Dark Knight film is concerned…it’s ironic to me that the film is much, much less violent than it could have been. I have been a fan of action and “violent” movies my entire life, and I have seen many more violent films than this one. There was very little gratuitous violence. There were no “head shots”, decapitations, limb-severing or excess blood. It reminded me of X-Men 2 where all the deaths happened right after the camera cuts away so that you don’t really see it. Wolverine killed a lot of people but if you watch closely a lot of it is implied and there’s no blood.

    If you want to see a really volent film, check out the first Robocop movie where Officer Murphy has every limb graphically blown off before being killed by a head shot. That was way back in 1987. Saving Private Ryan was many times more graphic than the Dark Knight Rises. I wouldn’t think twice about letting my 13 year old see The Dark Knight Rises.


  2. About the only GOOD thing resulting from this horrific tragedy is – James Holmes will NEVER get to procreate anyone like himself. (Think what horrors could have been visited upon society, for instance,
    if Leopold and Loeb hadn’t been caught, and later, married and reproduced monsters like themselves: individuals with super-high IQs, and twisted, psychopathic personalities who embraced the Nietzschean “Ubermensch” philosophy. (Someone should investigate to see if Holmes espoused the Nietzschean mentality also, as did Leopold and Loeb.)


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