Doc Thompson reviews Rich Hoffman: ‘The Enquirer’ puts one more step in the grave–part 2

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Doc Thompson nationally syndicated radio host and regular guest host for the Glenn Beck Program  (CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON DOC THOMPSON)

This article is part 2 of yesterday’s posting. CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW. The quote above from Doc Thompson formally of 700 WLW means a lot to me not only because it helps give me a needed testimonial for my new novel Tail of the Dragon, but because his story is one of how the good guys do win in the end if they simply refuse to stay down on the ground. Back in February while on his honeymoon with Dayton TV reporter Yuna Lee, 700 WLW  fired the 5 time Marconi Award winner. The radio world like the newspaper world, or any other business is full of backstabbing, and internal politics that is driven by commercial interests, egos, and FCC regulations. Doc and I had made a living hell for public education on the flamethowing 50,000 watt radio station, and the unions were very, very pissed off because they couldn’t answer any of the issues we brought up.

When Doc was fired, several of the radio personalities whom I knew fairly well assured me that Thompson was not fired because of his friendship with me, but due to his poor daytime numbers. It has been well documented that many of those same personalities where developing cozy relationships with school board member at Lakota Julie Shaffer who is friends with real estate employee Pam Parino who actually attempted to throw her weight around forcing WLW to support the Lakota Levy back in 2010 using her former ties with the Gary Burbank Show. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. Pam was seen on the picture to the right further down school board member  Julie Shaffer’s Facebook page, suggesting to send the story to Julie’s friends at WLW, and of course The Enquirer.  Real Estate sales is the common interest that united many of these personalities from WLW  to the levy hounds. Some of the radio hosts have wives who sell homes and those women are friends with people like Parino and Shaffer so the levy advocates were mounting an offensive that was well known.

Around the time that Clark wrote his Enquirer article against me, picking sides in the levy fight at Lakota, Doc was fired and out of a job, Judge Napolitano on Fox Business Network was cut even with its excellent ratings, seemingly because of his relentless support of Ron Paul, and efforts of No Lakota Levy to reach across the political divide in the community to levy supporters to create Yes to Lakota Kids found many insiders playing extreme politics, that was not in the best interest for the community. But Bill Cunningham at 700 WLW whom I was openly very critical of because of his stance on Issue 2 and a Marconi winner of his own, I suspected had something to do with Doc being fired at WLW. Cunningham just signed his deal for his new television show and had shown a tendency to want to move more toward the political center after building a career bashing Democrats—he was changing his tone, and Doc represented a new generation of conservative. Cunningham also is the owner of Willies in West Chester where the levy hounds were visiting him to advocate his support for the next levy.

In February Doc was fired, and in March I was publicly being raked over the coals by the same people who had formally supported me. All one has to do is add up the elements and the conditions are obvious. Radio, like the print news is a competitive business and like any other business, employees seek to eliminate each other with brown nosing and sabotage in order to preserve their own careers, so none of this is sinister, or unexpected. It’s just a fact of life.

The reality is that the citizen journalism was changing the media business. Radio had adapted by using me as a frequent guest through the Doc Thompson Show, but once Doc was no longer at 700 WLW the influences who wanted to wipe the chalkboard clean of him did what they felt they had to do, much to their own ratings detriment. Like The Enquirer, many of the guilty parties will lose their jobs in the years to come because of the decisions they have made, meanwhile people like Doc will continue to be successful, in spite of the attempts against him. Doc, like Peter Bronson whom I spoke about in my previous article on this subject is a quality person, so by running them out of the business, the business of newspapers and radio have much less quality because of it.  See Peter speak here–good stuff, and well worth the time.

As Peter Bronson’s recent speech at the event above reminded me, the motto in the newsroom used to be “never pick a fight with a person or a company who buys ink by the barrel.” The implication is that newspaper people believe that they can put someone under whom they target at a whim. We’ve seen this for years, when a newspaper gets their targets on someone; they look to bury them publicly. In relation to WLW John Kiesewetter has attempted to put Darryl Parks under many times using a lot of ink. There is an arrogance among newspaper reporters, particularly from old, traditional papers like The Enquirer who have seasoned reporters, that they have the power to make or break careers, or pass or fail levy attempts. They forget that it is their job to report the news so a public can make good decisions; instead they sometimes find they attempt to exercise their power of manipulation to a cause they personally support, or desire as a collection of left leaning public policy advocates.

That was the old world of news reporting, but not the way of the new. In the new, the new adage is that “ink no longer has value. Never pick a fight with a person who can type 1000 words every fifteen minutes and can produce 4000 word articles in an hour, and can do it day after day after day.” And when Lakota as a political entity represented by unionized, radical labor picked a fight with me, and attempted to use the old way to beat me, they had no chance, because I can out write them, out-wit them, out-speak them, and when things get violent and nasty behind the scenes I can give it back to them in doses 100X what they initiated, and that is the new way of citizen journalism.

The attack article Michael Clark wrote about me to put me under and get back on the good side of the Lakota Levy supporters was under the assumption that the game we were all playing were to the old rules, where ink was sold by the barrel.  CLICK HERE FOR A REVIEW.

For an example of how it was that day on WLW, below is the audio from the Bill Cunningham Show speaking with Scott Sloan whom I was on the air with earlier—both having a lot of fun with the salacious Enquirer article, as every radio station owned by Clear Channel, even on the FM dial did. I think on one level they understood what I was doing, even though they played like they didn’t. If it is Cunningham’s idea of an insult to call my actions similar to Rush Limbaugh, then I take it in the opposite regard. But Scott and Bill’s conversation is a fascinating study in what is exactly wrong with public education. Scott Sloan was against me in that broadcast for his own reasons, yet he leans toward my view of things in public education even though he is a lot more socially liberal than I am. Cunningham on the other hand made his living being every bit as boisterous and selling himself as a conservative, but actually living his life as a philanthropic progressive. Cunningham is very much a child of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, and that society is failing in every category. As a radio commentator and attorney Cunningham has shown that he is able to identify the problem, but both men have found themselves bitten by the modern trend of the male population to behave as Beta Men, even though deep in their hearts, they know better. You can hear it in their discussion; they are torn between what society has taught them and what they actually believe.  Caution, the audio below is very salacious.  Listen with caution. 

There was no way to explain it to them on March 15th 2012, but I can now with historical context in the wake of the event. I had tried on the Scott Sloan Show earlier, but only time would prove me correct. More money at the state level will not help public education, and property values must be freed from the education debate because it was emotion that placed it there in the first place, due to radicalized unions and voters believing in The Great Society who helped give them power. It is the insecure new mothers and the beta males that has allowed that trend of emotion to take place and it must stop before an intelligent discussion about education funding can take place. Logic must be introduced into the education debate as opposed to the emotion that currently rules, and to my assessment, it does call for yelling and shouting. Pandering to emotional pleas will not solve the problem, and sometimes you have to call it as you see it, which might hurt some feelings. The context of my prostitution comments are explained in great detail in my new book Tail of the Dragon, which was on my mind at the time, since I was editing the final draft when this story broke, so the metaphor was fresh on my mind. For more detail refer to my article about why women like the book Fifty Shades of Grey.

Like newspapers even radio is limited as corporate managers may or may not support public education reform and can put a gag on talk show hosts to exercise their control over the content, and Cunningham has like a shape shifter over time adjusted his beliefs to the powers that control the station he works for.

Doc Thompson on the other hand has been fired by many radio stations for the simple fact that he does his own thing, and this tends to infuriate management. Yet in spite of that, he is a regular guest host on the Glenn Beck Program, and has just signed a deal with CBS radio to go into national syndication while the people who decided to play nicely, and by the old rules, found themselves always in second place behind those who control the rules. The reason Doc and I became friends with a mutual respect is because neither one of us have any love of the old media rules. We do not lick other people’s boots and we treat those old guard media types with contempt. We forge our own path, and do what we think is right for the sake of it. I know that reporters like Clark who are only given 400 to 500 words to make his point in a paper that is turning into a modern version of Wheeler Dealer, or Jerry Springer type radio shows like Cunningham’s comedy act that wants to be taken seriously at times, but has long ago lost his credibility due to his progressive tendencies are being replaced by media like what people are finding here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, and syndicated programs like The Doc Thompson Show, or GBTV with Glenn Beck.

People don’t want or care about the opinion of a puppet, and when a reporter or radio host shows that they are simply mouth pieces to larger organizations, they lose any power or credibility they thought they had. The desire of management whether it be at Clear Channel, Gannett, or the established political order to maintain their mechanisms of influence are the cause of their own destruction. They may have the short term gain of ratings spikes with sensational stories like the one that involved me, but in the long term people will side with me. They will see the villains are the reporters and talk show hosts who represent the old guard, and that old guard is protecting society from a truth they have helped conceal.

As Peter Bronson told his story of The Enquirer ideocrity letting a reporter of his caliber leave in favor of the average boot licker was the nail that sealed their own coffin, and the decision was not done on behalf of quality, it was done to preserve a political leaning philosophy built on emotion instead of facts, and that philosophy cannot be maintained through hard reporting. WLW did much the same when they elected to preserve the radio tendencies of old by letting new talent like Doc Thompson leave to start his own syndicated show out of Detroit in a competing market. And The Enquirer’s desire to blow my blog out of the water making it seem scandalous and illegitimate as a competing news source backfired in a big way because they failed to realize they were playing by the old rules where I was playing by the new. And in the new, I am free to use the First Amendment to full effect. I do not have advertisers, managers with political view points, aging Marconi Winners fearful of younger Marconi Winners, or any political bureaucracy to hold me back like Michael Clark and other reporters who are unquestionably restrained. Their editors will only give Clark his 500 words because they have to save ad space for the car dealerships, which cheapens the entire news presentation. Adversely, here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom I can cover in as much detail the topics I want, and my talent is not restrained by any loyalty to corporate interest. At the projected rate of my readership, I will hit over a million viewers within the next year or two, because people value news in the style that I report it. Some of it is sensational, some of it is traditional, some of it is non political, some of it is pop culture, but the key is that I can decide if I want to cover it or not, and I am not confined to covering only education.

The success of Glenn Beck, and now Doc Thompson is that these news personalities do not allow their explorations of the truth limit them in just the realm of politics. Sometimes the source of the problems spill over into other aspects of society and using the old media rules are never explored. It used to be that a reporter like Michael Clark would use his ink by the barrel to focus only on the immediate issues of education since he’s an education reporter and not a sociology reporter, and not equipped by his editor to comment on such matters, even though some of the desire for a school levy is a sociological problem and not an economic one. Clark cannot explore that line of thought because The Enquirer will not allow it. So readers wanting to know more about what’s going on in the world turn to my 800 articles with over 1200 words each to learn the real story and that is what’s changing from the old way to the new.

As the newspapers decline more sites like mine are rising up and each have their own spin, and are directly competing with traditional newspapers in the Cincinnati area. All these sites have been created within the last two years and are a direct reaction to the news that “doesn’t” get reported.

An impressive list and as I think about it, most of them were inspired by the work that Doc and I did on 700 WLW, and Darryl Parks on Saturdays. Listening to us on the radio helped inspire some of them to get involved and do their own thing as a citizen journalist. It may have cost Doc his job but in the long run he is far better off now than he was when he worked as a second fiddle to Willie Cunningham who appeared to be  protecting the “old guard.” My view of all this competition is the more the merrier, the world benefits when there is competition of ideas in a free marketplace. But when there is an attempt to eliminate competition, like what The Enquirer has attempted to do which was picked up by local radio, people can see through the act for what it is.

That is big trouble for entities like school systems controlled by powerful public unions who desire with all their heart and souls to keep the facts of their situation vague, and using Saul Alinsky methods of manipulation have learned how to frame an argument to the 500 words of a Michael Clark Enquirer article so that the truth never gets out, and it never gets discussed on the radio where talk show hosts looking for content to fill their three hour time slots look for new material. In this way the old guard was able to keep problems from being solved and prohibit a competition of ideas through methods such as the ones used against me by the Enquirer and 700 WLW as heard in the interview above. But for a little while, when Doc Thompson was employed at WLW, there was a good run of good material that helped start a new wave of journalism, that of the citizen journalist, where my material was sourced by WLW and the Enquirer until the heat became too great, yet everyone but the crooks benefited. And the window stayed open just long enough to evolve into a new direction which Peter Bronson spoke about as the media is changing before our eyes, and the old way may have barrels of ink, but the paper they put it on is worthless. Now, it is those who can produce 1000 to 3000 words in an hour who may lack knowledge of the rules of the game taught in journalism classes, but have the passion to write things that the rules wouldn’t otherwise allow under the old way.

Competition is good, it is the ultimate referee. If people decide they’d rather read a 1700 word article I write about school levies in Monroe or Lakota than the ass kissing diatribes of the typical Enquirer article emotionally pleading for more money by quoting a looting superintendent who threatens to cut off info to a reporter for not writing articles favorable to public education, then the people have decided, and the numbers on my end are good—very good. When the traditional reporter who looks for softball reporting by reading all their info from a press release given to them by public relations specialists working at a public school, and not doing any hard reporting discovers they are out of a job because they struggled all day to come up with a 500 word article when I can produce a 3000 word article like this one before they have their first cup of coffee in the morning, the fault is on them.

The lesson here is to never pick a fight with a person who can out-write, out-wit, out-maneuver, out-work, out-talk, out-think, and has the physical stamina of an entire news room. Not a good idea because the advocates of such prodding will surely find themselves swimming in their barrels of ink as the papers it was intended for lay unsold and useless in the press room.

Thanks Doc Thompson for the kind words. The Doctor will live on, as will Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom with my latest project, the Tail of the Dragon. As to those other characters, time is not on their side as the sand is almost out of the hourglass. All the ass kissing in the world won’t make the taste of shit they’ve been swallowing and dishing out for their entire careers worth it. And all the dollars in a retirement account or poolside margaritas won’t be strong enough to wash away the taste.  My apoplectic utterances here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, especially in the wake of Michael Clark’s choice in The Enquirer, can produce more words by the hour than my competition on a  wider range of topics that actually connect the dots, instead of avoiding them.  So what follows now was a choice made from a foolish love of an ancient, and archaic bedfellow–old school politics in a society that is sick of it. 


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