A Book that Has Everything, Action, Romance, and Philosophy: Reviews for ‘Tail of the Dragon’ novel

Tail of the Dragon is my latest novel that is an action packed thriller saturated with a philosophy of freedom that is unique in literature today.  At this site the videos provided are from radio interviews that I have done ahead of the novel’s release which will provide much of the background information about the story in great detail.  For me the goal was to write the greatest car chase in the history of storytelling, and I feel I did that and then some.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Here are blurbs from people who have read it.  As I get more I will include them here for all to see.   CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES during the making of the book.


“Tale of the Dragon” is a fun ride with a great message!  Rich Hoffman is a rare, consistent, true conservative voice!
–Doc Thompson nationally syndicated radio host and regular guest host for the Glenn Beck Program


 “With Tale of the Dragon, Rich Hoffman combines NASCAR, Rebel Without a Cause, and Smokey and the Bandit. If you like fast cars, and hate speed traps, this is the book for you. And just every once in a while, any real American wishes he had a Firebird like the one in Tale of the Dragon.”

–Best Selling author Larry Schweikart of ‘7 Events that Made America, America,’ and co-author of #1 Best Seller ‘A Patriot’s History of the United States’


“Rich Hoffman has very skillfully, and with the obvious storyteller’s touch, expressed some of the great challenges that we face as a society today in a way that anyone can understand and enjoy within the context of a great story. ‘Tail of the Dragon’ will enlighten all who read it, young and old, and I highly recommend it.”

–Joshua Charles co-author of the #1 New York Times Best Seller ‘The Original Argument’ with Glenn Beck


“Wow, I just finished reading ‘Tail of The Dragon’ and I physically feel like I just got off a roller coaster without the benefit of a safety harness. 

If you believe that progressive policies pushed by collectivist politicians can rob a vibrant free and independent country of its spirit, how excited you will be to see one man, desperate for freedom – powerful enough and devoid of chains, who refuses to capitulate, take on a government without a soul and bring it to its knees!

The spirit of Ayn Rand is still alive and is being lived and written about by Rich Hoffman…Galt/Stephens 2016!

I was impressed how this skillful author can tell this story that involves sleazy politics without using profanity. 

Hoffman got it right.”

–George Lang, West Chester Twp. Trustee, (voted in the top 100 places to live in the nation.)

“Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.”

 —Ron and Nancy Johnson from Discovery Channel’s Hell Roads episode on Tail of the Dragon (SEE THAT VIDEO HERE)


In a society disconnected and apathetic to the “fundamental transformation” of our country, Rich Hoffman has brilliantly created a novel that can entertain to the masses while still delivering a powerful message that needs to be heard.  If you’re looking for a thriller that appeals to your rebellious but still common sense driven self, be sure to fasten your seat belts, pop your clutch, and peel out for Tail of the Dragon.”

–Matt Clark from the Clarkcast Radio Network, WAAM Radio, Ann Arbor

Rich Hoffman’s book ‘Tail of the Dragon’ takes you on a joy ride through the winding hills of Tennessee and through the exploration of truth.  From the book, ‘truth isn’t something you can hide from people.’  Rich Hoffman doesn’t hide the truth about the intrusion of government in all of our lives.” 

–Ann Becker–President of the West Chester Tea Party


I just finished my copy of the ‘Tail of the Dragon’ and I have to say that it is a magnificent, classic, American tale! I can’t explain how deep of a love I feel for this country after reading it and how refreshed my patriotism has become. Because of this story I feel a want to set things in a better direction not only for our country as a whole but for myself as well. This is definitely in my top 10 books of all time.

– Brooke Townsend


I really enjoyed the chase sequence…would love to see that filmed.

– Nance Kruh-Meyer


A great read. You will enjoy the book. It is real life, and exciting!

– Graeme George


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Title: Tail of the Dragon

Genre: Philosophy, Action

Author: Rich Hoffman

ISBN-13: 978-1-58982-694-6

ISBN-10: 1-58982-694-9

Release Date: September 4th 2012

Binding: Soft Cover

Page count: 232 pages

Dimensions: 5 X 8 inches

Retail cost: $22.00

Distribution: Baker & Taylor

Publisher: American Book Publishing

Imprint: Bedside Books

Contact the author directly at http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=109796582&trk=tab_pro



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Rich Hoffman

The Beta Man: Why ‘Fifty Shades of Grey” is so successful

Before delving into the murky waters of why Fifty Shades of Gray the novel has been such an overwhelming success, I can’t help but recall when the women at the Lakota School District advocating perpetual school levy tax increases decided to gather pitchforks and torches in an effort to run me out of town because of what I said about them.  They did so with the assumption that all men in the world had been converted through the progressive feminist movement into the vile and worthless “Beta Man.” (TO REVIEW ALONG WITH THE “EXPLICIT” WLW RADIO INTERVIEW, CLICK HERE) To a large extent the levy women had good reason to believe it based on their personal experiences. I was a bit shocked that more men didn’t show their support in public, but rather approached me quietly in private, at gas stations, at local shopping areas to tell me that I represented what they truly felt and had always wanted to say. I shook their hands and consoled them with my thanks, but all the while I felt terribly sorry for them, because they had been taught by a confused society that they should be “Beta Men” and they stood before me powerless armed only with the ability to thank me for speaking on their behalf. One person that did see through the media smokescreen was the author of The Whistleblower who was the first to publicly show support for my controversial appraisal of the typical tax increase advocates in public schools, whom I termed “latté sipping prostitutes” because of their desire to sell themselves with tax increases in turn for raising their children in the nurturing arms of a government school which they were too lazy and insecure to do themselves.


For those who do not know what a “Beta Man” is and are requiring context Bill Whittle summed up the situation wonderfully in the video below. An example of a Beta Man as given in Bill’s video is Alan Alda and Woody Allan, both progressive “forward” leaning males. Unfortunately our society, and our women do not really want such men, even though it has been fashionable to pretend to as is in evidence by the sheer number of women who have made the recent novel released only on June of 2011 by E.L. James called Fifty Shades of Grey the bestselling book in the world. Fifty Shades of Grey has sold over 40 million copies worldwide in 37 countries outselling the entire Harry Potter series within one year. The answer as to why is contained in this video.

The definition of the Beta Male seen below can be further analyzed at: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=beta+male

Beta Men are unremarkable, careful men who avoid risk and confrontation. Beta Males lack the physical presence, charisma and confidence of the Alpha male. In the animal kingdom, the Alpha Male is the dominant member of the community. Not everyone can be an Alpha Male, but females tend to like them most over Beta Males.

Progressive politics were designed by Beta Males for their own advantage, in an attempt gain access to the opposite sex with intellectual aptitude instead of physical prowess. Feminists, a progressive creation, would have society belief that “Beta Men” are what they want, so men have adapted much to their own detriment. Socially women will proclaim that they like Beta Men—and this is a quote from the link above—“because Betas are wingmen, collaborative and conciliatory. In human terms, Betas make the best mates. They do more in the house, and probably in the bedroom, because they know how to hasten the greater good. The Beta has poetry in him, and a touch of youthful idealism. He’s sure of who he is, and not constantly trying to prove his value in materialistic terms. The Beta can earn a lot of money, or a little, but the money’s not the thing; he profits because he works well with others.” Awwww, isn’t that so cute? No wonder our society is so messed up. All of that is idealistic tripe created by idiots in the progressive movement, and has no truth to the biological desires males and females yearn for in each other’s company.

Meanwhile those same women who declare publicly their love of Beta Men, who sip their lattés and plan community group hugs so they can pass school levies to save their children from the world, are running to the book store with dilated pupils to purchase Fifty Shades of Grey.

Fifty Shades of Grey is about a 27 year-old billionaire named Christian Grey suffering from physical abuse as a child, which he manifests in the bedroom as a BDSM master. (Bondage and Sado Masiciasm.) He does not seek healthy sexual relationships built on traditional romance, but submissive women who will be totally compliant sex slaves to him. In the very, very popular novel 22 year-old Anastasia Steele signs written contracts to Grey which is a dominant/submissive agreement part of which Ana is not allowed to touch or make eye contact with Grey, especially during sex. She is often tied up, spanked and beaten with leather belts in order to satisfy the sexual desire of Grey.

For millions of women, they see themselves in Anastasia Steele. Most women have the fantasy of being able to “redeem” a troubled man through their sexuality so Ana’s journey into bondage allowing herself to be beaten badly in order to “redeem” the man who took her virginity is a common issue most women suffer from. Many women find themselves in relationships that are abusive because they gave themselves sexually to a man, and are determined to use their love and sexuality as the ultimate “mothering” device to save a man from himself, just like they believe they can “love” a child out of all life’s dangers with a simple hug. (It’s a biological thing and has nothing to do with reality.) But what makes Fifty Shades of Grey particularly enticing is that Grey is a billionaire so the trouble of income supply is solved, which women require to build their lives and families with. For most women to relax and enjoy sex, the issue of money must be removed, so for the sake of this story, the main male character is a billionaire—problem solved. It’s also convenient that Ana is a young woman just leaving her college years behind and about to enter the work place. For many women, even if they are in their 40’s and 50’s, they see the decisions they made at 22 and 23 as being those which set their lives in motion, and the “what if” scenarios constantly play out in their minds. This makes it easy for them to put themselves in Ana’s shoes which is a brilliant literary device that the author E.L. James used to make this book so much more popular, and powerful than typical pornography or romance novels.

E. L. James started this journey as a self published first time writer printing on demand with a very small publisher, very similar to my first novel The Symposium of Justice. The book took off with online sales and message boards, not through the traditional marketing channels. The mainstream media would not have allowed this book to get off the ground through their critic checks and editors. It was the will of the people, particularly women that made Fifty Shades of Grey and its two sequels runaway smash successes that have been picked up by film production companies. To date, Warner Bros., Sony pictures Paramount, and Universal Pictures all showed intense interest in the literary rights. It was Universal Pictures working with Focus Features who won the rights to the trilogy in March of 2012 and being produced by the makers of The Social Network. Once the film rights were secured, the mainstream media began to cover Fifty Shades of Grey legitimately. In just one year the first time author E.L. James has become one of the world’s top 100 influential people.

The reason Fifty Shades of Grey is so successful is it satisfies the deep biological desire that women have for men who are Alpha, and Christen Grey from outward appearances would seem to be everything opposite of a Beta Man. He’s rich, powerful, influential, and in bed, he is in complete control, and Ana agrees to go with him to sexual places that most women only allow themselves to think about. But consistent with the modern “progressive” teachings Christen Grey has inner problems that Ana wants to help heal; by making herself into a “sacrificial victim” she hopes to bring about his redemption through her ability to take his abuse. This paradox is the recipe for most of the world’s unhappiness.

The feminist movement not sure how to react to the lust women have for Fifty Shades of Grey have attempted to say that Anastasia Steele’s desire to be tied up and beaten by an outwardly Alpha Male, but inwardly Beta Man who needs redemption through female sacrifice is reflective of women earning the right to achieve organism by any means, which is therefore liberating. But in all honesty, feminists are horrified by the implications that so many women find the plight of Ana so appealing, because in essence, it shows that women desire not just in their roles in the bedroom, but in matters of life, to be submissive to a man, and that the Beta Men of progressive creation is resented, even despised.

I knew what I was saying when I said what I did about the women who were most vocal about tax increases for our community schools. Their own inner sickness was attempting to upset the economic balance of our district at the cost of declining business and more foreclosures for members of our community. Some of the most unhappy women I have ever known found themselves attracted to men they thought were Alpha’s, but once they married bitched into Beta Manhood through constant complaints and strings of insecure utterances, just as Anastasia Steele fears that she’s not attractive enough for Christen Grey, so too are most women afraid that they cannot keep their men as age robs them of their youthful beauty. So they tend to take on the dominate role of sexuality making their men submissives, converting them into Beta Men. After a few years of marriage the men feeling resentful of the women “robbing” them of their manhood seek younger women that they can more easily dominate and manipulate while their wives seek cerebral fantasies of themselves being dominated by a rough and tumble Alpha Male. After ten or more years of marriage the couple find themselves hating each other but keeping their relationship intact for financial reasons, and family unity. Now that Fifty Shades of Grey has hit the scene, women at least in the bedroom are starting to accept playing submissive roles to their husbands to enhance their sex lives, which might actually save a few marriages. But often the damage is too far done and the emotional baggage is too great.

But the domination/submissive sex roles are extremes driven by years of progressive politics. Human beings are not happy with these progressive role changes, and it shows in their lives. In my upcoming novel Tail of the Dragon, the sex in it is what I’d consider healthy between the man and the woman main characters even though it might be considered over-the-top and extreme to those with quieter sensibilities. The intention is to show a healthy relationship between a man and a woman who aren’t so mentally dysfunctional that they have to resort to sexual bondage to bring balance to their lives. But obviously, there is a lot of dysfunction in our modern society and it is a global problem, as indicated by the blistering success of Fifty Shades of Grey.

The heart of the problem is Beta Men. They have allowed themselves to be pushed around and turned into the submissives of their relationships, and that is not what women want. Feminists will say that both sex partners should be equals, but that does not agree with the biological yearnings that a man has for a woman, or a woman has for a man. The pursuit of equality like most progressive political platforms is a quest to reinvent the desires of the human being with social engineering designed by the academic élite. It has nothing to do with reality and the observations of sexual behavior. The Beta Man just by their very existence are much more damaging to society because in their inability to satisfy women, they perpetuate divorce, encourage progressive politics, and indirectly raise taxes as women who are on the hunt for anything but the Beta Men in their lives look for causes to support which range from local school levies to Obama’s Presidential campaign as a psychological substitute. The intent of these exploits are not solving social ills as these participants might attempt to convince themselves, but to keep an eye on the horizon for their own version of Christian Grey so they can save them with their love and sexuality. But what they get back in return is a society of Beta Males who cry too much, and seem too eager to do the dishes which society says is good, but leave women sexually starving. Women want a man to do as Christian Grey does everywhere and at anytime without request. It might bring some embarrassment, and regret in hindsight, but it is these images that fill most female fantasies.

To have such a relationship in their lives women do not need a contract like the one that Christian Grey made Anastasia sign in the novel Fifty Shades of Grey. All that is required is a marriage contract where the man and the woman agree to take care of those types of things for each other without all the rules that a progressive society has instructed in an attempt at social engineering. Sex should not be used as a bargaining chip, where it is given or taken away like a mother takes candy from a child in order to mold the behavior of the child. When such a thing is done to men it turns them into Beta Men. They change their behavior to make their women happy. But the women find they aren’t attracted physically to Beta Men for obvious biological and psychological reasons so they either have an affair with someone else, or they read books like Fifty Shades of Grey. The incredible sales of that book do not speak ill of the author E.L. James but of a society that has run to her material like their very souls are on fire seeking BDSM to extinguish themselves.

The anger over my comments displayed publicly in The Whistleblower was not one of impropriety on my part for speaking metaphorically about the antics of my opponents advocating tax increases upon the community for which we all live, but that they hoped I did not see what they were really all about. They hoped that their secret was well hidden because they had surrounded themselves with Beta Men and hoped the illusion was foolproof. But it wasn’t because I know many of those critics are among the many that are salivating over Fifty Shades of Grey and deep in their minds conducting their own symphonies of BDSM.

That is why hundreds of men and women thanked me afterwards, but not with boisterous appraisals, but rather quiet winks and nods of acknowledgment because I said what everyone was already thinking, but nobody dared declare because the world has been taken over by the Beta Men fashioned by women who got what they thought they wanted, until they read otherwise in a book by E.L. James. And for those who want to read how a healthy relationship should be between and man and a woman, I might suggest my new book Tail of the Dragon. It has the sex, but without the handcuffs and bondage contracts. It’s better if women indulge in such things freely without having the ability to blame thoughtless surrender as a sex slave to a domination addict. Its OK women to be sexually submissive. Have the courage to admit it and don’t bring to the world more peril at the hands of the Beta Men. The fuel that drives the outstanding sales of Fifty Shades of Grey is the suppression of human desire in a sexual context caught up in a political struggle brought about by the progressive movement. The real desire of human beings comes about in their art, and if Fifty Shades of Grey is any indication, there is a lot that is very, very wrong with the way we conduct our lives in virtually every context. And that realization does not merit more of the same, but rather drastic revision which leaves the handcuffs and leather belts under the bed, and the orgasm under the influence of free will. To learn how to do that, I would suggest reading  Tail of the Dragon.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

With Tale of the Dragon, Rich Hoffman combines NASCAR, Rebel Without a Cause, and Smokey and the Bandit. If you like fast cars, and hate speed traps, this is the book for you. And just every once in a while, any real American wishes he had a Firebird like the one in Tale of the Dragon.

Best Selling Co-author Larry Schweikart, A Patriot’s History of the United States  (CLICK ON THE LINK TO VISIT US ON FACEBOOK)

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Rich Hoffman