A City of Socialists: Why West Chester, Ohio should stay a township

One of the top 100 places to live in the entire United States is West Chester, Ohio.  In 2012 it comes in at #97 which is extremely commendable.  This is not the first time that West Chester has ranked in the top 100, which takes economic factors, quality of schools, social life, crime rates, and projected demographic forecasts into the equation.  The region around West Chester hosts nearly 100,000 people who shop, work and live in the thriving community that is one of the best places on planet earth to reside.  The real factors for why West Chester has been so successful is because there are smart people who live in West Chester, it’s very pro gun, so crime is very low, and it is still run by trustees, which is very direct representation by the citizens.  West Chester still has a small town feel with big business wealth generation. West Chester as a business community supports very high-tech business, fine dinning, and has within it just about every conceivable chain restaurant known in the country.  It is such a diverse community that it can even support one of the most unusual gun targeting ranges in the entire United States in a business that just open called Shoot Extreme.  CHECK IT OUT, CLICK HERE. 


Among the three trustees in West Chester one is a functioning communist, one is a functioning socialist, and the other is a functioning pure capitalist.  The functioning socialist was able to contribute a wonderful library to West Chester with a nice park that was mentioned in the #97 ranking, but little else.  Much of the economic development and diversity could be credited with the fact that one of the trustees is a functioning capitalist, which businessmen and women enjoy dealing with. And the functioning communist managed to build a sidewalk, which was quite the scandal.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  The system is not perfect, and people don’t always know what they are electing when they cast a vote for a trustee, but because the government is small in West Chester, corruption is low, and that is good for the growth and substance of a thriving community.  Also in West Chester is an active resistance to higher taxes which are always the temptations of government employees.  By fighting to keep taxes low, citizens can afford to buy larger homes and spend more money in the businesses of the area, so low taxes are key to the growth of West Chester. 

Like anywhere in the country however the temptation for decline is ever-present, and in West Chester the desire of the “wanna’ be” communist, the “wanna’ be” socialists, the bottomless pit school levy supporters, the endless fire levies, policies levies, and a yearning to loot from every business in the community and the people who work in them contains the same level of addiction as the typical porn advocate.  In West Chester, those types of people are the ones who desire to incorporate West Chester into a city from its current state of a township.  These are the people who desire centralized planning, chaotic bureaucracy to hide the corruption that pads their pockets with extra income, but more than anything a nameplate on their desk which tells the community that they are important. 

The dream of these functioning socialists are to become city council members who control millions of dollars, and ultimately to have their worthless fingers on the value of business owners who are thriving in West Chester currently.  These are the types of people who do not have the ability to produce worth on their own, because they are simply barnacles who act as parasites on society by imposing their will on those who actually create jobs, wealth, and the quality index reflected in the top #100 rating.  The advocates of West Chester incorporating wear masks of civic duty to disguise their power grab and part of that mask are cleverly disguised arguments that conceal their tendency to loot, suppress, and control thriving industries by advocating four primary motivations to move from a township to a city.  They are:

1)      Business’s are not paying their fair share of taxes, (sound familure—Obama comes to mind)

2)      A city would be more efficient, (which is completely false.  The opposite is always true.)

3)      Becoming a city will lower residential property taxes.  (False because the same advocates of a city are the same idiots who support endless school levies, any tax savings will be gobbled up by the radical unionized labor of West Chester’s largest employer, Lakota Schools.  Cincinnati Public Schools and Princeton come to mind, both have outrageous per pupil teaching costs due to their looting school boards aligned with high tax city councils.) 

4)      Becoming a city would be more prestigious.  (What is more prestigious than being one of the best areas to live in the country?  West Chester is already there.  Becoming a city would take West Chester into the other direction–Section 8 housing because it makes people feel “worldly and enlightened,” even though it’s just another form of human slavery, larger government enterprises, and more complicated zoning regulations to justify the jobs created by bloated city councils.)

Just like with school levies, the people who typically run for school board and city councils tend to be left leaning political types who fall in love with the prestige a nameplate on their desk gives them.  This is because they are not successful people in regular life, and they seek to fill those voids with public service.  The smart people, the wealth creators, the right thinking people tend not to run for political office because their time is simply worth too much per hour.  To give away 15 to 20 hours a week to community politics is a waste of their time, so it is usually only the fools who run for office, and have no idea how things work in actuality.  To expand on the arguments above in favor of incorporation consider these more detailed facts:

1)      According o West Chester’s Zoning Dept, about 35% of land in West Chester is zoned for business.  This 35% is about 60% developed.  According to the Butler County Auditor, this 35% currently pays 58% of taxes collected compared to 42% for residential (keep in mind that residential comprises about 65% of available land in West Chester).

                                     % of Land             % of Tax Paid              Index

                        Business          35%                             58%                             166%

                        Residential      65%                             42%                             64%

To further exacerbate the problem, according to American Farmland Trust, for every $1.00 a resident pays in taxes, they take out about $1.22 in services; for every $1.00 a business pays in taxes, they take out about $.45 in services.

The incorporation movement wants to punish the group that is carrying the majority of the burden…talk about killing the goose!

2)      Relative to a city being more efficient a township is the most efficient form of government currently allowed by ORC.  The Cincinnati Business Courier in 2008 ran a list of the largest tri-state governments.  Included in that list were number of employees and total population.  According the CBC, West Chester had 1 employee for every 232 people living in the community.  How does that compare to all of the cities on the list?  See below.

Municipality                Employees/Population

West Chester               1/232

Cincinnati                    1/63

Hamilton                     1/88

Middletown                1/129

Covington                   1/128

Fairfield                      1/153

Mason                         1/156

Norwood                     1/118

Blue Ash                     1/80

Lebanon                      1/148

Newport                      1/115

Oxford                                    1/174

You only have to look in the papers to see what is going on in most cities around West Chester.  The financial outlook is bleak.  West Chester is very healthy.  Our Carryover (retained earnings in the corporate world) has grown from $700,000 five years ago to $13,000,000 today.  You would be hard pressed to find a city that is more efficient than a township.

3)  Lowering property tax?  Don’t believe this for a minute.  Government does not give money back.  West Chester currently comprises less than 20% of the property tax bill received by its residents.  Let’s pretend that by incorporating we can lower our property tax (not likely but let’s pretend).  If we can lower West Chester’s portion of your property tax bill by 20%, it would only lower your total bill by less than 4%.  How do West Chester property taxes compare withy other cities located close by?  In 2008, the effective tax on a $200,000 property in the following communities was:

                        Community                            Tax

                        West Chester                           $3,604

                        Loveland                                 $4,030

                        Middletown                            $3,629

                        Cincinnati                                $3,526

                        Mason                                     $3,453

3)      Being a city is more Prestigious…compared to what?  By being a township, without extra money to spend, we are able to stay focused on our core competencies; Public Safety and infrastructure.  On March 13, 2008, Moody’s Investor Service raised West Chester’s rating to Aa1 for General Obligation Various Purpose Bonds.  This is the highest rating of any community in Ohio!  Money Magazine in 2006 Ranked West Chester as the 45th most desirable community to live in America.  They stated that the only thing hurting West Chester was the lack of medical services.  With the opening of the state of the art West Chester Medical Center, that problem has been solved. 

The proponents of incorporation discuss the fact that people living in West Chester but working in another city currently pay an income tax anyway.  If reciprocity is not granted, these citizens will pay a tax to both communities.  For example, if you currently live in Wyoming and work in Cincinnati, you pay a 2.1% tax to Cincinnati, and a 2% tax to Wyoming, for a total of 4.1%.  Given the state of today’s economy, reciprocity is not a given.  The argument in favor of a city tax is no different from a thief claiming the resident’s money as their own by saying the residents are already giving their money to another thief elsewhere.

Proponents of incorporation also say that by becoming a city West Chester will gain more power and control.  They are correct!  This will transfer power and control from citizens to the government.  As a township, West Chester can not raise taxes without a vote of the people.  As a city, this can be accomplished with a vote of council and is the real intention.  The desire to incorporate West Chester is the desire to loot the public.  The only people who would benefit are the socialist leaning politicians who are advocating it.  The benefits of incorporation are only masks to the sinister aim of more bureaucracy, higher taxes, and more centralized control over community activity.  The aim of that activity is not rooted in capitalism, but socialism.   The dream of these goofy left leaning tax advocating losers would be to see businesses like Shoot Extreme end, while more families would gather on the lawn outside of the West Chester Library to listen to the future city council members pander their socialist dreams with more sidewalks and group hug social events.  The key is that city council members would decide which businesses succeed or fail implemented through tax regulation and zoning ordinances, as opposed to the determinations of capitalism.  This happens to a small degree now as the pub I mentioned here with great reverence just a few months ago went out of business triggered by zoning issues and unfriendly business practices.  CLICK TO REVIEW.  Becoming a city would create more of that behavior not less. 

The essence of such advances toward cityhood are the crux of many spirited debates when communities far into the future wonder where their declines began.  They are concocted in the mind of functioning socialists whose only logic skills are managing parks and other utopian public concepts that are non-profit in their orientation.  Cities are big, and too complex to manage by a part-time staff of trustees, and are attempts at government expansion by progressive minded individuals.  They are a detriment to a thriving economy, and only benefit the political class, as everyone else in such communities find themselves subservient to liberal mysticism.  And that is not the direction that a great community like West Chester should be contemplating even remotely.  The advocates are simply looters with their eye on a potential prize of $20 million dollars of additional revenue that could be tallied up by the politicians and their love of nameplates.  The money is to be spent creating jobs that report to the politicians who stole the money to begin with; so that in their small, futile minds, they can pat themselves on the back and pretend they are job creators just like the rest of the businesses in West Chester who are currently successful whereas the politicians are not.   

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