Why ‘Chick-fil-A’ is in my new book: The hidden reach of EVIL

With great relief the attack by progressive ideology in the form of “gay rights” was answered in a huge way all across the United States when fans of the famous chicken restaurant Chick-fil-A showed up in mass to show support of the company’s President Dan Cathy for taking a public stand in favor of traditional marriage and family values. Two years ago when I was deep into the writing of my latest novel Tail of the Dragon a guy my daughter was dating had an argument with me over Chick-fil-A when I declared it was my favorite place to eat because as a company it was not afraid of showing their support of traditional values. This young boy was very upset about my stance, which provoked me to write an article of support when the current gay rights push was in its infancy. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.

It is not only because of my argument with that kid over Chick-fil-A but because it is without question my favorite fast-food restaurant that it plays a heroic role in my new action packed novel. My publisher and I went back and forth on the issue and I felt that people would want to visit many of the sites talked about in the novel, so rather than call the restaurant I was writing about merely a chicken place, I included the name of Chick-fil-A as being the location of a particularly riveting scene that takes place inside an Ashville, North Carolina shopping mall. Chick-fil-A played a heroic role in my story without being complicit in any crime simply because as a social icon, the people who run and work at Chick-fil-A restaurants are some of the most ethical and good people anyone can hope to find because Chick-fil-A as a company is good from the top down.

I wanted to show my appreciation of Chick-fil-A by displaying my admiration for them as a company. The argument I had with that poor kid indicated to me that a storm was coming, a storm that took nearly two years to develop. Truett Cathy is a person I greatly admire and have since I was a very small child. His success is an excellent example of Robert Pirsig’s Metaphors of Quality model. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE AND SEE HOW IT WORKS. So my inclusion of Chick-fil-A in my novel as a centerpiece of the action is out of a genuine love that I have for them as a company. I was very careful not to implicate their company name in any of the scandalous activity that was driving the action, but I hoped to help them withstand the storm I saw was coming by including them in my novel that showed them in a good light and as an icon of the southern states.

I was surprised that the young boy who was dating my daughter was so upset at Chick-fil-A. He wasn’t gay, but he knew people who were, and he felt he was compelled to defend them. So he had a serious case of anger at Chick-fil-A based exclusively on his progressive education and the root of that infection was seen when the President of Chick-fil-A Dan Cathy made his “guilty as charged” comments in support of traditional marriage, and even going so far to say he is proud that his family still have their first wives. Young people especially like that young kid who dated my daughter are very susceptible to progressive politics from people like Rahm Emanuel the former Barack Obama aid and current mayor of Chicago who came out aggressively against Chick-fil-A after Dan Cathy made his comments in favor of traditional marriage. The villains against traditional beliefs in America showed themselves quickly after that interview with Cathy and the political divisions in our country were suddenly very clear.

There are many like that progressive kid who indirectly convinced me to stand up for Chick-fil-A by putting them prominently in my new novel, who have allowed themselves to no longer acknowledge the work of evil. Evil as a sinister force seeks the complete eradication of anything that is good and in our society much of what is good comes from traditional values. Evil is spread through progressive values. Evil has spread most aggressively in our society with the demise of traditional values rooted in a marriage between a man and a woman with their first wives. Chick-fil-A recognizes this fact and has chosen not to participate or endorse evil. Progressives like Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama believe in the collectivism of their cause and they are seeking to advance a different agenda that is global than what those of us who embrace traditional values endorse.

The issue over gay marriage is not to say that homosexuals are evil. But the progressive political platform uses the issue of gay marriage to cheapen the concept of private property—which is at the heart of most progressive topics. By weakening the value of a man and a woman raising their biological families produced in the bedroom of their sacred beds, the progressive has sought to pervert sex to multiple sex partners, same-sex partners that cannot produce children as a couple and are forced to adopt children from other families from other parts of the world to build a family of their own. The goal of the progressive is a focus on collectivism, raising a family that is without the biological possession of the parents. The strategy of evil is to destroy the concept of the American family and by destroying that, it will destroy America which is the only bastion of personal freedom on earth. By destroying America, evil can rule the minds of man without concern.

What I have said is not the plot of the most recent Lord of the Rings film or some comic book plot line. It is very much real, and is happening before our very eyes. Evil is seductive, it grows within our personal weaknesses, which is why collectivists seek to exemplify those weaknesses while at the same time chastising strengths. To accomplish this evil is using progressive politics to strip away anything that gives individuals strength and replacing it with collectivist oriented obedience. The young kid I mentioned is a victim of this evil. His life was built by evil in a single parent home, by adult influences that are lax on personal strength, and by an education system that is pushing young people right off the cliff with progressive global instruction.

It is true, I do gush over my experiences at the annual Annie Oakley event I participate in each year because it’s all about traditional American value—which I adore. I gush over movies that are old-fashioned in their themes, especially the most recent Batman film Dark Knight Rises, because the story goes to the trouble of identifying the failures of collectivism. And I certainly gush over Chick-fil-A, because they unlike any other company I can think of stand for something rooted in “goodness.” There are fresh flowers on every table, the employees are always nice, and the food is great for a fast-food restaurant—very high quality. Chick-fil-A gives up millions and millions of dollars to be closed on Sundays so they certainly don’t care if the gay population boycotts them. They stand on what they believe, and that is “good.” So Chick-fil-A stands in the way of the ever encroaching evil that quietly sifts about in our lives subtly turning our minds against us with illusions of pleasure that are disguises of sinister plots not necessarily rooted within terrestrial understanding. Progressives are simply the vehicles of this evil that uses their minds and bodies like most people might use a rental car. It steps into the mind of Rahm Emanuel and uses his weak mind to drive him to say and do the kinds of things that are absolutely detrimental to our society while the Chicago Mayor actually believes he’s doing good for the poor, the weak, the homosexual, the destitute, and otherwise mentally unfortunate.

It was my hope that by including Chick-fil-A in my story that I could pay it some sense of justice and my own appreciation for being an icon of goodness in my own personal life. But in the wake of the overwhelming support that millions of Americans have shown toward Chick-fil-A against the progressive encroachment of evil I am simply delighted that courage and goodness have stood squarely for a change to face down evil for what it attempted to do to Chick-fil-A.

The gay attack on Friday, the “Kiss-a-Chick” day was a bust as was expected. Homosexuals are in the minority and cannot be allowed to completely drive the direction of private business, and compared to the millions who showed up to support Chick-fil-A as a business, the gay community could only produce a few squeaky wheels who made fools of themselves. The events of the week showed without question that those who wish destruction are in the vast minority and can only advance evil if we listen to them. Thankfully, Dan Truett as President of Chick-fil-A showed the world that he would not buckle from his beliefs, which is so incredibly refreshing. It was also refreshing to see that so many people responded in support of his company. Even rival fast-food restaurants like Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, and Wendy’s stood shoulder to shoulder with Chick-fil-A because they recognize that if Chick-fil-A goes down under the gun of political pressure that their companies will also be extorted and abused under some future progressive attack. When the mayors of cities threaten to not allow the construction of businesses because of their personal beliefs, dictatorships are not far off the horizon which is the ultimate weapon of evil. Such an evil showed itself quickly in the Chicago Mayor and others who attacked Chick-fil-A not for turning away gay customers which never happened, but for having a belief—a belief in tradition, in what’s good. For that, Chick-fil-A was attacked, and in its defense a nation stood strong. Wednesday August 1, 2012 will forever be remembered as the first small battle that was a victory against a tyrannical empire driven by pure evil in a long quest to restore goodness to our lives with many battles to come. And for those who stood on the side of good, the victory was overwhelming and decisive.


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Rich Hoffman

3 thoughts on “Why ‘Chick-fil-A’ is in my new book: The hidden reach of EVIL

  1. Well written, Rich. I agree with you and with the other 50 million people that ate at CFA on Wed. I went to the one on Broad St in Reynoldsburg, OH and the line was literally wrapped around the building for inside dining, and around the block for drive-thru. A not-so-small victory for the right. (and when I use the term right, I don’t mean it in the sense of “your right hand” I mean in the sense of CORRECT).

    I just have one request — let’s recover the use of the word “gay” from the other side and replace it with the proper term “homosexual.” The left frequently re-defines words (ala Big Brother) to fit their needs, like “progressive” instead of communist.

    Let’s call a spade a spade, and take the soft edge off their language. Homosexual is the proper term, that’s the term I use in everyday conversation. When I use “gay” it’s more in the context of the Christmas carol kinda gay. I refuse to capitulate to their theft of terms.


  2. Picktown, you are right on target. Let us take back our language and the real meaning of words. This PC stuff is getting old. I’m sick and tired of having to watch every word I say for fear it just might offend someone. Everyone is so sensitive to their personal “feelings.” They sure don’t care about normal everyday patriotic Americans that love this nation and don’t want to see it go down the tube like the rest of the communist world. We don’t want or need a dictator to tell us what to think and do. The Chick-fil-A
    incident is just one way “the silent majority” can speak out loud and clear and with total civility. Not so much the other side.


  3. As to the “hate” guy: he showed plenty of hate by the way he treated that young girl at the window. She didn’t deserve his little “hate” speech. As for Rahm – Mayor of Chicago; what right does he have to tell others how to think and how to run their business. I believe that Dan Cathy was speaking to the Baptist press. His comments were taken totally out of context. The moral values of our country have been decimated by the liberals that have taken over our nation and the mainstream press. The guy in the car was hoping that the students were going to “sit in” and cause some trouble. Isn’t that always the way of the left, they use the “children” to promote their hate mongering.


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