Being “Vile and Disgusting”: Revealing the lazy progressives behind the teaching profession

Rich Hoffman is a vile, disgusting human being.

That quote comes from an angry mother in the comments section of the following video.

I enjoy comments like that, which I have received in copious amounts, because they say a lot about the kind of people who write them. For perspective, I can’t image writing such a thing to someone unless I’m responding to an attack from someone else. In my case, I have done nothing to the person writing the statement—I have not harmed her child in any way, I have not personally insulted her, I have not brought any ill will to her. The only I have done to cause so much anger, and to provoke such rhetoric is to say no to tax increases at the Lakota School System. The anger does not come from what I have done to her; it comes from what she wishes me to do on her behalf. It comes out of frustration that I am not willing to do what she has designed for me.

To care what someone’s opinion is—is to have respect for the person who gives the opinion. She obviously cares what my opinion is; otherwise she wouldn’t try to alter my direction with insults. To go out-of-the-way to actually insult someone, the goal is to change their behavior with peer pressure, through the condemnation. If the person being insulted does not value the opinion of the antagonist, then the insult has no power, and this is what led to the severity of her comments.

While it is true that I do insult the Obama presidency, unions, Democrats, sometimes Republicans, corrupt politicians, teachers caught in disgraceful acts, along with other issues, my comments come from anger that the people who took money from me as a tax payer are misusing it. If those people did not take something from me at some point, I would not otherwise care about the merit of their actions, but because they do, I am determined to get my money’s worth when something goes wrong. If they waste my money, they are going to hear about it, because honestly, I work too hard to make it. I do not enjoy seeing it squandered away by thieves. This is a big difference from what someone like the commenter above does, and what I do. Her anger derives from me not doing what she wishes me to, and my insults are simply getting back the value of my money spent. When I dish out insults it is to let the people know that I do not approve of how they are spending my money, and if they don’t want to hear it, then they shouldn’t take my money.

When I first became involved in the school levy issues the insults that were thrown in my direction by the same kind of pro levy supporters were that I should try to teach a class so I would know how difficult it is. My response was that I would be happy to teach a class at Lakota. In fact, I told a reporter for Spark Magazine, with the intention of Dean Hume to see it, that I would not only teach one class, but I’d teach three classes at the same time, just to show how easy it was, and to prove those teaching positions were not worth paying employees $60K per year. They didn’t take me up on my offer, so I have done my teaching here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom covering topics ranging from education reform, world history, comparative religion, mythological studies, American history, legal analysts, economic theory, literary review and many, many other issues. Basically, if a reader here wants to know something all they need to do is Google OVERMANWARRIOR, and the “KEYWORD” of their choice. Love, sex, marriage, political theory, science, psychology, just name the category and it has probably been covered here. I have written enough free information here to fill ten 100,000 word books and I have done it in my spare time, really just for fun. For all these highly paid teachers whom I heard so much about how they sacrifice so much to help children on their own time after their 7.5 hour work day is complete and getting paid very well to do it, I don’t see them going to the extra trouble I have to even back up their claims. I have seen them attempt to strike in 2008 and complain about their health insurance costs going up, but their idea of sacrifice is grading papers while they watch TV at home. I wrote ten novels worth of information for free, to help those who want to know the truth–who want to understand how things really work, and to learn what they should be learning in public education. Sometimes I do get a bit insulting, but it’s my prerogative. The bottom line is that those teachers, administrators and levy advocates have been exposed as frauds, as lazy and overpaid sloths that are too specialized and conduct their life as social parasites.

I know there are school board members at Lakota who have master’s degrees in education. I know there are teachers and parents who sincerely do care about the education of the community’s youth, but I am baffled as to why these people have not started blogs like the one I have here to compete with me, to counter my offerings with their version of the facts representing their own viewpoint. If I were a teacher making six figures, I can promise this much, I would have an education blog and I would be trying to teach the whole world everything I knew, since my living would be taken care of by the community tax payers. My proof is in the work I’ve already done. I would expect nothing less from the supposed sacrificial teachers and administrators, who claim they live, eat and breathe the benefit of their students. If that were the case, they would do a lot more for free, and they wouldn’t bitch about it by constantly asking for pay increases.

The real answer to why there aren’t more education blogs and education employees who are volunteering their time and energy for the sake of education is because they are really only in the business of teaching kids because they expect to be paid, and paid well. The reason these people think of me as vile, as disgusting, as the greatest, most diabolical threat to the security of the Lakota School District is because my actions expose their true intentions, which is to make as much money on the backs of children and pretend it’s for the greater good of humanity– that it’s a sacrifice they take at great personal cost. The reality is that those education employees are spouting union talking points, and the parents who support school levies do so because deep down inside, they are simply looking for a babysitter. If they really cared, they would go above and beyond, but they don’t.

Instead, they are using a tactic that was exposed here at this site almost two years ago called The Delphi Technique as a way to hit up tax payers for additional money to pay for their already inflated wages. The advocates of future school levies aren’t even smart enough to not call paying $167,000 for 2 different “facilitators,” to help Lakota pass a levy by name. Again Lakota is wasting money to try to pass a levy instead of just balancing their own budget with cuts to their labor! With these new facilitators they are going door to door into as many living rooms in the district over the next 6 months as possible and giving their speech as to why tax payers should pass a levy. They want a person on every street to have a “facilitator” meeting that includes everyone else on their street. That is the choice Lakota has made instead of doing any real work. The whole process is right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook. The word “Facilitator” in this case comes straight out of The Delphi Technique. They are so arrogant that they didn’t even try to hide what they are doing. Click the link below to see how it works.

So when these people call me names it’s not because of the comments I make. My anger magnifies when those same people hire “facilitators” to attempt to tell me and the community I live in that the sky is green and the grass is purple and expect the statement to go unchallenged. If those people want to call me names, it comes from their anger at being exposed for what they really are. They desire to keep the truth hidden from even themselves, let alone public scrutiny, and they make statements to such an extreme effect hoping it stops my behavior. The roots of their indiscretions are to prevent resistance with an insane peer pressure tactic that is deeply troubling, and a blatant attack on reasonable thinking.

Contextually, calling me a vile, disgusting human being is more of a plea than anything. It’s a cry out to stop holding up the mirror which shows how ugly these strange collectivist levy advocates behave in the light of day, in full view of everyone. It is just as insane as walking naked in public and expecting nobody to notice, then getting mad when someone points it out. The profanity is simply a mask intended to hide a laziness that is evident to everyone. Never again can a teacher or administrator write me under a fake email address and declare that I should try teaching, because I have already done it. I do it here every day, and I do it in larger amounts than any handful of professionals employed in the field of education. So the argument of the teacher sacrifice has also flown out the window forever, because people outside the school system see how little teachers actually do compared to their own occupations, and how whiny they sound with their silly organized labor pleas. It is for that exposure that the name calling comes in my direction, because the dirty little secrets of the education monopoly have been exposed, and they are embarrassed, as well they should be. For that reason, every insult to me is an honor that I cherish, and the worse, the better because of the meaning behind the act.


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